Friday, March 4, 2016

Block 3 "Gentle Domesticity" BOM....

In light of the epiphanies I've had the last few weeks the inspiration behind this block is fairly evident (especially if you've read my previous posts here and here).

Initially I had sketched and prepared it to stitch on our trip to Cairns in February, marking it down as the August block for this BOM, but after two days away from home and business I realised how much I truly needed to take time out and just breathe.

For many years my husband has made a habit of holding me still and whispering "breathe, Jen, breathe" when my adrenaline surges are on overdrive and I'm running through the day on automatic pilot.
He knows I need those strong arms around me, a moment in time when I am forced to stop and acknowledge my mental and physical self and the toll the day's activities may cost me tomorrow.

I was genuinely touched reading all the comments on yesterday's post about making time for self-care, because it's so clear I'm not alone in the self-induced burn out cycle.
How precious each of you are to share your own struggles with fellow readers and myself!

I hope you stitch and frame this block as a gift for your own pleasure.
Display it in your home (or office), somewhere it will catch your eye every day and remind you that it's okay to stop and breathe; in fact it's a tonic we need.

Regularly stop and take a moment or two for assessing just how well you're really  going. Don't let days and weeks and months pass by without blessing your sweet self with the same gentleness you bless others.

Life is a God-given gift and experiencing it with joy, peace and delight is a gift you give to those around you. I know this is an old saying and it often makes me laugh, but there's truth in "when mama's not happy, ain't nobody happy" because when we run ourselves into the ground its so easy for a seed of bitterness to sprout from our hearts, a seed which may grow to bear irritable fruit.

By stopping to smell the roses, taking time to breath, listening to your body and discovering what it truly needs, you will find this life is still wonderful and it's not too late to step back a bit and lift your foot from the accelerator.
 My friend, you're worth so much more than you imagine, and when you're in a fresher frame of mind the world looks lovelier and the atmosphere in your home will naturally be enhanced.

Be blessed dear women-of-the-gentle-domestic-life.

Download Block 3 HERE.



  1. This is simply darling Jenny! My daughter and I just started the first block this week. We are listening to a Janette Oke audio book as we stitch and are having a lovely time. Thank you for providing us with such peaceful handwork... Your blog is a delight!

  2. Thank you, Jenny. Just for being you and sharing your home and your art and your thoughts. I could wish that I lived over the ocean where I could invite you to tea and just talk through life with you, but instead I will be grateful that I can have this glimpse into your heart on your blog. I pray God will bless you as you have blessed me!

  3. So so lovely. I really like this sweet block, but then again I don't think there is anything you make that I don't adore, happy weekend with lov Janice

  4. Love love your blocks! what size are they?

  5. So many thanks for your kindness and insight. Blessings to you and yours.

  6. You just keep out-doing yourself from one pattern to the next! I love this one!

  7. Very wise words and such a pretty block.

  8. El bloque es precioso pero las palabras se superan!!
    Enhorabuena por este precioso blog!!

  9. Thanks for this block, Jenny. It IS a good reminder and the peek in the window is so appealing - plus there's another gorgeous bird perched there, too. =)

  10. Beautiful Jenny and just what I needed once again dear friend. Have a lovely weekend. x

  11. Thank you for the lovely block and the kind words. Guida

  12. So beautiful Jenny and oh so true!! Thankyou for gifting this sweetness to us all.

  13. Thank you for sharing this with us Jenny, it is beautiful, I agree we do need to take the time to stop and smell the roses more that we do. Take care of your self :) xo

  14. Thanks so much for these blocks. They are beautiful and will be so much fun to stitch. Taking time is so important, something I had to learn due to illness.

  15. Thanks so much for these blocks. They are beautiful and will be so much fun to stitch. Taking time is so important, something I had to learn due to illness.

  16. Another sweet stitchery with an important message. I have just taken yoyr cranberry pear loaf out of the oven and it smells yummy. I shall let you know how it turned out once I have cut it. I think hubby is getting impatient waiting for it to cool lol.

  17. Your shared journey is truly resulting in some very timely blocks for us to stitch and remind us daily to slow down and take time to enJOY! Thank you for these dear...

  18. Thank you for this new block. So timely and so beautiful. Your words and your works are true blessings. And every day, you distribute us with great generosity. Jenny thank you very much. God bless you.

  19. Simply so sweet
    Just like YOU
    Thank you xx

  20. This block is precious. Love it. We women are the worst and forget to take time for our selves to just breathe and if we do we don't always acknowledge how tight we're wound. We smile and keep truckin.

    Gotta Breathe every once in a while

  21. Merci Jenny pour ces belles et bonnes paroles. Il est vrai que lorsqu'on est une maman, on n'a pas toujours conscience de l'importance de notre rôle dans notre famille et que l'on est appréciée bien plus qu'on peut se l'imaginer!
    Jenny thank you for these beautiful and good words. It is true that when you're a mom, you do not always realize the importance of our role in our family and we appreciated much more than you can imagine!
    Merci de Saint-Ulric, CANADA


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