Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wait and Hope...

I'm waiting. Waiting to be filled.
We each go through seasons of being 'emptied', seasons where we've given our all and it's time to step back and let God fill. 

I'm in that season now and for a while there may be no Sunday devotions, but the printable Scripture cards will still be here each week for you to save or print.

Be blessed,

Download the Psalm 130:5 Scripture card HERE


  1. And isn't that exactly what I'm doing right now, lol....darling girl, glad you're taking a breather.

  2. Jenny,
    I so appreciate your willingness to set aside this time to wait on God and make room in your life for him to fill you.

  3. Thanks, Jenny. You do whatever it takes to walk the path and keep that relationship strong. Thanks so much for the scripture cards each week. I like having them and thinking about them.

  4. Jenny, I think it is divine that you have shared scriptures and are going to take the time to connect with the Lord our Father and strengthen your beliefs. I know you have continually inspired me to write down scriptures and see where they lead. You are a wonderful friend that has a special place in my heart. Have a wonderful creative day.

  5. I shall enjoy your scripture cards while you wait to be filled. May you feel God's presence near you as you wait and step back, waiting for Him to work in and through you. Hugs. Sharon x

  6. Te comprendo perfectamente. Muchas gracias por las preciosas tarjetas. El Señor te Bendiga.


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