Sunday, May 17, 2015

Psalm 15 : a prayer for husbands...


Over the years I've read many books and heard lots of sermons about praying for husbands.
Some were good, some were scary, some were inspiring, and some were absolutely not Biblical.

A few years back I laid all my concerns about this before the Lord and He showed me that many of my wifely prayers weren't  really about my husband at all - they stemmed from what I wanted  for, and in, my beloved's life. 
Well, that caused a spiritual shake-up in Jenny-land, let me tell you!

Duly chastised, though ever so gently, I sought my Father for His direction on how to pray for Mr E.
Very simply, He led me to Psalm 15.

What a beautiful and holy prayer of David this is, and when I made it personal, what a powerful prayer it became over my husband's life. 
You see, it's not about what we want in their lives is it?
It's about who God is refining them to become.

So praying Scripture over our beloved's character (and over our own too) is working with God, and not working for what we want for ourselves.

More of Him, less of me...I'm still learning.


Download the printable Scripture card HERE


  1. Beautiful post. Thank you...

  2. So moving and eye-opening. Thank you for sharing this. I need to apply this in my life.

  3. It took me years to figure out I was really praying God would make Paul more like *I* thought he should be! Love your prayer.

  4. I just had to post your prayer on facebook! Awesome!

  5. More of Him and less of me... I need that reminder so often. a lovely post Jenny. x

  6. Lovely post dear heart - been there too -

  7. Very good reminder. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your insight.


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