Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tale of a Hussif ~ part 2...

My sweet Hussif is coming along beautifully.
As I stitch my breathing slows and my heart warms because this has become a most special task...

Gathering aged ribbons, lace and buttons...

...and laying them this way and that, pondering where they may best display their vintage beauty.

Pink, cream or egg shell blue?
I'm giving each of them a moment to shine...

Little hand quilting stitches inside miniature squares of pastel fabrics...

Yes, it's coming along nicely.

(NOTE: The embroideries I'm using on my Hussif will be inside the July Stitchery Club patterns - details HERE)

 Yesterday I explained what a Hussif was, its origin, and also its purpose. 

Today I thought you may like to see a photo of the items an 18thC soldier would carry inside his Hussif or "housewife". A man's hussif was smaller than a woman's and made from sturdier cloth because it was stowed away in his haversack for repairs whilst in the King's service...

Researching the Hussif or "housewife' of Regency times has been an interesting learning excursion for me the last couple of weeks and as I discover more about them, or find websites that may be of interest, I'll be sure to share them with you.

The two photos above were found HERE and HERE on the King's Royal Yorkers (1776-1784) website.
Scroll through the second link and you shall find a detailed list of the items a soldier or sailor would carry in his "housewife". 

Now, back to sewing for me. May your day be blessed and bright!



  1. Your hussif is beautiful! :0)

  2. Oh My I am enchanted and this is a must make on my very long list of "for me someday". I love your soft colors and fabrics and threads with lace and buttons...Oh My! I am feeling like Alice...in hussif Wonderland.

  3. Beautiful! Lovely to weave history into our crafting.

  4. Beautiful! I am so looking forward to seeing the finished hussiff.

  5. Hello Jenny! I think your hussif is really looking fabulous! Happy stitching! :) x

  6. Your work is just beautiful, as always!

  7. Your stitching is outstanding, so enjoy your blog and everything you share with us.
    Thank you.

  8. Overhere it is called a Huswif and the one you are making is absolutely the finest I have ever seen! Hugs

  9. Jenny, you have such a wonderful way of writing, each blog post is filled with information and beauty! This is a beautiful hussit you are creating. It is soft with the fabric and thread choices, along with the embroidered patterns. Including the history today was fascinating filled with information, photos and links. Really made your post one that once you start reading you have to read more! I am so thankful that I did do the link up to your site! Have a wonderful day!

  10. Te está quedando realmente maravilloso con un colorido espectacular.

  11. So very interesting! Thanks for sharing those old photos and the site links. I love how soft and feminine yours is.

  12. This is such a gorgeous project, Jenny, and the history is so interesting too. I love your scissor case - do you have a pattern for this? It's so sweet. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful designs.

  13. It is looking so lovely. Can't wait to see the big reveal soon.

  14. It is looking so pretty already. Love the vintage ribbon.


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