Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Barefoot in the kitchen...

I wasn't born to wear shoes.
Barefoot...that's my thing. And the kitchen is my thing too, so yep, I'm always barefoot in the kitchen.

Last night, barefoot in the kitchen, I baked the best loaf of spelt bread ever.

I tweaked a recipe from Paul Hollywood's book "How To Bake" (excellent by the way) by adding a little olive oil to the mix as well as a good helping of seeds - pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and flax. 

Mr E gave me his seal of approval over breakfast when we toasted freshly cut slices and lathered them with crunchy peanut butter, banana and honey...

If you'd like to try this bread I've just shared the recipe over HERE on my Cooked Simply With Love blog. There is also a download for you to save or print up.  

You'll get the recipe for my focaccia next week. Promise!

I'll be back in the kitchen today because my daughter Aisha and her family arrive on the plane from Sydney and they'll be wanting some of mum's home cooking while they're in town.
Well, actually, they're not going to be in town - they're catching the ferry over to Magnetic Island for a holiday but will be here for dinner with Mr E, Blossom, Ross and I tomorrow night. 
This will be the biggest family dinner since Christmas 2011! Rather excited.

I'm running behind in writing the Stitchery Club patterns this month and only just starting on the quilt piecing for A Year in the Garden...

...but it will get done in good time, so I'm pretty relaxed about it all and just doing what I can when I can.
Family comes first, you know?

Here's the final six blocks for A Year in the Garden, heading via email to members on the 17th along with the quilt pattern...

There's still time to join before the 17th.
Information is HERE on the Club page.

Have a lovely day, whether barefoot or in shoes...


  1. Lol, I am always barefoot in the house unless it is really cold. Have a wonderful time with your guests. I have stitched 2 of the first lot of those stitcheries, one for me and the other as a gift. They are so pretty. Looking forward to the release of the next ones. They make me smile.

  2. Your stitcheries are beautiful. I think I will check out your bread recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Barefoot is best. That bread and then breakfast looks temptingly yummy. Fill your table with family, food and lots of love dear. Stitchery patterns can wait. Gentle Domesticity with Heart is filling your home and overflowing with LOVE...

  4. Me gusta mucho caminar descalza, pero nuestro clima sólo lo permite tres meses al año. Disfruta de tu familia. Todo lo demás puede esperar. Besos.

  5. So is spelt gluten free of just a wheat alternative?

  6. Every single one of those patterns is so fabulous. Thank you so much for all the work you put in on them, Jenny. I'm a barefoot gal, too, which probably won't surprise you. =) Socks, very soft and fuzzy, in the winter, to avoid cold toes, though! Thanks for the link to the recipe. I don't have spelt flour, but I may try it with rice flour, which I do have. Enjoy your family time. Quite a lovely thing to have two children and loved ones at the table at the same time!

  7. Phil, it's an ancient grain from the old wheat family with less gluten than modern wheat, therefore it needs more kneading and proving.

  8. That loaf of bread looks like it was baked by a professional! Lokks yummy too. Enjoy you special dinner with your family, Jenny. xx

  9. How a lovely time at your family dinner! It's gonna be great!

  10. I'm always barefoot or in socks around the house too. Except if I have to be on feet for a long time in the kitchen, then I have to wear shoes. My back and feet can't take it anymore. Your bread looks amazing. I have yet to be brave and try homemade bread. I think the yeast intimidates me. Enjoy your visit with your family. Beautiful patterns as always.

  11. How exciting to have family visiting. Hope you all have a wonderful time.


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