Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Year in the Garden: sneak peek...

These fabrics stole my heart... I decided to use them in a special project.

"A Year in the Garden" will be a set of 12 embroidery patterns I'll be publishing in the December and January issues of The Stitchery Club. 
In January a pattern to finish the blocks as a small quilt will be included.

Members will receive the six January to June blocks as their December Stitchery Club issue, and the July to December blocks as their January issue. 

Over the past week I've sketched and traced and chosen threads... preparation for a month of hand embroidery. 

Now to get my household and morning business schedules written in the diary so my afternoons are free to play with needle, thread and A Year in the Garden.

In keeping with my garden theme for the next two months I've changed the free joining pattern each new member of The Stitchery Club will receive to "The Farm Gate"....

This pattern includes the two stitchery/applique designs and the full instructions to make your completed blocks into a wonderful country style pillow!

 The completed pillow measures 13.5 inches x 17.5 inches.

If you join the Club I will email this pattern to you as a free gift within 24 hours of your membership confirmation.
All the membership information is HERE.

Perhaps you don't want to join The Stitchery Club but you DO want to make The Farm Gate pillow pattern?
Well, head over HERE to my shop because I've just added the PDF pattern to my shelves!

I gave this pillow to my daughter Kezzie because she's a mad gardener and always fancied herself as a farmer one day. 
Who would you make it for?


  1. I'm with Leeanne - its all so beautiful Jenny. Your cushion is just gorgeous - could just see that stitched in reds too :-)

  2. Hello Jenny, this project is going to be amazing, I just joined. you know how much I love my garden.

  3. That fabric is so pretty! I can't wait to see your new designs.

  4. You dear are an endless well of amazing designs and stitcheries. I love your latest fabrics and threads. Creative Bliss....

  5. Precioso diseño. Que tengas un buen día. Besos.

  6. Jenny, You are such an amazing and talented artist! I love the fabrics; flowers always seem to be my first choice when it comes to fabrics and embroidery. They always make me smile and feel great. Your new pillow design is awesome! Your daughter will treasure this gift for many years. I would stitch this pillow for myself and for two of my daughters. I still have not gotten the special pins put on my blog with everything going on. I am going to go and attempt to do that now. Thank you for sharing and your spectacular generosity! Have a wonderful creative day!

  7. Jenny, I'm one of your followers in handwork and last year I enjoyed every project I did! I am continuing with this new I get the farm pillow pattern like the new people? I just love everything I've done from my last year.!!! I love your Sunday devotion also. Now, I wish I could sit down with you and drink at cup of tea and have little egg salad sandwiches and discuss "stuff"! I look forward to our little visit everyday! Dolly Webb

  8. Hi Dolly :-)
    The pattern is a gift for NEW Club subscribers, not current ones (as they already received a gift pattern upon joining). You have blessed my heart with your words of encouragement today! Thank you. xx

  9. Oooooh! A year in the garden - how wonderful! It is like getting a special Christmas present from you that continues into the new year. This year I have concentrated on quilts as Miss Hannah has happily stitched away but I am looking forward to the summer break to get out more stitching projects - and happily sit watching the waves and sew.

  10. OOO that new quilt will be so lovely,. I love the fabrics and thread colours you have chosen. That pillow is also rather nice. You are so busy designing and stitching. I, for one, appreciate how much time and energy must go into all your creations. Angel Hugs.

  11. Oh, wow, oh, wow! What a great pattern series. Thank you so much, Jenny. This will be great for my slower year coming up. =)

  12. Jenny, I just love the farm gate pattern you are giving to new subscribers. Will that pattern be included in any of the upcoming club stitcheries or do we need to plan to buy it separately if we want it???

  13. Gorgeous designs again Jenny, you are just such a talented (and busy) lady. x

  14. Ooh that fabric is gorgeous - I can't wait to make that!!!! AND The Farm Gate, love it so much!


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