Sunday, August 9, 2015

Whole Heart Love - psalm 119:10...

I love looking up from under large expansive trees.
Their branches and stems support a canopy of leaves that almost hide the sky from my view.
And as I stand shaded by the majesty of such a tree my thoughts almost always turn to God and how this is nothing in comparison to His great majesty over the earth and my miniscule life.

I wonder have I allowed  Him to cover my life with His glory and presence the way these trees cover my view of the sky?

Have I let Him fill my whole heart with His magnificent and perfect presence?

Does He command my thoughts and my plans and my desires with purity and holiness?

Have I encouraged Him to pour into my heart a full portion of His humility and unfailing love?

King David uses the words "whole heart" a lot in Psalm 119 and as I've been slowly praying through every verse of this Psalm that's the thing that resonates the deepest.
Giving Him my whole heart.
All of it.
Blotting out me, covering my life with Him.
Now there's a plan.

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  1. Liebe Jenny,
    ich freue mich immer so sehr über Deine Überlegungen zu Psalmen und Bibelversen !
    Ich muß immer Bäume anfassen, dann püre ich die Allmacht Gottes noch mehr,
    aber ich spüre sie auch so ,jeden Tag.
    God bless you !

  2. Lovely post, Jenny. I've been so blessed lately with answered prayers; it is encouraging me to fully trust Him and allow Him more and more of my life. Into each little nook... Thank you for this post. Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. Thank you, Jenny. We seek and we find, it is promised. =) Whole heart, that's a lot of commitment, isn't it? But what a reward if we can get to that point. It's nice to know we're traveling that road together. =)

  4. Your daughter is beautiful! Such a nice outing with friends and a nice treat with the Gerberas. I love those daisies and their bright colors.

  5. We are studying the armor of God. This devotional was a gift. Thank you, sweet Jenny.


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