Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lamp to my feet...

As I sat and let this verse sink below the surface of my heart yesterday I thought about the time I take to marinate chicken in spices.
Weird, right?
Well, not exactly.
The longer I marinate my chicken pieces in garlic, lemon, pepper, paprika, sea salt and cumin, the richer the flavour when it comes time to cook. The length of time these ingredients are given to marry determines how the dish will taste when I serve it. 

A quick and hasty marinating time will yield minimal flavour and a meal soon forgotten.
A long and intentional marinating time will yield amazing flavour and a meal no one will forget.

The longer I 'marinate' my mind and heart in God's Word the more obvious His characteristics will be seen in my life, the deeper His truths will sink into my spirit, and the easier it will be to hear Him speak and thus follow His lead. 
The longer I marinate in His Word the braver I become about sharing it. 
The longer I marinate in Scripture the more I relax and find my soul open to receive the 'spices' of His correction, forgiveness, comfort, direction and love.

Don't know about you, but I need more time in the marinating bowl of my Bible.
Fortunately, God is rather generous about that and offers to give me all I need. 
It's a promise to all His children.

Bless you heaps,



  1. Gracias por tu pensamiento. Bless you.

  2. This is a wonderful comparison and really brings it home for me. More time to marinate is a good analogy for so many of today's issues. Serene Sunday and every day dear...

  3. Bless you, Jenny! And many Thanks!

  4. Spending time in the Word is a habit when you first begin - one you work on deliberately. But over time the habit becomes a desire and a need. I feel lost when I skip morning devotions and prayers. I feel almost empty I suppose. I need to be filled up first thing in the morning and sitting with my Bible and my cup of tea does the trick! blessings, marlene

  5. It is always best to do things mindfully without distractions, just focusing on whatever we are doing. I was only thinking this morning how there seems to be little down time in this neighbourhood with the constant sounds of drills, chain saws, and all sorts of power tools any time, any day even at midnight! I remember as a child that Sundays were a day of rest. I went to Sunday School, then we would have a nice lunch and then I would be off playing with the neighbourhood children. The parents usually spent a quiet day , dads in the garage, mums pottering around the house. Now, it seems that there is no day set aside. I also find that people tend to look for outward things to make them happy rather than take the time to go inward with quiet prayer or meditation or even just sitting and thinking. They always seem to need constant stimulation and I wonder if this is so they do not have to face themselves. No one has the time to invest in their inner selves. Bless you for such a thought provoking post again. Angel hugs.

  6. Good Morning Jenny! Usually, I make sure I have had a couple cups of my morning coffee and have been awake for a tad bit before I open and read your posts. Only due to the fact that I want to be able to take in every word clearly and focus. LOL. The coffee was still a brewing and I went ahead and popped open your post and read it. Fantastic way to begin a wake up time needed to understand and focus on your post for a good response this morning!

    Stand up and Shout Amen! I love your message and it makes such perfect sense! Thank You for sharing this with us this morning! Sending hugs your way for a fantastic day and for just being you! Brenda

  7. I love this post, Jenny. It's so true. I'm longing to emerse myself deeper into God's word this year so I started a Bible reading plan. Blessed Sunday!

  8. Amen. I call it pondering, but it's the same idea, and it's what turns my heart to God.

  9. Super post! Love the analogy! Have great fun with children and grandchildren visiting.

  10. Such a great comparison Jenny and so true. May God be very near to you this week. x


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