Monday, January 11, 2016

Good intentions...

New Year means a fresh setup for my desk.
This is where I like to sit each morning and ponder the day before me; the place I stop still and just be...

My K-Mart diary was only a few dollars and I love it's simplicity. 
If I were to buy a fancy diary with dividers and compartments for this, that and the other, I'm sure I'd lose the calm and rhythm of ordinary days. I need calm. I need rhythm. I love ordinary days.

This little tray of test-tubes was a gift from Blossom.
I found a pretty bunch of never-will-die-or-dry-out hydrangeas for half price before Christmas and when I opened my present from Bloss their future home was secured.

As a compliment in good faith to yellow (read here) my every morning tea cup sports a yellow rose and sits upon a sweet orphan saucer discovered many moons ago at the Sunday markets. It too celebrates a splash of yellow betwixt red and green.

January's reading list is close at hand. 
Of course, once a cover is lifted and delicious pages spread before me, a second cup of tea is required.

I'll let you in on the purposeful plan I made last Monday morning.
Each Sunday evening the desk must be tidied. 
Any clutter accumulated over the weekend will be removed and the desk will be dusted; made ready and inviting for my first Monday cup of tea and very-important-pondering-time.

Alas, first weekend of the new plan and life stepped in.
Not in bad way.
In a really nice way, actually.

Blossom and Ross came Sunday evening for dinner, you see. which meant everything on the dining table was relocated to my desk so we could sup on corned beef, mashed potato, carrots, snow peas, fresh baked focaccia and rich mustard sauce.

It was delicious - the food and the chatter and the family together.

Dessert was rather scrummy too - lemon meringue...

After my darling duo waved goodbye and the dishes were washed, Mr E and I caught the tennis final on telly and made plans for a larger family dinner on Wednesday.
It was late by then, so time for bed and a jolly good eight hours snooze time.

 Which meant I woke to this.

In the big scheme of things, though, it's really no big deal.
Ten minutes and order will be restored to my desk and I'll forget the disarray of Monday morning.

But the memories of a family dinner with people I love?
They will last for quite a while.

Have a wonderful week, okay?!

Don't sweat the small stuff.
Love people completely.
Be kind to yourself.
Trust God with the heavy stuff.



  1. Okay, that lemon meringue stopped me in my tracks. Did you do it like lemon pie only square?
    I am impressed by your desk cleaning. Such a lovely desk and things all have a proper place. Sigh.

  2. Querida Jenny: El merengue de limón es perfecto. Ahora mismo me comería todo lo que hay en tu bandeja. Aquí son las cuatro AM, ( hoy tengo una de mis noches de insomnio ), pero tu fotografía me ha hecho tener apetito :)
    Me gusta mucho tu escritorio. Comparto plenamente tu opinión de que las obligaciones de la casa pueden esperar cuando estás disfrutando del amor y la compañía de tu familia y tus amigos.
    Te deseo una feliz semana. Bless you.

  3. I would LOVE to know the recipe for that lemon meringue dessert. What a beautiful blog today as always, you do such a nice job at expressing exactly what MOST of us are thinking but don't say aloud.

  4. Your desk looks much better than my sewing tables ever do LOL. So tidy! It seems that every time I start a new project it gets messy again. I am blaming you this time because I am tracing and stitching some of your beautiful patterns hehehe. I really do need to get back in that room and do some serious tossing out. Mmmmmm I loooove lemon meringue pie especially when the lemon is really tart. Good that your lovely daughter and hubby spent some time with you. I seldom get the chance to catch up with my girls. Another lovely post. Thank you.

  5. This is exactly why we women are flexible. Family quality time always trumps other plans that can wait. Love your yellow t-cup..a bit of sunshine to start the day. Wonderful Week Ahead...

  6. Such pretty pictures! I love the little yellow rose on your tea cup. It looks like you had a wonderful day.

  7. sew nice to have had dinner with Blossom and Ross. Can clean anytime...

    Nice splashes of yellow including the delicious Lemon Pie.....

  8. Looks like you had a sweet day..
    Beautiful post.
    Big hugs x

  9. I love your desk area, Jenny. Mine is similar, and often in disarray, depending on the project of the moment. I just finished preparing block #1 of your Gentle Domesticity BOM, so that I can take it along to my quilting group tomorrow. Your blog is very inspiring and I sense a kindred spirit in you!

  10. Good Morning Jenny! Your desk is such a delightful array of sunshine that is inviting; it would be very easy and relaxing to begin every day here. The new addition of deep purple flowers adds a pretty contrast and I love the display stand! Your dinner sounds so scrumptious and the dessert looks yummy, so I agree, the memory of the family get together is much more important than the few minutes it took to clean up the disarray. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  11. I am not even going to try the clean desk thing! I have never been a clean desk person; I am a pile person with a lot of scatter in between! But I do love to pick up orphan saucers :) It always makes me a little sad to see a pretty saucer discarded just because its matching tea cup is no longer around. So there have been quite a few pretty little saucers that have come home with me!

  12. Oh your desk are looks a treat Jenny! SO pretty & you are so organised. I inherited my mother in law's mahogany table which was intended as a work area. It's huge but I'm too sentimental to get rid of it. It's covered in all sorts of stuff & the rest of the room is such a tip that I can hardly get into it! So now I use the dining room table & my it collects stuff. I'm just a really untidy person & I'm married to an equally untidy one. Just as well really or we'd drive each other crazy.

  13. And it's all small stuff, right. =) I don't have a desk. I have a sofa, which I did sort of clear a little today! Your little corner looks so nice and comfortable, though. I'm glad you had a great family Sunday dinner.

  14. Oh, yummy, the lemon meringue looks great! Bet it tasted awesome. It is one of my favourite desserts. Your desk looks lovely. And your touch of yellow in the teacup is so special.

  15. Un escritorio precioso, y muy ordenado. Me alegro que tuvieras una cena feliz. Ese merengue de limon debia de estar buenisimo.
    Un beso muy fuerte

  16. I so enjoy your posts! That lemon meringue pie looks delish! I've never seen one baked in a square pan before.

  17. Yes, Victoria, it was baked in an enamel rectangular tin. I love the rustic look and it's easier to serve. :-)


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