Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Booby Bird - free pattern for breast cancer awareness...

I don't have breast cancer.
Maybe you don't either.

But I know women who have had it, and I know gals who have it now.
You probably do too.

It's even possible that a sweet lass reading this blog post today has just been diagnosed.

I cannot begin to imagine the depth of shock and fear when confronted with such a diagnosis, but I do know what it feels like to hear of a loved one's Goliath battle and be faced with the reality of having no power to change her circumstances.

And here's where The Booby Bird makes her appearance.

We can sew.
We can pray over every stitch with heart felt love and compassion and hope.
We can frame our booby bird in a way that makes sense to the precious woman we'll be gifting it to.
That might be on a bag or pillow, in a quilt, or inside a pretty frame - you'll know best.

We can do a little thing. We can say I love you. We can hold and hug and hand over a little bit of us made for them.

"The Booby Bird" is not for fundraising because there's a lot of avenues for that already.
She is for making and giving and loving and hoping.

It's for our loved ones.
It's for us to 'do' a very small bit.
It's a voiceless "I love you".

It's an encouragement that even without a boob or two, our breast cancer affected loved ones and friends are unique, beautiful women carrying boundless potential to be more than they can imagine right now. 
That's where the hope comes in. 
That's where a message of life comes in.

Download the free pattern HERE and share this blog post via those social media buttons just below so others can make it too. 

If you're a brave booby cancer girl, I'm in awe of your strength and fortitude in facing a giant that would make me faint. I know you didn't choose to armour yourself for such a battle, but you have done so anyway.
My prayers, and those of everyone reading this post or stitching The Booby Bird, are with you sweet one.


  1. Oh Jenny,
    it is a very special and very beautiful bird! I love your booby bird!
    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  2. Thankyou Jenny, this is very special and your kindness will touch many of us. In light of your generosity, I will make a donation to the Breast Cancer fund. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart xoxo

  3. A heartfelt "thank you," Jenny, for designing this sweet Booby Bird in honor of those of us who have or have had cancer. It is extremely thoughtful of you, and it puts a smile on my face. May our heavenly Father continue to bless you to be the beautiful person that you are.

  4. Gracias por tu patrón. Ha hecho que reflexione sobre aquello que me da tanto miedo que hago como si no existiese en el mundo. Pero existe. Mi cobardía me impide acordarme de las valientes que se enfrentan. Me acordaré de tenerlas presentes hoy y de orar por ellas. Para que sean ganadoras en la batalla de sus vidas. El Señor nos Bendiga a todos. Besos.

  5. It's just gorgeous Jenny, thank you so much for such a special pattern. Just love the name 💕....will send pics of our special day
    Kerry xxx

  6. What a wonderful idea Jenny. A beautiful bird for a special reason. Lovely!

  7. This is just so, so beautiful Jenny and such a special idea. May you be blessed in your giving. xx

  8. I have recently lost 2 ladies from my patchwork group and have another dear friend who currently has breast cancer. Fortunately, there are many I know who have conquered it and that means there is always hope and miracles do happen. Thankyou so much , once again, for your lovely sweet design. Angel Hugs.

  9. Que preciosidad Jenny, me encanta.
    Un besote

  10. For a long time I read your blog, I love your work. For three years, as I had the surgery, I hope that the disease will never come back to me. Thank you for your prayers.

  11. Thank you, Jenny. My dear friend is having surgery this morning for a lump. The biopsy said it detected no cancer. The surgeon said there was still the potential to find cancer. So we pray. I'll be starting this cute little booby bird for her later today.

  12. Thank you for the lovely stitchery. My prayers are with all those brave ladies who have gone or are going through this terrible ordeal, may you all come out stronger and happier than ever.

  13. Thank you Jenny, little Booby Bird is gorgeous, I will stitch this Into a needle case for my darling 34yo daughter as she continues her breast cancer journey.....3 rounds of chemo down with three to go!
    Take care, Annette 💞

  14. Thank you. My mother when I was 9. Numerous friends. I have downloaded it and will be using it right away. My prayer would be that it never becomes necessary again to stitch it in pink. I appreciate your post, Jenny. You are a pearl of great price.

  15. What a beautiful design from such a beautiful person!! Thank you so much for your generosity.

  16. Thank you Jenny for the beautiful Booby Bird...

  17. Dear Sweet Jenny, I thank the Lord every day for leading me to your blog and your teachings, sharing and beautiful artwork! Your Booby Bird is another spectacular example of how we can make a difference, just reading over the posts my eyes filled with tears of sorrow and of hope. You help to give someone a project to stitch as they wait, another a project of hope and another of memories, the list continues and each and every stitch is just as important as the next. Thank you so much for sharing this project, I told you yesterday who and why I was going to make this project for. She is going in for her first 6 month CatScan to see what is going on. I will be stopping by and seeing her later on today. Bless you Jenny for following the Lord and believing in him!

  18. Thank you Jenny - a perfectly beautiful idea. xx

  19. This is beautiful. Thank you. I am saving it, just in case.

  20. Heartfelt thanks! I downloaded the 5 minutes with Jesus on my Kindle and have been enjoying it. My friend Doro battled Breast Cancer for 10 years, I miss her very much. I've seen fabric with bras on it that would be pretty as border material. My dog had a tumor in her anal gland removed 2 years ago and was almost 1 year free when they discovered 2 tumors in her lymph nodes. I could use Puppy and Pet Parent Prayers for both of us. Both vets are surprised she's still alive and I'm just thankful for every day God gives me with her. She has some bad days but for the most part, you wouldn't know she was battling cancer. God Bless you and thank you for the Booby Bird

  21. That is so lovely Jenny. What a wonderful gift.

  22. Love it so much dear Jenny, and love your sweet heart even more.

  23. She is beautiful and thoughtful Jen ... Thank you 💖

  24. Gracias Jenny por el significado! Y tu ser generoso con lo que haces con tu arte!
    Pidamos por todas las mujeres que día a día luchan contra ese mal. Salud para todas! Saludos desde México

  25. I am totally in AWE of everything that I see here on your blog.

    Can we have a "play date" sometime????

    robin :-)

  26. Hi Jenny. Gracias por todo lo que haces, siempre tan lindo. y Sobre todo tu corazón para compartir. Que nuestro amado Señor Jesus te siga inspirando para hacer muchas cosas lindas.
    un Abrazo en la distancia. desde Guatemala.

  27. Thank you, Galfriend for such a pretty breast cancer design. In February of next year, I will be a 25 year survivor!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

  28. Espero ser aceptada para participar en el precioso antemano muchas gracias...saludos desde México


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