Saturday, June 25, 2016

Stitching on a print fabric plus free pattern...


How lovely to get so many thumbs up on the blog, Instagram and Facebook over my decision to create a 'spin on prim' for the next set of Stitchery Club patterns. Thank you so much, sweet gals! 

Here's the third of six new designs, "Prim Spin Patchwork".

It started out as Redwork on a piece of taupe and cream pin-dot fabric which I'd been saving for ages, but about half way through I decided to add some dark teal accents and a little applique...

I think we underestimate the visual effect of using just two colours in an embroidery. Often we use a single colour, or a palette of various shades, but rarely do we marry two together and leave it at that.

Red and turquoise have long been a favourite duo of mine, and now I'm in love with darker tones of teal, especially on a patterned stitchery background. To bring a stitchery 'out' of a patterned fabric you need strong colours otherwise the fabric will compete with the embroidery and your wonderful stitching can be lost...

The addition of tiny pops of applique can also help to 'star' a stitchery on such a background... well as sections of satin stitch.

Mostly I choose to stitch on a plain white or cream linen/cotton background fabric, but it's fun to shake things up a bit and choose a print occasionally.

Here's a few more I've made this way in the past ...

 If you've wanted to hand embroider on a print fabric but been a bit hesitant, these few things may encourage you to give it a try  -

* the stitchery is the star so choose thread colours which assert themselves and aren't lost in the fabric
* choose a very tiny print or a large pale/soft print, such as pin-dots, stripes or tonals
* choose prints that are pale shades of a single colour and avoid multi colour fabrics
* if the stitchery design can carry it, add small pops of applique to create visual dimension
* play around with heavier stitches, such as chain stitch, satin stitch or stem stitch, as these also add dimension


Sort through your quilting fabrics and find one that has a lovely soft print, a fabric you think may work perfectly as the background for my free "The Gratitude Attitude" pattern. 

The free stitchery pattern is HERE.

For this design I chose a pale grey and white print which allowed the red stitchery to take centre stage. The flower petals were chain stitched so they stand out and make their presence known.
For further impact I stitched large red buttons onto the flower centres, but satin stitch could also be a vibrant alternative. 

Think about the colour you'll stitch with.
Red was perfect for the grey print, but what if you have a soft pink?

Lay your fabric on the table and audition threads by scattering them over it. The threads which draw your eyes to look at them instead of the fabric are worthy of consideration.

Back in 2014 I shared a tutorial for sewing this stitchery into a bag. If you'd like to follow it once your block is complete it's over here.

I hope you have a lovely weekend! We have our daughter Blossom and her DB coming over for dinner tonight so I'd best get the corned beef into the crockpot and shop for lemon meringue pie ingredients.
If you've been praying for our Blossom, thank you. She's recovering from the pneumonia slowly but surely, however all the coughing has caused her to crack a few ribs so she's still in some pain. 
The baby is just five weeks away from her due date so we'd appreciate continued prayers for a full recovery before the birth. 
((thank you))



Jacqueline said...

Thanks for all the hints. And glad to hear Blossom is getting better. Ouch on the rib tho. Will keep you all in my prayers and thoughts.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Continuing to pray for Blossom and her pregnancy. Cracked ribs must be very painful and the expanding abdomen must make it worse. Keep the faith, Blossom!

Createology said...

Blossom can rest assured that Prayers and Healing Energy is continuing with love also. Thank you Jenny for this new design. This is a wonderful message. I truly appreciate sew much how you generously share sew much with us...tutorials, tips, designs and most of all...your wise words of life's journey. Bless You Dear...

Allie-oops Designs said...

Love love love the new design - but oh poor Blossom!!!! Cracked ribs during her happiest time! Continuing in prayer for that sweet girl!!!

Bailey said...

So sorry to hear that Blossom still has lingering health issues. She and her little one are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the lovely stitchery pattern and tips on using patterned fabric. I often use white on white or off-white on off-white for my stitchery. I think it makes a lovely design. Blessings on Blossom. Be sure to keep us posted on her recovery.

May the Faeries Shine Upon You and Your Family!


Ondrea said...

Many angel healing hugs and blessings to dear Blossom and to you. Thank you for a another beautiful stitchery. I mainly stitch on hanky linen but I am having trouble getting it at the moment. I have stitched on other background fabrics before and I do rather like small spots or lines but tracing through other printed fabrics can be a challenge. I am eager to print this up now and get started. Off to my messy sewing room I go.

Baa. xxx said...

Ouch - cracked ribs. Thinking of Blossom and her little girl. Hope you all had a lovely dinner together tonight. Gonna love this Prim month!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh, Blossom is a fighter. You know I keep her in my prayers.

Thank you so much for the pattern. It is a perfect saying for my mind set!
xx, Carol

TerriSue said...

I am keeping Blossom in my prayers. I am sorry to hear about the continuing problems. I will pray that her spirits stay high. I imagine she wants to do many things done before the wee one arrives, and all of this has put a damper on her plans. Please tell her that no matter what, things will work out just fine. All that tiny girl will need is already provided...a loving Mama and Daddy.
Our little Rory Lou turned 6 weeks last Sunday and Emily was back at work the day before. Rory seems so little but I have to remind myself that Emily and Lanham are the parents. I raised my children now they get to raise their's.
Your redwork comes alive with the addition of the teal. It is a very good color combination.

Brenda said...

Good Morning Jenny! Oh my goodness...another spectacular hand embroidery pattern to use and with a special bag pattern to boot! This is so awesome! I am going to ask hubby (he is watching a movie on the main computer right now) to take the time and print out the patterns for me. He always does without question. Thank you so much for sharing this and for all of the special advice and tips. It has been quite awhile since I have done a pattern on printed fabric. I will, with deep passion and concern, keep Blossom and the Baby in my prayers first and of course I include the remainder of your family because all of your health and stress levels are very important to help Blossom over the next five weeks more and more as the time grows closer and then more and more for the first few weeks after. Thank You so much Jenny for sharing your heart and artistry with us during these days as I can only imagine the thoughts and concerns you are experiencing about Blossom as a Mother. So know that I really am sorry that I am not closer to help you out in every way possible. Have a fantastic creative day! I also send wonderful hugs for both you and Blossom filled with Love and Strength......

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those tips about thread on a print, Jenny. It makes perfect sense. I've not used a print, except in CQ, but maybe I'll try one soon!

Christina said...

What a great idea of using only two colors. If I use a patterned fabric I tend to use tone on tone. My friend will sometimes stitch on the "wrong" side of the fabric if she thinks the "right" side will take away from her stitching. Thank you for the practice pattern. Continued prayer for Blossom and the little one.