Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Working on...

...new patterns for the June issue of The Stitchery Club.

Still a couple more to come, but the main theme will be how you can use various components of my stitchery designs to create a unique design of your very own - in fact, I'll be sharing a few ideas here on the blog later in the week so I hope you drop by to glean some fresh inspiration.

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Blossom continues to bloom as her due date draws closer...
 ...but this week we're celebrating another birth, Blossom's own birthday.
I remember that day with pure delight and wonder as it was one of the most blessed experiences of my life. 
Today we went shopping for some good storage items to help organise her home before the baby arrives (she's begun the nesting process) and afterwards we stopped by a new cafe for a birthday week cake and coffee treat...
In our family we celebrate birthdays all week, most especially the day itself and a day either side. We even sing "Happy Un-birthday to you" on the day before and the day after! 
I know this is a tradition Blossom will be passing along to her little girl in the future, as well as all the other quirky family funnies that are so 'normal' to us.

Do you have birthday traditions unique to your family, too?



  1. Jenny your work amazes me and your daughter is delightful! Happy Birthday to her, I can imagine that you are all excited about the new little arrival.
    Jilly oxo

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter. What a great idea to celebrate "Birthday Week" - since my husband and I are older (over 60), it just seems fair to celebrate the increased years with more something. This just might be the answer! Diane from Minnesota, USA

  3. A very happy birthday to dear Blossom. So lovely to be able to celebrate together. Looooooove those sweet stitcheries.

  4. Happy Birthday to Blossom! My husband's birthday is close to Christmas so growing up, his family combined his birthday and Christmas celebrations. After we married, I wanted to be the ideal wife and mother, so tried getting organized to celebrate his half birthday in June. We managed a few times and it was always a lot of fun. Now, two of our children have June birthdays, so I need to find another special day just for him!

    Jenny, your stitchery is so precious; I really like the designs you teased us with this time!

  5. Happy Birthday To Blossom !!!

  6. Happy birthday to your dear Blossom! And is she eating for two, or is your sweetness in the photo, too? =) I love what you are making for June! Of course I do. I know just where some of these will go. I'm doing a mugrug class so I can get some Christmas gifties finished, and they include an embroidery - guess whose I'll be using. It sounds like you and Blossom had a wonderful day and will be celebrating tomorrow, too.

  7. The new stitcheries are lovely... Happy Birthday to Blossom...she's so pretty and will no doubt give you beautiful grandchildren... With my mother, when she was alive, she and I always took time during the day of my birth to celebrate separately...she called it our special day that belonged to only us, that giving birth to a child is a moment only a mother and child can experience. I'm sure there some modern day fathers that would contest that thinking today, but that was how she felt in her generation. A mothers love is truly a special thing...

  8. Goodness those designs are just inspired - love them so much!!! But most beautiful of all is Blossom...

  9. Oh.my.goodness!! I can not get over how beautiful that stitchery is. Jenny, you have outdone yourself!!

    Happy Birthday, Blossom! YOU are beautiful!

    God bless you both!

  10. Hello Jenny! Your stitching designs are dazzling with delight! Happy Birthday to Blossom! Our families main tradition for Birthdays is that they get to choose where to eat if they want to go out or their favorite meal cooked at home. Plus, we usually buy or bake a special dessert that they desire. Always a great time to be with family. Have a fantastic creative day!

  11. Happy Birthday to the beautiful Blossom! Yummo food! Beautiful stitcheries Jenny - gonna love how you use them to make beautiful baby things.

  12. Birthday Blessings to Blossom. Sew Sweet Stitcheries for June and Baby Bliss...

  13. Feliz cumpleaƱos a Blossom. Que bendiciĆ³n para ti compartir con tu hija y ahora a esperar la llegada de tu nieta. un abrazo a las dos en la distancia. bendiciones

  14. My mother always baked a maraschino cherry cake from scratch for my birthday. When my father flew to my city the day before my birthday he carried my cake my mother baked on his lap on the plane. What a treat that was! Now it is traditional for each family member to choose their own special dinner to eat at home and their favorite dessert for the Birthday dessert. Sometimes it is Mom's homemade cheese cake, chocolate mousse pie, a giant chocolate chip cookie or even chocolate malts made from scratch as well as my husband's favorite apple pie. And the Birthday child always gets the red "You Are Special Cake Plate". Thanks for sharing your beautiful stitcheries and your beautiful daughter Blossom's Birthday.


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