Sunday, September 13, 2015

Metamorphosis ~ 2 Corinthians 3:18...

The miracle of an ugly grub exchanging a drab and cumbersome body for one of wild and exotic beauty, a body that can flutter in freedom across blue skies, a body no longer land-bound, is something that stirs my soul with longing for heaven. 

One day I too will cast off the perishable outer clothing of my earthly body and the Lord will give me garments of eternal beauty, heavenly robes that will not fray, a body imperishable for all eternity.

That's my goal in this short life I live now. Heaven. Eternity with Jesus. Everlasting goodness, everlasting kindness, everlasting love, everlasting life. 

I think we occasionally need a reminder of that because in this journey of life the challenge is to see eternity as the real destination, and not tomorrow. 

When Monday rolls around, don't just fill your planner with what must be done this week or even next month.
Create a new habit by writing across the top of every page, every week, "PLAN FOR HEAVEN".
Just in case, like me,  you need a regular reminder. 


Download the printable Scripture card and devotion HERE.


  1. Wise words, Jenny. Getting our priorities in the right order is so important.

  2. So stressed out at the minute loved these words

  3. Tus palabras me han hecho reflexionar sobre las metas que persigo. Quizá yo no las tengo en el orden correcto...Besos.Bless you.

  4. Jenny, Once again you have provided a message that so often I do not think about. How sad because as you have stated we are as Christians waiting for the time when we will be adorned with everything we will need forever with our Lord and Saviour! My heart just expands thinking about it. So thank you for reminding me! Have a wonderful creative day!

  5. Beautiful analogy with the butterfly. =)

  6. I too certainly need this reminder, lovely thoughts Jenny. x


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