Monday, July 6, 2015

Gently domestic things...

It was nice to shut down for a couple of days and just potter around the house, make some lists for next week, and catch up on chores.

I watched a few Miss Marple's and a Poirot while I ironed each afternoon...

...and enjoyed quite a bit of delicious baking and 'souping'.

~ Amaranth, Orange & Cranberry Muffins ~

~ Minestrone & Lamb Soup ~

~ Cauliflower, Chicken & Avocado Sushi Rolls ~

Ideas were jotted down for making pincushions from these orphan vintage cups and saucers that Mr E and I found at the local Label Traders market a couple of weeks ago...

...and this bundle of bargain vintage linens discovered at a local op-shop the other day had a gentle wash to remove yellow markings.

I did get a bit more hand quilting completed on my "at the heart of it all" quilt, but I also finished stitching a blue version of "Preserves" (from 'Vintage Kitchen')...

Nana's pantry shelving had frilly lace edging, so I added a length of cream crochet lace under the preserve jars before displaying it inside the hoop...

On Sunday Mr E took me for a relaxing drive south for a lovely breakfast at "Clove" in Ayr...

...before wandering the Ayr markets where I found another beautiful bounty of linens and crockery.
We came home with five doilies, three sandwich plates, a gravy boat, a lavender serving plate, a teapot, two vintage buckles, and a tea cosy...

Back HERE I used matching doilies as pockets on my apron, so I now have two more sets to sew two new aprons. I may make them to sell, or put aside as gifts...I'm sure I'll know when the time comes.

There was also some soul searching done during my few days of pottering around and I realised there are more changes still to be made in my Year of Gentle Domesticity.
The more I pursue this goal the greater my delight in living out this 'heart's desire' of being a full time homemaker. The new changes I must make will free me up even more to embrace that role in a completeness I'd forgotten since Elefantz 'grew' beyond my expectations.
They are changes which will cause me to draw a line in the sand and thus illuminate where my true priorities lie.
When I find the words to explain them, you'll know what they are.

In the meantime, have a blessed week in the fullness of your being,



  1. Beautiful Jenny, all of it :-) So glad you have had an enjoyable few days & you will be looking forward so much to your special visitors arriving soon no doubt. Your market finds are just beautiful, yes I can just see those teacups made into pincushions. xxx

  2. Such a beautiful bunch of vintage goodies, hope you have a lovely week.

  3. I know whatever you do will be after consulting the Lord, and so it will be the right choice for you. You found such lovely things, and your days sounded so peaceful. I envy you the man who puts you in the car and takes you for a drive and a lovely breakfast. =) It isn't the same taking myself, but I may start that tradition anyway on one morning a week. I like the idea.

  4. I do love your market finds Jenny, wonder why I never find anything like that?? The Orange and Cranberry muffins look good.....I might have to look for a recipe and review it on my Cath@Home blog!

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, Jenny. Your vintage finds are lovely.

  6. Jenny, you are counting your blessings so your choices will always be right and blessings as well.

  7. You have some beautiful finds Jenny. Your weekend sounds special, I love those simple pottering times with family. I hope you will feel God to be with you, helping you at each step as you make your changes. x

  8. Ooh girl - those linens and crockery - you sure found some treasures!!! Love your hooped preserves, the lace is the perfect touch. Your living room looks so inviting....

  9. What a special time you had, Jenny. Sounded so full of love.

  10. Lovely finds on your travels Jenny. And some scrumptious meals. xx

  11. Always wonderful to read or listen to someone telling about a wonderful day! So glad that you are growing and embracing every moment. When I became disabled, there were a lot of bumbs in the road per say and it took quite awhile to adjust. Now, many years later my health has improved in some areas and worsened in others; but, I now turn to the Lord and my family for support and guidance. Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey and have a great day!

  12. How lovely to take a drive and enjoy a breakfast out. Wonderful treasures you have acquired. I see lots of inspiration for you and your pursuit of Gentle Domesticity. Blessings and Creative Bliss...

  13. You found some lovely linens, I have enjoyed reading about your year of domesticity. I always feel so much more fulfilled when my days have at least some focus on the things I love to do at home. I am thankful for my job that helps my family but I must continue to work to find balance.

  14. Some beautiful things to bring joy to your soul. Do you have the recipe for the amarynth orange and cranberry muffins? That is a grain I am able to eat.

  15. Ondrea, I will be sharing the recipe later this month. :-)


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