Monday, May 11, 2015

Pics from the Apron Swap!

Remember back in February when Wendy and I co-hosted an apron swap?

Everyone posted off on time and some of those sweet swappers emailed me a photo of the pretty pinnies they received from their partner. 
I heard a lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing in those emails, and no wonder because every apron was made with love!
Would you like to see them?

What a gorgeous assortment!

There were plenty more swappers, but these were the only photos I received.
Maybe we'll do this again next year??

My swap partner was Margaret, and on Wednesday I'll show you the aprons we made each other.

In the meantime, if your apron making inspiration is on overdrive, take a look at THIS blog which Joylene emailed to tell me about. 
It's called  Patra's Embroidered Aprons and is full of pretty things!

Wendy will share photos she has received from the ladies on her swap list when she gets some time. She's been pretty busy working the past few weeks, and deserves a little R & R first. 

Have a blessed week...



  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous aprons and such a great diversity of styles, such clever ladies!

  2. What a variety of gorgeous aprons. Well done everyone.

  3. What a truly fun swap and such a great variety of aprons made and given and received. Creative Apron Bliss...

  4. What a wonderful variety of handmade aprons - lovely!

  5. An amazing array of apron talent there.

  6. Hi Jenny! I just love the aprons that were given - my, what talent and beauty! I just sent you an email with apron sorry for the delay.

    Thanks for the wonderful swap. Hugs to you!

  7. What a lovely collection of pretty and practical aprons. xx

  8. What great fun to see some of them. Whattaya bet you get more pics now? =)

  9. Was für schöne Schürzen !
    Viele liebe Grüße an alle Damen die mitgemacht haben.
    Liebe Grüße

  10. I would take one of each.. so happy to meet my partner and swap with her... thanks for letting me join in.. until next time.. :D

  11. It's a small world Jenny - Patra's Embroidered Aprons is one of my blogs! Nice to know it is still being looked at, as if I don't have any new aprons in my collection, there is nothing for me to post, so I assumed nobody would be viewing the blog! Are you going to have any more apron swaps? Not sure if you organised one, or just participated in a group??


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