Friday, November 20, 2015

Free books...

E-books are a wonderful resource for almost any subject and I was thinking that it would be a lovely gift to print one up for a friend and have it bound at your local Officeworks (or similar office supply store).
Once done you could cover it in pretty fabric and sew a label across the front!

Here are a few free crafting e-books I found on the web to get you started.

"Inspired by Tilda" has five quick projects to make.
Download page is HERE...

A precious 1910 book of sewing instruction for young ones, "When Mother Let's Us Sew" can be downloaded HERE...

What about "65 Amish Recipes"?
The download is on THIS page with a few other books you can choose from...

Still looking for Christmas ideas?
"Homemade Christmas Gifts" can be downloaded HERE...
(you don't need to put your email in the box that pops up - just close that box and the book will begin to download)

Want to learn a new craft?
Download "Learn How to Knit" HERE...
(you don't need to put your email in the box that pops up - just close that box and the book will begin to download) 

Always a good resource to have on hand, "Children's Sewing Patterns" can be downloaded HERE...

And of course, if you have a book you need a bookmark!
Download this free stitchery pattern set over HERE in my shop.
It will be available until December 18th...



  1. Thank you for the free patterns. You are very generous.

  2. Thanks for some great links! I'm always up for cheap recipes that are healthy. Thanks for your cute bookmarks, too. I haven't even started making anything for Christmas. I've thought about it, and that's as far as it's gone. =)

  3. Another wonderful free pattern. You are so good to us, many many thanks

  4. What a brilliant idea Jenny! Thanks for the links. x

  5. Dear Jenny, Your suggestion today is brilliant! Again, you presented an idea that I had never considered. I have several new quilting friends that this will be a perfect Christmas present for. Your book mark is so pretty; I will surely be making several of these! Today our group celebrated November birthdays and we got together and made enchilada's and then went to a local craft fair. It was so much fun and the ideas at the flourished at the craft fair was just amazing. We only made it to one building and only about a fourth of the booths. Another fantastic part of the adventure was that several of the women from our Project Linus Guild had booths and were selling all sorts of items. I did not get my new tutorial up today because of our get together; but tomorrow for sure. Thank You so much for sharing all of these magnificent ideas and projects. Have a wonderful creative day!

  6. Such a super clever idea! Thanks so much.

  7. wonderful links there thanx for your generosity
    & of cos your wonderful gifts too, all so very beautiful!
    thanx for sharing


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