Sunday, October 11, 2015

Being still and letting go...

The past few weeks I've sensed an un-settling in my life, or more specifically, an unsettling of my heart.
I couldn't put my finger on what exactly had caused this feeling, but each day it grew and I became frustrated because I was unable to identify the source to 'fix' it. 
So I prayed, and GOD answered, but not in the way I'd imagined.

You see, I've been looking for a small coffee break devotional for my afternoon quiet time. Those ten minutes I take about 5pm to sit and think before doing a tidy of my work space and beginning dinner preparations before my beloved arrives home only bring peace when I'm meditating on Scriptural things.

I wanted something short, thoughtful and Scriptural but with punch.  I like a Bible devotional (whether short or long) to be deep and obvious - forcing me to acknowledge and address my sin quickly and opening a deeper insight into the Word of God. The end result must be a closer walk with Jesus and if not, I stop using it.

It's been a while since I found one that got me motivated to change, but "5 Minutes with Jesus" by Sheila Walsh arrived last week and it has me churning Scripture, thoughts, attitude and choices already.

But the biggest change came about on day five when Sheila took me to Psalm 46:10a, "Be still, and know that I am God."
Like most people I suppose, when I read this passage I always imagine myself stopping, sitting quietly, being 'in the moment' and closing out the distractions of the world for a while. Do you respond like that too?

But do you know what the original Hebrew root of 'be still' does not mean to stop and be quiet, it means LET GO.

I was sitting on the front steps with our puppy and my coffee as I read this, and the Trade Winds were blowing wild around us. I let those words sink in for a minute and then spoke them into the air over and over, "Let GO and know that I am God".


Those words were more than a punch to my heart, they were the key to a locked room in my mind where I'd been storing away more and more 'works', more and more plans for work, more and more desires for work, more and more of more. That locked room held all my busy-ness; mental folders filled with more busy-ness than you can imagine, because I have a fear of being lazy, of stopping, of doing nothing, of being useless.


Talk about having the lights switched on.

I closed my eyes and let the tears fall. The wild winds rushed over my head; cool and caressing fingers lifted my hair in a heavenly healing massage and I could hear God's gentle instruction "let go, Jenny...", and I really wanted to. I still want to.

You don't know the weight of what you carry emotionally until it is lifted. You don't know how heavy you've loaded your life until God asks you to let things go. You don't even know what all that excess baggage is right away, but you do know it's there and has been crippling your life.

My life journey may look very different to yours, but perhaps we've both shared in the hoarding of busy-ness and over-commitment to the point where we are weary beyond explanation? Maybe you have been measuring your value on what you do, too? Have you been fearful of stopping, of LETTING GO?

Friend, be still.
Dear friend, let go.
Precious sister in Christ, know that He is God and you don't need those things in your life anymore.

No matter why those attitudes grew to be part of our nature (for me it was a father who only valued me on what I did or achieved) they are poison and have robbed us of a life worth living, a life of joy, a life with an open hand that knows how to let go.

I have a new hobby.
It's called letting go. 
What about you?

Download the printable Scripture card and devotion HERE.



Gale, Ky quilter said...

I NEED to let go for the sake of my health.....both mental and physical but it is so hard. I have had family betrayal and the last six months of physical thing after another and stress makes it all worse. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps I can, too, now.

Createology said...

There is a reason I checked your blog and read your every word right now. To let go isn't easy but life is not easy. We manage to do life every day and therefore maybe just maybe we might be able to "let go". I know I have some heavy burdens that I need to let go. Thank you Jenny for putting your words and experiences into understandable truth and for sharing with us. Blessings Dear...

Snoodles said...

He led me to your blog tonight. I so needed to read this and let it sink in. The tears flowed because your words truly spoke to my heart....I, too, need to let go. Busyness, attitudes, putting my expectations in an idolatrous position in my heart. Punch, indeed. Thank you, my friend, for following the Spirit's lead in your own life, and then posting this to help all of us. Blessings to you, and a peaceful Sunday.

Adaliza said...

