Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Scripture and free pattern - "living & powerful"...

Remember back HERE when I told the story of my beloved blue Bible and how it had been lost?
Finding it again gave my heart a burst of grateful joy, but it also made me look with fresh eyes at this constant companion of almost a quarter century to see how fragile it had become.

Each day tiny pieces of the blue bonded leather binding lay scattered on the tablecloth after I've read God's Word with my morning cuppa, and knowing that Blossom has her hand waving in the air for this heirloom to be handed along to her one day, I decided to sew a very special cover.
This will also become part of my Bible's history, so the verse embroidered across the front needed to be one that told younger hands of the treasures they could find within these worn pages...

Hebrews 4:12 is one of my favourite Bible verses. 
It reminds me that God speaks through His Word every day, every moment, directly into my heart and thoughts - that He is never limited by a particular Bible translation.

It tells me that He speaks to me from the very source of truth and life and hope, right where I am, in the very circumstances I'm facing - whether that be in the valley or on the mountain...

He knows my life, and all the hidden things.
When I open my Bible to seek Him, His Word offers me comfort, direction, hope, joy and correction...

It holds the answers I need  this side of heaven.
If I can find no answer for this life, then I trust Him that it was not needed. 

"Trust and obey for there's no other way..."  

 It tells the future bearers of my Bible that God will speak directly to them, that they need never doubt Him or the words within that worn blue cover. His Word is forever alive, forever powerful.
He never failed me. Never, ever.

Receive this blessing today as a gift from your Heavenly Father, who by grace alone guides my hands to sketch and sew for His eternal glory. 


Download the printable Scripture card here.


  1. Beautiful Jenny. I think I'll stitch it for my friend Andrea who shares your strong faith

  2. Jenny,
    Just want to say I love your blog, I find it so uplifting. I love all your stitcherys and how you use them all around your home. I am a stay at home wife and grandmother. I just lost my Mother a few months ago after caring for her in our home for 14 years. It was in Jan. we lost her--after 2years on hospice. I had to learn how to find me time after all this. I cannot wait to start making some of your stitchery's. Your blog is the first I check on when i sit down to the computer. Thank you so much for your inspiration---it is very uplifting. -Tammy

  3. Creating a stitched cover for your Bible will add to the heirloom you will pass along to Blossom. Beautiful post dear.

  4. Thanks for the stitchery pattern Jenny - it is such a lovely design for this powerful verse. And your post - as always - spoke to my heart! Just this morning I was reading from my mom's treasured Bible. It was her first Bible she used when she first fell in love with the Lord and she quite simply wore it out reading and studying from it! As I read I had to be careful none of the pages fell out. Her best friend used to tell her it looked like she had left it out in the rain LOL!!! I had told her I wanted my name on that Bible, so after some health issues last year she decided to go ahead and give it to me to make sure I got it. It is one of my greatest treasures! Blessings to you and yours :*)

  5. Oh, this is so lovely, Jenny!! Thank you for sharing not only your faith, but your talents, as well. I LOVE that you are making that cover for your daughter and I think it is so precious that she sees it as such a wonderful treasure--it shows what a tremendous example you have been for her! Thank you!
    Michelle H

  6. Jenny what a beautiful stitchery....This will be treasured forever. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  7. Jenny once again you have made a beautiful powerful scripture a lesson of joy! I admit that I from a teenager until 10 plus years ago have been a on again off again follower. Never totally turning away from God and his Word, just lurking and waiting. When I chose to once again totally follow and learn, it has been a blessing. It may seem at times like he is not listening and directing us; but I know I have been proven wrong time and again through every day of my life. Sharing the way that you do is beautiful and powerful. Thank you for spreading your faith with all and your exceptional talents! Have a wonderful day!

  8. Thank you for the beautiful post and stitchery.

  9. Lovely stitchery, Jenny. I think you know I was recently studying this very scripture. Thank you for your words.

  10. Thank you for the stitchery. Such a lovely way to give a few more years of life to a treasured book.

  11. Dear Jenny, Thank you so much for the beautiful pattern & Sunday scripture. Have a lovely week & thank you for blessing me so much!

    Linda Petersen

  12. It's a beautiful idea and a lovely design Jenny. x

  13. Thank you darling girl - the Lord is ever faithful!


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