Monday, June 1, 2015

Block 6 Vintage Kitchen free BOM!

The 1st of June heralds another new design for our Vintage Kitchen Block of the Month!
Block 6 is "canisters".
My Nana had canisters just like these in her old kitchen - they were a faded yellow creamy colour with red lids and the word across each one was formed by little red adhesive letters.

Did you have canisters like these in your kitchen too? Perhaps you still do! 
I'd love to find a set like Nana's, so I suppose the plan should be to look online, right? 
Or maybe I'll come across them at a garage sale one day - you just never know...

Download the free "canisters" pattern HERE in my shop.

I had a lovely 'slowing down' time last week. 
You see there is a process of decluttering and simplifying happening in our home at the moment. 
A few hours each day I'm sorting through boxes (tiny to large), drawers, cupboards, book shelves and rooms with the purpose of downsizing to a manageable two person home so that we only take with us what we absolutely need or enjoy when we move house in August.

I'm not rushing this at all, but examining what we have and asking myself 'why' before I decide whether to keep it, donate it, or throw it away. 
So far two rooms have been subdued and it's been a real weight off my shoulders to see them half empty when the chore was finished.

We only need a small house, or perhaps a little townhouse even, for Mr E and I and two small pets. 
Hopefully we can grow some vegetables and herbs in pots or small garden beds, but not be overwhelmed by a large yard to maintain as we'd still be in a rental home and that sort of  investment of time isn't practical when it's not your permanent home.

I have two more months to sort and sift - two months in which to let go, or hold dear, the things we've accumulated. And as I rather enjoy this sort of re-organising it's brought some needed calm to my mind. 

On the sewing front I've been hand quilting a Dresden cushion with some of the new  2015 Flower Sugar fabrics...

...and finishing up one of the new patterns for the June Stitchery Club.
"quilt barn"

I also got the final two designs for June drawn up and traced onto fabric ready to stitch this week...

"sleep-tight owl"

...and "everything's ducky"

It's a feathered friends theme in the Club this month - a dove, owl, rooster, duck, and of course, my beloved birds of a whimsical nature. 

You can see the patterns and find out how to become a member of the Stitchery Club HERE.
It's very simple, and lots of fun.

May your Monday be a pleasant one and carry on into a lovely week,


  1. Maravilhosos, Jenny!
    Uma semana muito abençoada na sua casa!

  2. Thank you very much Jenny Dear. I have just stitched Block #3 of Vintage Kitchen. I know I am behind but time to stitch is very precious and I don't want to rush at all. Your designs for June are making me swoon. Lovely Dresden's you are hand stitching. jCreative Bliss Dear...

  3. Such pretty stitcheries as always! Loving the Dresdens, my favourite block. Did you see I am working on a pretty Dresden quilt for one of my customers? I should have it finished this week.

  4. I am always decluttering these days, very conscious that the next move won't be a corporate one but to wherever we decide to retire! It's very satisfying isn't it?

  5. Oi!Muito lindo!Fico com o coração cheio de alegria em ver os bordados!

  6. So much loveliness to share in stitchery club again. Looking forward to these adorably sweet designs.
    Glad to hear that you have found some peace in the reorganization/purge. It is necessary for our well-being even if we aren't moving households. Too much stuff, is still, too much :)

    God bless xx

  7. Thank you for the next vintage kitchen switcher and love the Dresden plate and sneak peeks of things to come in June. It's Queen's Birthday weekend here so we had the day off and went to a park with the dog with lots of lovely bush to walk through. Very nice, cold here but no rain today.

  8. Hello dear Jenny, I remember my Mum having some of those canisters ... I thought they were tatty hideous old things back then when I used to bake in her kitchen. Oh how I WISH I could get my hands on some now. I don't know what happened to Mums ones. Your dresden cushion is just beautiful (as always) but that quilt barn, Oh sooo gorgeous. Look forward to this months stitchery club :-)

  9. Thanks again for your lovely stitchery. I love all the sneak peeks , Good on your for decluttering. I have been cleaning out drawers and cupboards whenever the mood takes me without putting pressure on myself. It does feel so good when it is done. I still have heaps to do but slowly slowly it will happen.

  10. Beautiful stitchery
    Happy June xx

  11. Thank you so much for another delightful stitchery and wow the next bunch of patterns look fabulous, I do love birds

  12. The Dresden Plate cushion is beautiful (love the fabrics)! Thank you for this month's stitchery...

  13. What fun those June patterns are! I love the cannisters. I know we had some, and my grandmother's were white, sort of porcelain looking, with red letters. I don't remember the ones my aunt had. Now I just use big gallon jars for things like beans, and sugar and flower live in Tupperware. I don't use coffee or tea, so no need for those. I remember having sort of square copper ones when I was a young mother, though. Good memories!

  14. Very pretty Dresden. Love your handstitching.

  15. The canisters are wonderful. I have a set of copper ones with brass tags saying what's in them. I use the flour for sugar as the brand I buy comes in 3 pound packages so two packages fits into the flour. The sugar holds brown sugar. Coffee holds powdered sugar and tea holds cocoa. I buy flour by the 10 pound bag and keep it in a vintage Tupperware large canister. Other Tupperware canisters holds whole wheat flour and white whole wheat flour. I know that you can't have wheat flour. I went for years when Emily and Eric were young not being able to use wheat. This was before there were easily found substitutes. I had to make my own nut flours and try not to make a nut butter instead. Ha. There wasn't coconut flour available. I just enjoy baking so much again. Emily has told me a number of times how much more easily I would have it these days baking for them. I am glad that the market has seen the need for substitutes.
    Your Dresden plate is so pretty. The colors are dreamy. I love your birds. We had a house duck before we got our current Papillion, Bitabit. I still miss her. She was so personable and occasionally left us an egg! She wore diapers so she didn't leave us messes and had a bath every morning in the guest bathtub. When she died tragically, Jim decided we would go back to a more conventional pet.
    I too am trying to reduce around here. I put the things we no longer want up on free-cycle. We have received so many things we really needed from that service when we couldn't afford to buy them. I hope to do the same back this way.
    I can't wait to stitch up the canisters. Thank you so much for all you share with us Jenny. You are so good to your readers!

  16. Thank you Jenny for this newest block to the BOM....I do not envy you have to downsize and purge..Nothing I hate worse than sorting through and getting rid of I keep thinking I'm gonna need it for something....

  17. Love, love, love the dresden plate. I have been thinking about doing a dresden plate quilt for sometime now.

  18. Love block 6!! I still need to find the right background fabric, grr...I have one of my grandma's canisters, I use it to store my pins. It has a red lid and fruit on the front, I love it.
    Your designs are just gorgeous darling girl, and I envy you having a de-clutter. I need to do that myself!


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