Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The domino effect...

We've had three very dry wet seasons in a row and the forecast for future rain was slim, but then a tropical low came up the coast last week and brought with it a couple of days of very heavy storms. 
This noticeably cooled our normal sultry summer/autumn air just a tad, which inspired Blossom and I to take a drive up the mountain for brunch at the Heritage Tea Rooms.
This is a favourite haunt of ours every winter (it has no air conditioning so it's rare we visit outside of the few cooler months) and is also where we often catch up for a stitching day with Heather, Barb and Wendy - but last week it was just me and my girl.

The Tea Rooms have new owners and though the peaceful mountaintop atmosphere of days gone by still surrounds the old homestead, there's a few things around that weren't there before.
Like dominoes on the table alongside the pepper and salt.

So what to do?
Play a few games of course...

We didn't even stop when our coffee and meals arrived at the table. 

When Blossom was younger we often played dominoes with the family, but it had been so long since our last game that we had to jiggle our "little grey cells" to remember the rules. 
We're still not sure we were correct, but it didn't matter because we had such a lovely relaxed time.

Isn't my beautiful girl glowing?
She's just days away from reaching the mid-way point of her pregnancy and on Friday she and her beloved will discover whether they need to decorate the nursery in pink or blue. 

 On the drive back down the mountain we chatted about favourite games we used to play; Cluedo was number 1, then Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Yahtzee.

I love being up the mountain, even just for an hour or two. It's quiet, there's no phone reception, and everywhere you look are trees and wildlife, plus now we have the promise of a relaxed game or two of dominoes as a bonus. 
I hope the cooler days come again soon so we can return.
In fact, as I type this I can hear thunder and the sky has darkened...

Is there a favourite game you like to play?


  1. Congratulations, Jenny, with such a beautiful daughter. It is nice for you to have her around and it is a blessing that she is healthy pregnant. She looks very happy.
    Love and hugs, Rya

  2. Such a lovely day and Blossom is looking fantastic. I still don't know how to play dominos. I have a set that were my grandfather's with coloured dots on them. I just thought you matched the number of dots up. Hmm maybe need to google lol. So pleased you get to enjoy time with your daughter.

  3. I am 64. What I am going to say now is so reminiscent of what our parents would say. I miss the simpler life when we played cards and board games and put together jig saw puzzles. No cell phones to watch every minute in case someone post what they must share with the world at that very minute. A time when family drew together. This was a nice post.
    xx, Carol

  4. Blossom is looking fabulous and what a fantastic way to spend a few hours.. In the peaceful mountain with your DD enjoying a coffee and a quiet game of dominos.. What a great idea to have it on the table.....
    When our family GTG we love to play board games , my favorite at the monument is Carcassone ......

  5. Ah! Don't you dislike spell check sometimes... That is should read " moment" not monument.....

  6. Blossom is beautiful just like her mom! Our family didn't own many board games; we did play monopoly, checkers, and Chinese checkers. Fun times.

  7. Isn't this an exciting time as you wait to hear about your grandchild. I remember my own daughter and the excitement of waiting with her. My first was a grandson! I smocked many little outfits and helped sew things for a nursery, my hands were very busy. Lucky for me, she had a girl next! You never saw a grandmother sew so many cute outfits. If you want to smock, I've got plates I will send you! Of course my favourite magazine that I bought was right there from your own country...Smocking. I've got at least 12 of those issues. Since they are all in college, I think I could part with a few of those...for my dear friend! By the way, I kept a puzzle going when grandkids would come. It took awhile, but it is the best way to talk. My daughter lives far across the country from me, but I when I go to visit her there is alway a puzzle waiting. We talk and talk while we put that puzzle together!

  8. Good Morning Jenny! How delightful for you and Blossom to have this time together and share memories while making new ones. Glad that you are getting cooler temperatures and rain. It has been raining here quite a bit this winter season and we have needed it desperately. I hope that you and Blossom continue to have splendid times together preparing for the baby. Have a fantastic creative day!

  9. Dear Jenny: I´m glad for your trip. Blossom and you together moments are so nice. Important moments of life. She is beautiful and sweet expectant mom, and you are beautiful and sweet expectant granny.
    The domino was the my grandmother´s favourite game, the mother of my mother. She teaches to play all the grandchildren. It is a nice memory.

  10. Jenny, are you going to go into a tail-spin when your lovely daughter tells you if the nursery will be blue or pink? My eldest g.daughter was, I believe, the first girl to be born in three generations of her father's family - it caused quite a stir. Will you be sparing a moment, eventually, to design a welcoming 'Postcard from Heaven' for your new g.child is born?? That would be something to treasure. Val.E.

  11. What a nice little get away. My hubby and I like to play Scrabble. We also work crossword puzzles together. My mom and aunt and dad liked to play dominoes. They taught my siblings and me how to play. Sadly they are no longer with us except in our hearts. My siblings live to far away to play.

  12. how to http://www.domino-games.com/domino-rules/domino-basics.html

  13. What a delightful day! Blossom looks wonderful, and I think she must be feeling pretty good, too. Paul and I played a lot of Yahtzee, and so did the students. I even used it in my classroom when we talked about probability. We also played a variation of dominoes called Mexican Train. We learned it from a British couple, and played it a lot during our camping years, and on the road. I haven't played in almost six years, so ... the rules are fuzzy - I get that! Mexican Train Rules and Strategies. When we played just the two of us, we often only used up to 9, but when we played teams with friends, we played the full set of 12.

  14. Blossom is positively radiant. How lovely to spend a day together and with no phone distractions. I always loved playing Scrabble. My husband won't play games so my Scrabble game sits in the closet. It just isn't the same to play alone. Blessings...

  15. Cooler weather - relish! Blossom looks beautiful. Miss H is the Boggle queen - taught her how to play years ago and she can even beat Grandma! We also play speed scrabble. I can't beat her at anything these days!

  16. WHat a wonderful blissful way to spend some time together, Jenny :) Blossom certainly is glowing and looking well! You must all be getting so excited already!'
    Dominoes played a huge part in my childhood! I still remember how my uncles used to spend Saturdays in the back yard playing while all the cousins would either play their own game or run off to the park :) Good times....


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