Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gifts and more of the Booby Bird...

I didn't mean to, but I entered a giveaway on my friend Julie's blog last month.
Her blog is a place where I go to rest, to be inspired, to breathe - and I leave comments. 

One of my comments became an entry in her Spring Angel giveaway and bless his heart, 'Mr Julie' drew my name out of the hat as the winner!

When Julie told me I was teary.
When the angel arrived via post from New Zealand on Thursday I was even tearier. The love poured out as the wrappings fell away, love and care from sweet Julie...
Julie, you're an angel. xx

Have a lovely relaxed visit to Julie's blog over HERE, and you may want to brew a cuppa because you might not want to leave for a while...

Remember I told you the other day that Heather had come to visit and we'd both spent the day chatting and stitching The Booby Bird design?
The next day she 'framed' her bird in the most beauttful pillow! 

The fabric was a gift from her daughter Barbra so this is a very special pillow indeed.

Heather has more photos HERE on her blog so head over and have a look. You'll also find links to Breast Cancer sites with information that could save your life. Isn't she thoughtful!? I had not even considered that when I shared the free pattern for The Booby Bird.

Thanks dear Heather! xx

 If you missed the blog post about The Booby Bird you'll find it HERE, and the free pattern download link is there too.

When Mr E and I decided to sign a new lease on our rental home for another year I decided to spruce up the bathroom with bright coloured towels, a new bath mat and shower curtain as well as fresh bathroom accessories. 
The palette is orange and shades of teal with splashes of green, lemon and grey.
When I arrived at Heather's the other day she blessed me with this pretty handmade basket and she'd even sewn a teal doily on the front and filled it with soapy things...
It's perfect for storing our toiletries inside and has added that something 'extra' the room needed!

This weekend I'm playing with some Flower Sugar fabrics and quite a bit of associated hand quilting in a make-it-up-as-I-go-along design...
 It's also the Australian Moto GP so Mr E and I will be glued to the race urging on Jorge Lorenzo to a victory with ginger beer and plenty of nibblies to snack on!

Hope your weekend is just as much fun as mine!



  1. Your Angel with gifts from Julie are lovely treasures. Love the pink pillow Boobie Bird Heather made. Looks like you have a new fun project to stitch on. Good Luck with the Moto GP.

  2. That does sound like a relaxing weekend and fun! I love your new sugar flower project. I was just being tempted by some new fabrics in the 2015 line on one of the Australian shop sites. So far, I didn't give in, but it's such beautiful fabric, as your project shows! What a lovely doll win, and beautiful package of needfuls. Then the look at Heather's gift in your bathroom, just perfect for the make-over! I love the pillow she made with the design. You two are a lot faster stitchers than I am!

  3. So pleased you won one of Julie's fabulous dolls! I am lucky to own several of her dolls, given as gifts and some I just had to buy! If you ever get over to NZ her cottage is well worth a visit & of course she is a lovely hostess :-) Loving the Booby Bird cushion, such a cute name for a lovely cause! I am soon to quilt a charity quilt that is for Breast Cancer month. Your bathroom will sure look fresh and pretty with all the new extra bits & pieces.

  4. Your beautiful angel has found a wonderful home to live in. I love the pillow with your bird on it. So pretty. Your mystery project looks interesting , so bright and cheery. Enjoy the bike racing today. I was glued to the TV last Sunday watching Bathurst. Angel Hugs.

  5. What a beautiful angel she looks sitting at your place. Julie makes such beautiful things. I always enjoy reading her blog. Super gift too from Heather for the bathroom. It is special to have things friend make around the home. I love it. Love the cushion Heather made too especially with the way the inner shows under the ties Enjoy the racing. We are all about Rugby this weekend with the World Cup and know out quarterfinals tomorrow. We play France.

  6. Sooo pleased she arrived happily at your place dear Jenny. I adore that wee basket Heather has made you - those colours are rather stunning. Loving the Booby Bird, thinking I might stitch her for our milker who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Am thinking she would like a tote bag made out of it. Thanks Jenny, have a lovely weekend x0x0x

  7. I often read your blog but this is the first time I have left a comment, what a lovely giveaway no wonder you were teary! Have a lovely weekend x

  8. Congratulations on your win Jenny. And in so pleased you are staying another year in your house, it would be hard to picture you anywhere else lol. I have such a vivid picture of your daily life from your blog.

  9. Congratulations on your win Jenny. And in so pleased you are staying another year in your house, it would be hard to picture you anywhere else lol. I have such a vivid picture of your daily life from your blog.

  10. That angel is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations Jenny, it's lovely that you got it. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. That giveaway certainly went to the perfect person!

  12. Jenny, all of your gifts are delightfully cheerful and adorable! I am so thrilled that you received them. The Booby Bird pillow that Heather made is fantastic! I hope that the both of you enjoy the races and nibblies (love the word) and have a great weekend! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  13. What a beautiful Angel and I love the booby bird cushion. xx

  14. Jenny how wonderful that you won. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person. I'll be cheering for Valentino, (I've been following him for many years) It will be the middle of the night here, so I'll be a sleepy girl tomorrow. Blessings

  15. As you have blessed, you will be blessed!! Love all your gifts!! Sounds like you will be having a fun weekend. Today is the start of deer hunting season (a whole 9 days) so hubby and his son are out there hunting. Makes me sad to think that some of the beautiful deer I have been watching the last year will not survive the next 9 days, but it is better then having them starve to death this winter or get hit by cars on the highway...but still makes me sad. But I will be alone to quilt all weekend, with them popping in every so often - they hunt on our farm so they aren't too far.

  16. Hi Jenny,i was so pleased to see that you had won Julie's angel,she has gone to a wonderful home and how gorgeous of a friend is Heather,love the basket,enjoy your day with Mr E xx

  17. Well congratulations on your beautiful win, dear Jenny, what a lovely prize! Heather did a beautiful job on Booby Bird, love the fabric she used. And what a darling box she made for you. Can't wait to see your finished project, enjoy!

  18. What a beautiful win indeed, Jenny! All those lovely gifts!
    And what a special bird! Thank you for sharing this design...I plan to stitch it for a dear friend who is battling this terrible illness.
    I've been watching your rugby team and must say your boys" are doing well! "
    Wishing you and Mr E. a blessed, peaceful week xx


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