Monday, March 7, 2016

Different colours, different styles...

Last week and over the weekend I finished embroidering the final three patterns for this month's Stitchery Club issue, as well as a pastel version of "3 of Hearts" and a fabric envelope for our March Project Sheet.

'Sweet Home' was inspired by a recent quiet time when I was reflecting on what mattered most in my day to day homemaker life. The answer? Creating a home which wraps itself around my family and friends as they walk in the door, filling it with thoughtfulness, calm and beauty. That atmosphere means a lot to me and I believe it should not only be welcoming but reflect my work-in-progress hospitable heart.

The fabric used in the applique is a 2008 print by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill from her "Flowers for Emma" fabric line. I chose it for the soft range of blues and that little touch of gold, which seemed very restful to my eyes. Using only two thread colours for the stitchery carried that same restful feel into the completed design...

'Over in the Clover' is my little nod to St Patrick's Day, though I did not add a four leaf clover but stuck with nature's trio. I wanted to recreate a soft and pretty floral spray, the kind my Nana had on the corners of her handkerchiefs before we'd ever heard of Kleenex...

This month I've stitched two of the designs twice to show how using different colours or fabrics can create two very different finishes.
I think small stitcheries are lovely to have on hand for quick gifts, don't you?
'Blooming Heart' is one of the designs I have stitched in two different palettes - country & pastel...

It's also the design featured on the front of the little fabric pocket we'll be making in the Club this month...

'3 of Hearts' is lovely in soft pastels with a touch of Tilda fabric for applique...

...but look how different it can be when stitched with country flair!

You can change the appearance of any pattern to suit your personal style or the preference of someone you're stitching for by simply swapping fabric and thread. 
Perhaps you'll look at your patterns with fresh eyes now? Don't limit yourself to the colours used in the original - play around with something different and see what happens.

These are the remaining two patterns in the March 17th issue of The Stitchery Club...

The Stitchery Club issues are emailed monthly as a PDF file to club members so you can save them to your computer, print up the pattern sheets, and start stitching straight away!
Six new patterns, $9.95. That's less that $2 a pattern. Great value.

Visit the Club page HERE for more details about becoming a member.
It's so easy, and this month I'm sending all new members a copy of Issue 2 (November 2014) as their free joining gift!

You can join for as long or as little as you like. 
There's no minimum membership period to lock you in.

I really hope you'll come play with all of us in The Stitchery Club!
But remember, to receive this month's issue on March 17th you'll need to join by the 16th.

May your day be blessed, and overflowing with good things.


  1. Hallo Jenny, das sind ja wunderschöne Sachen die du da wieder gemacht hast. Wunderschön.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  2. Another month of beautiful designs.

  3. Your designs are always so sweet! I love 'over in the clover.' The pear one is very sweet too! I love seeing the designs worked up in different colors.

  4. Good Morning Jenny! I believe you have hit the nail on the head perfectly in regards to embroidery patterns. One pattern and hundreds of thread choices and styles make that pattern completely different each and every time. Plus, an added bonus of doing one pattern (especially when first learning) is that you strengthen your memory skills, sharpen the skills for taking smaller stitches (if so desired) and also for learning new ways to incorporate techniques into your stitches also (like couching). Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic day creating!

  5. They are very beautiful!! Your work is elegant and sweet :)

  6. The clover embroidery is perfect!! Love it.

  7. Thanks for a great preview! Every design is wonderful, and I do like seeing them in different colors. I love the idea of that little pocket and that might be my April thing to make for 1 Christmas Item a Month. This month, I'm making fast pillow covers. =) I have a feeling a lot of people are going to get pillows for Christmas this year!

  8. The clover is just gorgeous, Jenny! Love the colours too.

  9. Beautiful Jenny! Such fun seeing them in different colours. I am happy stitching Blossoms dolly quilt at the Mo. Bit naughty as I should be doing housework as I go to work tomorrow...hee...hee..but too fun not to be stitching!

  10. I love your stitcheries and how you are able to change their entire look with just fabrics and thread colors. Bless Your Home Sweet Home Heart...

  11. Just beautiful Jenny. You have an artists eye. Mimi xxx

  12. Beautiful!
    Sweet colours and design.....well done Jenny!


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