Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Trivets - and my beginning...

I spent much of the weekend finishing up my Club projects for May.
Though only patterns for the stitcheries themselves appear in the Club sets each month I thought it might be nice to show you how I'm displaying some of them. 

Inspiration for two came from a little tea pot trivet I made in August 2005 when I was teaching myself to stitch and quilt. At the time I didn't have a sewing machine so all the patchwork piecing was hand sewn (which I found to be a very relaxing afternoon pastime once the day's homeschool lessons were over)...

This little trivet also displays my very first attempts at backstitch and lazy daisy embroidery, two stitches I quickly grew to love...

Funnily enough the reason I made this little trivet was to showcase an orphan button I'd found in an op-shop. The fabrics were simple brown homespun and a paisley fat quarter discovered at the Spotlight store 100 kilometres from where we were living at the time.
This tiny trivet holds a sentimental place in my heart and is still in service almost a decade later under my Utensils tin by the stove top. Makes me smile, a lot.

As you can see it has begun to show signs of age and much-loved-use, so I've now  stored it away for dear Blossom who knows it's sentimental value and will treasure it herself when the time comes.

After packing away my old friend it was only sensible that I should make one or two new trivets to replace it.
I chose the "Honey Apple" and the "Pear Tree" stitcheries for the trivet centres...

But, whilst I was taking these photos it occurred to me that they are just too darn pretty to be hidden under a Utensils tin, a tea pot, or a kettle!
So what else could I use them for?
HAPPY kitchen decor, of course!
As they are small they're perfect for hanging in the kitchen, bringing colour and delight to my small cooking space.
We're not permitted to hang things on the walls in this rental home but I have found these door hooks to be brilliant for sitting over window pelmets, allowing bits of me to be displayed...

It's rather important to have 'bits of self' displayed in our homes, isn't it?
When I walk into someone's abode for the first time it immediately tells me something about that person - their style, interests, favoured colours, hobbies.

Do you think you'd get an idea about my style and personality by standing in my kitchen?

NOTE: Both the "Honey Apple" and "Pear Tree" patterns will be inside the May 17th Stitchery Club patterns, but if you're not a member and really want these designs do not fret as they will also be available as single patterns from my shop that day.

My dear friend Vicki Tucek must have been eavesdropping on my thoughts from the other side of the country because yesterday in the mail I received a pear trivet/potholder from her! It was a belated birthday gift, and covered in pears from the design itself to the fabrics she used. 
I've added it to my kitchen window display for even more happiness...

(The pattern for Vicki's pear trivet came from Lori Holt's wonderful "Farm Girl Vintage" book. More info here on Lori's blog)

Making a trivet is very simple but I am aware that many of my readers are new to sewing so would you like me to do a tutorial for you next week and you can make a few for yourself or as gifts?

Today I am finishing a mini quilt which houses the smaller stitchery blocks from my Club BOM, "At The Heart Of It All"...

The layout is another simple finish to a design using just two colours in the blocks and in the fabric choice. This year's designs have all been about creating beauty in a simpler way, and hopefully that is allowing you inspiration too.

I found two vintage buttons that blended beautifully with this quilt and that's what I'll be figuring out today - how to use them to best advantage...

Enjoy your day dear readers, and perhaps take some time to ponder how you can craft your home to become a true reflection of who you are...

hugs and blessings,

NOTE: in case you wondered - we can't use those popular adhesive strips and hooks that many renters use to hang artwork and the like on their walls as here in the tropics the glue chemicals can change due to the high heat and humidity, making them permanent fixings - we discovered this when Mr E had to re-plaster a wall from the damage done to it by some of these 'peel off' adhesive hook. Lesson learned the hard way.


  1. Lovely blog post Jen and it was lovely to see your kitchen window with the trivets hanging there...I am not one for curtains in the kitchen window too and this is a better idea.. Love all your trivets. :) hugs xxxx

  2. Love these ideas and I can't wait for the next batch of beautiful stitcheries to arrive in my in box.

  3. Such lovely trivets Jenny!! I love adding insulbrite to all mine so I have the option of either using it as a trivet or hot pot holder :) Makes them thick and yummy with both the insulbrite and batting ;) ... I've found the same thing happens up here with the sticky hooks, when it comes to walls and such. I tend to now attach them to the ends of bookshelves (nearly all ours are laminated mdf) and they are a great way to add a little extra hanging place ... also helps that I live in a home we (my parents) own too, though. xxx

  4. Beautiful trivets Jenny - yes I can tell you are a kindred red lover by looking at your kitchen. Thats great you put that little foot note on your post as while reading it, I was thinking to myself "I wonder if Jenny knows about those little adhesive hooks you can use" A shame they adhere so well in your climate as they are perfect for rentals. Looking forward to this months stitchery patterns veerrry much x0x0

  5. Lovely old loved trivet and the new ones are too nice to use for what they are intended! I am a red lover too, in fact when we were house hunting (7.5 years in the making!) the house we eventually bought has a red bench top, it is slight old and worn, but I love it! I rented for many many years and tried to make each house our home with my bit's n' pieces............you are doing a fabulous job of that I see!

  6. Your original trivet is a true treasure and holds lots of memories. Love your new trivets and how you have displayed them. Those blue buttons are perfect and might be nice to attach a ribbon at each top corner for hanging. Creative Stitchery Bliss Dear...

  7. Love the apple and pear trivets! And way too pretty to use! Your old one will be treasured by Blossom. They look great hanging up with the kettle mini.

  8. Beautiful projects Jenny and I love the way you display them! :) x

  9. Love the trivets! And yes, I would love for you to do a tutorial. Thank you...

  10. Nice memories from your old trivet and hopefully plenty to come from the new ones. xx

  11. So sad about the walls. My walls are covered. I also use those hooks on places like my doors and refrigerator. I also have some of the metal looking ones in our bedroom holding up scarf hangers on the wall. My hair is quite long but I wear it up in a bun every day. To soften the look I wear a scarf around the bun. I just recently moved the scarves from a jumbled mass to the wall. Jim says it is like having a rainbow on the wall now. We both love it. He want to do the same thing on the other side with his ties. I like how you have hung your trivets in the window. I have never been much for drapes. If I put something on a window it is usually a valance or curtain that only covers half of the window. Our house is surrounded by 15 oak trees so it is hard to get much sunlight in. The living room is paneled so it is quite dark. I have been playing around with the idea of painting the paneling just to brighten things up. Your new quilt is lovely. I go for anything with red. The two little buttons are dear. I am sure you will find just the right place for them. Have a wonderful day dear Jenny. I wanted to assure you that my prayers have indeed added prayers for your estranged children. I am praying for a softening of hearts. Would you like me to be praying in another way?

  12. Love your use of buttons! I don't hang much anywhere in my house. I have a few pillows and quilts lying around but I've never been much for hanging things. Now covering surfaces? Yeah, I do that! LOL I love the two trivet designs so much and seeing them this way, I may have to reverse the order in which I stitch. I love them both!

  13. What a brilliant solution Jenny, I love to see your handiwork hanging there, beautiful!!!!

  14. thanks for sharing all these great ideas and what everyone has been making with your patterns.


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