Friday, March 25, 2016

Making a start on Splendid...

Earlier this year I shared the news that I'm blessed to be one of 82 designers across the globe participating in the creation of 100 free blocks for The Splendid Sampler project.
This incredible venture was the brainchild of fellow Aussie designer, Jane Davidson (Jane was a guest on my blog last year and you can read that post here), and world renowned American quilter, Pat Sloan.

Have you been following along with the blocks? 
 I've seen them all and they are gorgeous! 

So far 12 of the 100 blocks have been shared, but you won't get to see or make mine until the very end of May. I'd love to show you a peek, but I'd best not, after all patience is a virtue. 
(I suppose that's easy for me to say when I have those 100 block patterns already, right?)

If I had time up my sleeve I'd be sewing all 100, but as my spare hours are limited I've decided to choose a handful of blocks that represent things I enjoy in life and make them into a mini quilt or wall hanging. 

Today we had a quiet day at home and while Mr E was pottering around doing various bits and pieces, I sat down with a cuppa, chose fabrics and threads, printed up the pattern sheets, and spent a few delightful hours making my first two Splendid Sampler blocks.

I'm using fabrics from a bundle of old Lecien "Retro 30's Child Smile" which I bought a while ago through Etsy. All the blocks finish at 6½” and these fabrics have a small design, perfect for little patchwork pieces or applique shapes.

The first block I made was Jane Davidson's "Local Quilt Shoppe".
It had a little bit of hand embroidery as well as patchwork and is very cute indeed...

The second block was Jen Kingwell's "Happy Happy" and it certainly did make me 
happy to stitch it!
I used a Tilda striped fabric for the flower pot and fussy cut my flower circles...

Have I inspired you to sew along with The Splendid Sampler?
Go HERE to download the blocks shared so far, and HERE to follow The Splendid Sampler blog.
 I intend sewing a few more blocks over the Easter break, and may even re-make my own Splendid block in thread colours to blend with these fabric.
(Did you get that hint? My block is all embroidery!)

Hubby and I decided to take a 'holiday at home' so we're choosing to relax over these four days by pottering around, taking our cameras out in nature, reading, playing games, going for drives in the countryside, having Blossom and her beloved over for dinner, and sleeping in if we feel like it. 
I don't mind telling you that this is indeed blissful.

I hope your Easter break is restful too.


  1. happy Easter to you and yours. I hope it is a blessed time for you.

    I am doing the splendid sampler and look forward to seeing your contribution.

  2. I LOVE your Splendid Sampler blocks! They are by far the cutest I've seen . . . your embroidery and applique make them both unique and beautiful. Thank you for all the things you share with us. lynnstck(at)

  3. Love your sampler blocks! Have a blessed Easter weekend, enjoying some much deserved down time with your lovely family.

  4. Good Morning Jenny! Your stitching is delightful and the fabrics are bright and cheerful, this will be a fabulous cheerful project to display and use. I hope that you and Mr. E have a splendid holiday! Have a fantastic creative day!

  5. Sounds blissful Jenny! Easter joy and blessings to you and your family. xx

  6. Love your blocks for the Splendid Sampler quilt along. I'm following along this has been so much fun and can't wait for your block to come out. Wishing you a blessed Easter as we celebrate the Risen Christ!
    Rebecca Stipe

  7. I have been following along with the Splendid Sampler..... it is a lot of fun! Your blocks are lovely and I am looking forward to seeing the block you designed Jenny! Have a wonderful Easter! Christine x

  8. Have a wonderful, relaxed, and Blessed Easter with your family Jenny!

  9. I love the fabric you have picked out for these sweet blocks. I'm following as well.

  10. Beautiful Fabric for your beautiful blocks! The best holidays are often the ones at home - so enjoy!!

  11. Your "holiday at home" sounds idyllic! I really would love to participate in the Splendid Sampler but I am having fun at present with Gentle Domesticity. I so enjoy combining embroidery with patchwork and/or applique. I really look forward to your posts, Jenny. They are so inspiring!

  12. I'm not making this one, because I had to draw the line somewhere, but every time I see that vase of flowers, I love it all over again. I may have to make that ONE block sometime this year.

  13. Really pretty, like you I have made only some. I look forward to seeing your design.........I'm guessing there will be some stitchery!

  14. These are very fun blocks and I really like your fabrics. "Quilt Shoppe" is splendid indeed. EnJOY your four days of StayVacay with Mr. E and family. Happy Easter Blessings...

  15. I have seen your blocks on Instagram and yes they are beautiful. I have made all so far am starting the embroidery on Alyssa Thomas's block tonight. I hope to finish it over the weekend, hopefully before Sunday's block comes out. I cannot wait for your block, I love all your designs!

  16. Your Splendid Sampler blocks are lovely with such gorgeous fabrics. Like everyone else, I am looking forward to seeing your particular block Jenny. I am loving how varied the blocks are; it would make such a unique quilt. Enjoy your long weekend.

  17. I have only made 4 of the SS blocks and I need to redo 2 of them lol. I have made your second one and that is one of my favourites too. I think the Quilt Shop one is so cute and shall make thst one soon. I am just printing them up and taking my own sweet time. Meanwhile, I have made another mini using your April stitchery , have completed the May one ready to make into another mini and have started June. Have a wonderful relaxing long weekend.

  18. I have done seven blocks splendid Sampler. I have known Splendid in your blog.
    I have patience for see your block...but just a little :)
    Your blocks of Splendid are very pretty. Your way of work with the fabric stamping is really successful.
    I wish you and your family a good vacances at home. Hugs and God Bless you.

  19. Happy Easter to you and your family too, Jenny. Enjoy your time together! I am really enjoying the Splendid Sampler and looking forward to seeing your block 😊

  20. It's so beatifull your blocks, the splendid sampler project it's so funny, i'm enjoying it so much.

  21. I love this little quilt shop block. Too cute!


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