Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tomato soup and sewing...

Mr E came home from work on Saturday with around four kilos of fresh garden tomatoes, a gift from one of the other employees.
My first thought was to slow roast half of them with onions, capsicum, olive oil, garlic and Celtic sea salt for a soup, so that's exactly what I did on Monday...

After four hours on a very low heat my home could be mistaken for an Italian cafe, the aroma wafting through the rooms was delicious!

Adding a little beef stock, a handful of sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil and thyme, I pureed everything in the blender before simmering my soup on the stove top for another two hours. 
A dash of pepper and a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar stirred through before serving and we had the most incredible Roasted Tomato Soup!
Fortunately I made a lot, so we have it on the menu again for Wednesday's dinner. 

I'm continuing along with my new Stitchery Club Christmas designs, hoping to have them all stitched by Monday because next week will be very busy on the blog with the Hussif tutorial.

Here's a sneak peek at "Christmas Angel"...

 I'm using some old French General fabrics as my pink and green colour inspiration, and a tonal print for the embroidery background...

When she's complete this angel will feature on a cushion...

Are you going to follow along with my Hussif tutorial?
It will run next week for 5 days, from Monday to Friday...

It's a long tutorial as there are a lot of steps along the way and I didn't want to rush through them.
If you would like to use the same stitcheries as I did in the making of this Hussif they are HERE - otherwise use pretty fabrics, or your own orphan blocks.

 Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Love your angel Jenny and your stitches are bejond tiny and perfectly done.
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  2. Hmmm....can smell your wonderful soup from here - actually in our house those roasted vegetables may never have made it to the blender - think they would have been eaten as is!!!!

  3. Oh, it smells great from here! What a great gift that was. I love your angel. And she'll be mine soon! At least the pattern. LOL I look forward to the tutorial next week, but I'm enjoying the Christmas posts this week, too.

  4. Thank you for the recipe! :-)

  5. The soup sounds amazing! You are definitely making me feel Christmassy with your stitcheries. I still haven't started my sewing book/hussif case thingy! Maybe your tutorial will help me get going. I think what is stopping me is all the things I want it to include but I think I have most of the materials now so I really should get going on it :-) I hope you have a lovely week. Sharon x

  6. Your angel its beautiful, it reminds me of Our Lady of Guadalupe something you cross stitched a while....ago. See, I been following you for a while. Hugs: Ruth

  7. I love your pinks for Christmas! You are my kind of woman! I love your angel! I can't wait to start on the Hussif next week. I need to gather my materials so I can work on it.
    God Bless,

  8. Your roasted tomato soup sounds delicious. It would be perfect with a grillled cheese sandwich, Yes, I am going to try to follow your tutorial for the beautiful hussif. I must say though I am without my sewing machine and my desk computer and my entire house is in complete chaos due to carpet installation in three rooms. I am being very patient however I am truly ready for some semblance of normal. High on Life July is still fitting for my keeping a positive attitude. Creative Bliss Dear...

  9. Oh my goodness those tomatoes look so delicious.....Love how the angel is coming along....I know it will be stunning when finished.

  10. Can't wait for the angel to be a pattern
    Just love your work.


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