Thursday, March 24, 2016

New fabrics and a recipe...

You may remember that I'm one of fifteen Lecien "Flower Sugar" World Ambassadors and every so often I receive a parcel from Japan, overflowing with not-yet-released Flower Sugar pretties to play with.

This week not one, but two bundles of floral and fancy came to bless me...
Flower Sugar 'Holiday' will be waiting at your local quilt shop in June, in plenty of time for Christmas sewing!
Before then I'll share a free festive pattern with a list of materials required which you can print up and take with you to the shop. There's a design wafting around my creative space you see, and it could be the perfect choice for a Christmas project.

For now though, let me show you the two prints I love the most from the FS "Holiday" bundle. Do they make you giddy with delight too?

The other bundle is just as delicious! 
Flower Sugar "Sweet Carnival" will debut at Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, USA, and will arrive at local quilt shops by October.

I have ideas for these many ideas, but which one to choose????

I may even host a little giveaway...stay tuned for that one. 

Every week, Monday to Friday at 7am, without exception, Mr E and I have breakfast together.
It's a special time of the day to chat, share a healthy meal, and pray.

Saturdays are different though, because he starts work 30 minutes later. 
On those mornings I pack a 'finger food' breakfast I've baked the day before, some cheese squares for our Merri-dog, and after picking up coffee from our favourite drive through cafe (Zarraffas) we head down to the beach, sit back under the palm trees and enjoy the morning view across the water.

It's a very special start to the last day of what has become a rather long working week for Mr E.
This little detour from the weekly routine helps make each Saturday quite bearable for my beloved, so I like to give extra time to planning and preparing our 'picnic' brekky.

This week I've played around with an old recipe to make it dairy free, wheat free, and sugar free.
Seriously, it was delicious!
In fact, we taste tested so much that it disappeared rather fast, so I'm glad he has a 4-day Easter break and no work on Saturday.  
(Although, I will make more cause we'll still go down to the beach - some routines are too good to miss...)

Would you like to try it?

I've shared the recipe over HERE on my 'cooked simply with love' blog where there's a link for you to download and print the recipe for your own files.

Do you eat fish on Good Friday? There's nothing yummier than macadamia crumbed coral trout in my personal seafood menu so I'm off now to buy the fish and some salad trimmings. Then I'll work on that Flower Sugar "Holiday" design...

 May you have a blessed and faith filled Easter!




  1. Blessed Easter wishes for you and yours too.

  2. The fabrics are so sweet! Blessings on Resurrection Day!

  3. I love the Flower Sugar collections! Wishing you and yours a Bright and Blessed Easter!

  4. Lovely, lovely fabrics Jenny-girl, can't wait to see what brilliant thing you find to do with them! Your Saturday routine sounds quite lovely. I hope you have a very blessed Resurrection Day!!!

  5. I don't eat fish on ANY Friday ... or any other day of the week, either. =) But if I did, yours would be the recipe I'd try. I love the Lecien fabrics, and I know you'll do something fab with them. I have a terrible time finding them here in the US. I hope they get a better distribution system going here. There are more than a dozen quilt shops within 25 miles of my house, and not a one carries Lecien fabrics! Or hasn't been up through last fall. I'll check again, of course. I always do! I love the Flower Sugar fabrics, and I can hardly wait to see what you have in mind for them.

  6. Such pretty fabrics . The Spring Carnival ones appeal to me more. They do make me smile. No fish for me, I do not eat any critters. Happy designing using those new fabrics. I am sure your creative juices will be overflowing. Happy Easter.

  7. The fabrics are beautiful, enjoy your gifts. Have a happy and safe Easter. Guida

  8. Jenny!! Those fabrics are so darned pretty. Absolutely love those shades of blue and red together. We eat a lot of fish. We most always eat fish EVERY Friday. Being raised Catholic it is just embedded in my brain. The bad thing is, my husband love fish too, but only fried. His mother is what I call a plain cooker so he never acquired a desire to try anything different. He makes me laugh when we go out to eat because he always asks me what I am going to order and it is NEVER anything HE would order, lol.
    Have a wonderful Easter.
    xx, Carol

  9. I love thise sweet fabrics! Wishing you a very Happy Easter. xxx

  10. Good Morning Jenny! These fabrics are absolutely spectacular! I do hope that you have a lot of fun "playing" with them and creating many of your lovely projects! I just want to say Jenny that I think it is fabulous that you go that extra distance to make every morning special for the two of you to start your day together! I always want to give you a big hug because it just makes me feel great that you love your husband so much that you go and do these extras to make sure his days start out with love! I really envy your Saturdays on the beach. Since we moved from Wyoming 30 years ago, the Oregon Coast is one of my favorite places to go. It is always so beautiful; my mom and I usually walk for hours on the beaches just listening, looking and taking it all in. I am so delighted that you and Mr. E get to have that special time. Thank You for sharing and have a great Easter!

  11. Love both sets of those fabrics - looking forward to seeing what project you create with them. Happy Easter to you both and all your family :)

  12. I like anything with a vintage feel, and that would be both of these bundles. I will be looking for them. I can't wait (but will) to see what your going to do with them. I have sugar issues so this receipt is right up my ally. Thanks
    Have a great Easter weekend.

  13. Gorgeous fabrics Jenny - have fun!! Wishing you both a very happy and joyful Easter. xx

  14. Que telas más bonitas!!! Me encantan ♥
    Besos, Paqui :)

  15. Beautiful fabrics, Jenny. Wishing you a peaceful and joyous Easter. So glad Mr E gets a break.

  16. Hi Jenny wishing you and your gorgeous family a happy and safe Easter xx

  17. Hello, I've never commented before. I love your writing, it's like a warm hug. The love you so obviously have for your family is just gorgeous. Thank you, and love to my mummy in Cairns if she's reading :)

  18. What a delicious dilemma you have, Jenny!! Both seem to be a perfect fit for your aesthetic! I can't wait to see what you create with both collections :) Have a blessed Easter!

  19. Traditions are what make family special. Your beach brekky really sounds like a special treat to begin a working Saturday. How fun and fortunate you are to receive Lecien gorgeous fabrics. Your ideas will be as wonderful as these fabrics. Happy Easter Blessings Dear...

  20. I love your attention of details in your home. The moments who enjoy with husband , sharing greatest / littlest things of day a day , are the best glue for be united marriage. ( And the good food too :) )
    Pretty fabrics. I will see you do with them. An other nice project,that's for sure.

    Happy Easter Blessings. Hugs.

  21. Those fabrics are gorgeous. Was that a Christmas one with holly & poinsettias?

    Happy Easter!


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