Wednesday, November 25, 2015

January, February, and baking...

I've completed the first two blocks for *A Year in the Garden*...

...and have just begun the third.

These will be keeping me busy for a while, but definitely worth the effort as they're a joy to stitch.
If you're interested in stitching A Year in the Garden with me all the information is over HERE.

While I stitch each afternoon I've been watching old episodes of The Great British Bake Off...

...which gets me so inspired to cook tasty things for Mr E!

Thing is, I can't stitch and bake at the same time so I schedule an hour between each episode to gather a recipe or two and pop something in the oven to bake while I continue my hand sewing and watch the next episode.
This is working very well for me and Mr E's rather impressed with the results too!
Yesterday I made a Zucchini, Bacon & Cheese Slice, plus a Corn & Avocado Salsa (both for his work lunch the next day) and as a real treat some Buttermilk Sultana Scones...

We haven't had our favourite scones in a very long time because we rarely have wheat anymore, but I made an exception yesterday as occasional treats that fill your heart with warm and fuzzy 'feel good' emotions are rather important in life.

This morning we're back to grain free, but it's still delicious fare - gluten free toast smothered with fresh ground 100% peanut butter, local bananas and local raw honey...served at sunrise with a pot of just-brewed black coffee because Mr E had a very early start and I always like for him to have a substantial and healthy meal before his work day begins...

Today I'll be doing a spot of dusting in the living room and that may mean emptying all my bookcases to get at cobwebs and polish the shelves - but I can still watch the telly so it's going to be a toss-up between more Great British Bake Off or Kirstie Allsopp's "Homemade Home".
Hard decision.

Hope you have a lovely productive day too!


  1. Jenni Love those they look really pretty.... Have a great week with love Janice

  2. Oh Jenny,
    your embroidery is just so lovely. January reminds me of something my Grandma had when I was little. It was I think a dish towel and so pretty.
    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  3. We are definitely sisters of the heart aren't we :) Love your blocks. I'll show mine later in the week. Hugs xxxx

  4. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Adore February. Don't know how you find the inspiration to always find something different to stitch ... but so glad that you do! Thanks, Jenny

  5. These first two blocks look beautiful. Your days sound wonderful. It's good that you're finding a way to combine two things you love which also shows love for your husband (the wonderful food you're cooking).

  6. I love your blocks Jenny, can't wait to start stitching mine.

  7. Those blocks are so very very pretty. Love all your baking despite not being able to eat it LOL. Actually, I have been rather naughty the past few weeks and I am starting to pay for it now. Nordy gal me! You are such a great domestic goddess.

  8. Has logrado despertar mi hambre a las 7 AM :) Me gusta mucho tu idea de bordar el jardín. Un beso.

  9. Absolutely wonderful, lucky lucky us

  10. January and February are beautiful! And I'm sure the rest of the year will be as well.

  11. Jenny, it always warms my heart when you are making something special for Mr. E, your love for him just flows through. Your baking always looks incredible and I am sure it smells divine! Hubby is going to be making is all natural Pumpkin Pie and an Apple Pie. Kevin and I grew pumpkins last year, baked them and so forth and then froze the pumpkin. This year he learned how to can the "Squash" family that we grew. It truly is such a delight to eat healthy home grown food. I adore the embroidery, just beautiful. I am quilting and binding a quilt today and then if time allows have found some spectacular tutorials to make for Christmas gifts. I hope that you have a wonderful creative day!

  12. You are really mastering the art of multitasking. Lovely January and February stitcheries. Very delicious foods you are fixing also. It all defines "Gentle Domesticity" so very well. Brilliant Dear...

  13. I can imagine you stitching and cooking, stitching and cooking! What delicious things came out of that session of cooking, though the peanut butter and banana looks good, too, a favorite of mine, though usually on oatmeal bread. Thank you so much for sharing bits of your peaceful days.

  14. Lovely stitcheries, cooking looks good have a great weekend.


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