Thursday, July 2, 2015

Our sewing essentials...

There are three redwork designs in the July Stitchery Club.
Each has a sewing theme and though they can be used in many ways as individual projects, I thought I'd stitch them together and display the set in a white frame on my sewing room desk...

Redwork is a very relaxing style of embroidery.
No mind twisting hours spent choosing the perfect thread colours; just pick out your favourite red and thread your needle.

But don't limit yourself to redwork.
Have you tried blackwork?

Here's an old design of mine which looked quite striking stitched with only black thread on white linen, and bordered with black and white pin-dot print...
This pattern is a gift for all my newsletter subscribers during July.
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Just sign up over HERE and you'll receive "Potted Daisies" as your first gift on Friday 3rd July.
If you sign up after the 3rd you will receive the pattern in the July 17th newsletter. 

 I'm planning to have another slow day (or two)...

Life has been quite hectic recently and I have precious family members arriving for a visit on the 13th, so before I set my muscles to scrubbing and sprucing and baking (as well as toddler-proofing the sewing room) I intend to spend a day or two with my feet up.
I shall drink many pots of rose-vanilla tea, finish hand quilting "at the heart of it all", and watch all my Jane Austen movies. 
I may even indulge in a little Poirot and some Belgian chocolate.

So until next week,
breathe, relax, laugh & drink in the beauty of a slow day



  1. Enjoy your days of quiet before the visitors. Mine are coming Friday (8 people). I get things done in the morning and rest by 4. I have become selfish, I like my quiet life.

  2. Oh how I do love your wonderful stitchiing patterns. You are wise to take time to care for yourself before your company arrives. Enjoy making lots of memories dear...

  3. Another really beautiful design. Enjoy your slow days, you really deserve them.

  4. Your stitching looks wonderful in the frame, Jenny. Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  5. That is a GORGEOUS design - perfect for the sewing room! I adore redwork, it's what got me into embroidery in the first place. Your little blackwork design is darling too, what a lovely gift!

    I'm working on a design right now that uses crayons and only black floss - I really like the effect. I can't imagine trying to toddler-proof the sewing room Jenny, I think I'd just lock the door, lol. I may indulge in a little Poirot myself later - I always think of you when I watch!!

  6. Love the stitcheries! I like watching Poirot. I have most of his DVD's and Miss Marple's

  7. I love the new designs. I too am preparing for family visiting, they arrive on the 18th. I have similar things to take care of, like child proofing my sewing room. I really need a little stitching therapy and some movies to prepare myself for this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I love the Sewing Essentials design!! Will those designs be available in your Craftsy store?

  9. Oh Jenny!! The redwork is fabulous! I can hardly wait for the middle of the month.... And the potted daisies is striking in the blackwork. Who needs to buy artwork when we have you as a designer!!! Wow!

  10. Oh what fun...Family visitors with little ones coming. I know you will have a wonderful visit. Enjoy every moment. Love the new designs. The black work design is fabulous.

  11. I love the redwork needle designs - especially the pincushion! =) I know you will have a wonderful visit. Enjoy the time away from everything else and find renewal. Your photos are so artfully arrange. Another terrific talent you have.


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