Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Prim With A Spin...

For the longest time I've loved 'primitive' style stitcheries and their one dimensional black thread on fabric display which emphasizes simplicity and calm. 
Having allowed ideas to drift in and out of my mind for over a year, recently I was able to spend time sitting with pencil and paper to doodle those ideas and when I was happy I pencilled them in to my diary for July's issue of The Stitchery Club.

The first two are now stitched so I couldn't wait to show you my "Spin on Prim"!

When I say a 'spin' on prim, I mean that my designs are not as raw as a strict primitive embroidery would be. Adding 'more' to a stitchery is something I love to offer in my patterns so while these new designs have the essence of Prim they're also filled with small pops of detail to fill them out.

Like my Prim Spin Sheep...

I have had a love affair with black faced Dorper sheep forever, but never dared to create a stitchery with one until now. He makes me think of being outside in an English country meadow with afternoon tea on a tartan rug, sewing in my lap, birds singing, bees buzzing, a flock of sheep in the distance and pretty flowers all around.
This cute sheepish little guy is destined to be displayed on a small cross-the-shoulder bag made from the leftover fabric I used to make Blossom's 21st birthday quilt...

The second "Spin on Prim" design was inspired by the enjoyment I get from nature, sewing, home and family. I chose to stitch the heart on a vintage linen napkin with a dark blue thread which matched the Tilda fabric I'll be using to turn this stitchery into a pillow. I've also added a self covered button using the same fabric...

The chain stitched needle-keep pops out from the heart adding dimension to the overall visual effect. I didn't notice this until I'd photographed the finished stitchery, but it's wonderful so I will intentionally explore that idea more in future designs...

What do you think of these "Spin on Prim" designs so far?

The patterns will be inside July's issue of The Stitchery Club, so if they tickle your fancy why not join up? You'll find all the details over here.

Thanks for all your prayers for my precious Blossom! She's definitely on the road to recovery and he cheeks are flushing pink again!
With less than six weeks till baby arrives she'll be taking things a bit slower to avoid a relapse, but she did take time out yesterday to pack her hospital bag. 

Have a wonderful week my friends!



  1. Many more angel healing hugs coming your way. Looooove your spin on prim. I also adore those particular sheep and have a pic of a few in the Highlands of Scotland when I was there last year. Your love of stitching shines through these designs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Spin on Prim even sounds endearing...just like this adorable sheep and heart. Simplicity in one color really does reflect calm. Lots more Prayers and Healing Energy for Blossom and Baby. Did you add a special little Stitchery to her hospital bag?

  3. These are so sweet! I think I may need to rejoin the Stitchery Club, Jenny!

  4. Gorgeous stitching and designs as usual. Thank you for your ongoing loveliness in each blog. Hope Blossom continues to maintain her health in the coming weeks.

  5. I like the spin on prim, especially that precious black/white sheep. I continue to keep Blossom in my thoughts. The precious little baby will be here before you know it!! then you'll REALLY know what busy is, lol!
    xx, Carol

  6. Como se nota lo que disfrutas diseñando y luego bordando, pues transmiten una tranquilidad y claridad en todos tus diseños ya sean como estos últimos en un solo tono.
    Unas sinceras felicitaciones una vez mas.

  7. Good Morning Jenny! These are delightful embroidery projects! I think it is so fascinating that you can create all of these designs every day and they are different plus unique and oh so beautiful or adorable that description can be different for each design you create! I am so grateful to get to see these treasured designs that the Lord has given you the gift to share with us. It so pleases me that Blossom is doing better and find it so joyful that she is getting excited that she packed her bag for the hospital! Glad of your description of pink cheeks which always means that the person is surely feeling much better. I will still continue to keep you an your family in my prayers. Have a fantastic creative day!

  8. Well I Guest since I've recently been reading your letter, I am unaware of who Blossom is... But that won't & doesn't stop me from lifting her up in prayer... I love sheep also, and the black faced ones are adorable. So that is just another reason why your embroidery is so great! Plus all the special attention to detail is great... Giant hugs once again

  9. How exciting to get to the hospital bag packing part! I'm so glad to hear she's better.

    These designs are fabulous. I went through a prim and folk art stage, and still have such a fond place for it in my heart. I especially like your sheep.

  10. I love them and I am so excited to know they are coming!
    Love you!

  11. Das sieht wunderschön aus und so schön gestickt.
    Alles Gute für die Geburt und viel Gesundheit.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  12. Nice to read Blossom is feeling better and is packed ready for the baby hospital trip....
    Loving both your prim stitcheries... I see looks of black faced dorpers here every day and the pretty blue reminds me of Delft Blue.

  13. Those are gorgeous! Can't wait for them, though I have one of your earlier designs to stitch as a wedding gift and am doing a ring pillow using your monogrammed alphabet first but when I get a moment! Love the sheep, we have lots that wander freely in our village that are very cute, especially around lambing time. No black faced ones though.

  14. Love both projects but the sheep is sew my favorite. Sew sew cute!


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