Let it Go, has been a mantra of mine for a few years - a variation on a theme, I guess. It's uplifting, like you say. There's a lot in my life I'll never let go of - precious memories, moments in time, that total immersion in giving and receiving love - but we're constantly bombarded by emotions and influences that try to wind us in and it's those that it's so go to let go of. Guess it's choosing the right combination of keeping and letting go, that's the secret. Thanks for a thought-provoking post - have a peaceful weekend. Ax

Baa. xxx said...

Beautiful Jenny - perfect for my week. Thank you blessed one.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful mantra for the week. I enjoy your Sunday posts so much.

beefi8 said...

I love your posts! Thank you!!

TerriSue said...

Dearest Jenny,
I have never heard the Hebrew translation either. How wonderful. Let Go. I know we need to be still at times but to let go is completely different. Let go of all the things you have built up inside you. Let go of them and give them to Abba to handle. How freeing. Thank you so much for passing this onto us this week. I am going to be looking into that book.
Your new picture of yourself is beautiful. Just as you are.

Anonymous said...

Reading this, this Sunday morning was what I needed to read. Like yourself, I've had something bothering me, worried about daily life and family. Reading this brought me a bit closer. Thank you for sharing.

Jackie said...

Thank you for the lovely post.

Kathy d said...

What a beautiful read this afternoon as I enjoy some quiet time out on our porch. We live in a day and time that stopping, reflecting and meditating are very much thought of as a waste of time and that we need to be busy and productive. Thank you for a timely message and for sharing your heart!

Brenda said...

Jenny, The Lord had me face this "Let Go" path earlier this year. It was a very difficult journey to begin and was filled with enough tears to fill the Grand Canyon. But as I faced each issue head on with the Lord holding me strong and true, I made it completely through to the end. Now that I have completely Let Go of just that one issue, my life is so much calmer and filled with so much more happiness. During my walk with the Lord, I discovered that this was something that he had been trying to get me to do for many years and I would not stop and listen to him and the pain continued to grow, the misery was actually turning into hatred. That is when he made me "Let Go" and was it ever a powerful lesson. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
Thank you so much for sharing and caring! Have a wonderful creative day!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Perfect devotional thoughts for a Sabbath day, too. I've always had trouble letting go, and I know why - having to do with my age when my mother died - and it's a work for a lifetime for me. I always have to think about it, or I'm back on the treadmill, and how often I find myself there, yet again! I don't suppose it will ever be automatic, but I appreciated your reminder, and I need to search what I'm doing and how I'm scheduling, scheduling, scheduling, to see where the let go needs to be. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dear Jenny~! This is a very powerful blog message! The LORD can take our burdens and lift them completely off us! This has happened to me recently, and I am still praising His Name!!! Hugs~

Wendyb said...

You’ve touched my wound Jen-girl! Thank you……time to start healing! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo love ya

Slrw said...

This was a scripture God gave me 30 years ago when I was struggling to hang on in my marriage. Sometimes there are reasons when God tells you it is okay to let go.

Sharon - creativity and family said...

Our Pastor preached from this same word yesterday. My nature is one that likes to keep busy, these days my health won't let me busy on my feet so I keep busy creatively with my hands, I have a huge list I have given myself to make for Christmas but I really need help to enjoy and put love into each item I make and not worry if it doesn't all get done. I need to let go of the list and just make what I can and fill it with love. xx

Winifred said...

That's a beautiful post Jenny. Very apt. Thanks for sharing it.

hollie said...

Hi Jenny,
I would like to know what the name of the devotional by Shelia Walsh is. It sounds wonderful and definitely something I need to read.
Your post Sunday was just what I needed to hear. The "baggage" is getting to heavy to carry and needs to be tossed.
Thank you again.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hollie, it's called "5 Minutes with Jesus" x

Sharon said...

I have loved your blog and creativity since I found it a few months ago. I have been feeling emotional/ physical stress in this past year on top of surgeries, two for myself and one for my husband.
Your post today resonated with me so much, thank your for sharing your heart and helping other people in the process. I will think a lot about what you have said. Psalm 46:10 has always been a favorite verse of mine but I had never looked up the Hebrew root of 'be still". Thanks Jenny!