Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Crochet Organizer pattern...

I shared this idea a couple of years ago, but as my *Homemade Stitched With Heartstrings* theme this week is organizers it seemed a good idea to show you again and this time add the downloadable pattern for you to save.

My inspiration for making this vintage-style hook organizer back in 2012 were two beautiful handkerchiefs sent to me a year or two earlier by Vicki in Canada...

...but the project lay dormant until the right fabric presented itself.
Once found, it was full steam ahead. This organizer became a decoration for my home as well as having a very useful purpose!

Perhaps you have a crochet enthusiast to make for?
Or would you make it for yourself?

Download the free pattern HERE.

bless you heaps,


  1. Thanks for the pattern! I love it and want to make one for my daughter-in-law and one for myself:)

  2. Hmm, I think a couple shall be made, one for myself and another as a gift. Thanks so much Jenny.

  3. Thanks Jenny, you always design such gorgeous items. Guida

  4. I made one of these the first time you shared, and I love it! Now who can I make a gift for??

  5. Love it so much - I was browsing through my "Jenny" files today, and am going to have to schedule a Jenny printing day - so many gorgeous projects that I've saved and haven't made yet. I think next year everybody on my list will get something designed by Jenny!

  6. It's gorgeous Jenny. I would love to make one for myself once the Christmas rush is over :-)

  7. Oh Jenny, Thank you for this lovely organizer...This past summer I found in a box my mother's metal crochet hooks.....She passed away when I was only 10 years old..I am now 57, so this will make a beautiful memory for me in my sewing space....

  8. Jenny, Your crochet organizer is beautiful! The lace and fabric are brilliant together; you definitely waited for the perfect combination. I know I will be downloading your pattern and using it for two gifts at least. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  9. That corner lace is so beautiful....

  10. This is a truly lovely organizer. With just the right elements put together it will make a perfect gift for anyone. Thank you dear...

  11. So pretty Jenny. Clever idea. Thanks so much for the pattern.


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