Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Block 7 Postcards From Heaven BOM...

Just a quick blog post as I'm still on total rest with my friend 'pneumonia' for company, but I was able to finally take some photos of this block yesterday and wanted you to have the pattern today as you've been very patient waiting since the 1st. 

I've always found this verse to be one we should hold close, for those dark nights of the soul, or moments when words will not come but tears can flow...

My free pattern is ready for you to download HERE in my shop.

Allie's stitched her sweet redwork version and replaced my conversational words with the KJV text...

If you'd like to use the KVJ text on your block you can download Allie's wording to trace HERE

The next Gentle Domesticity Block is due out today, but I'm going one step at a time while I convalesce so I'll format that pattern for publishing over the next couple of days and have it for you by Friday. Sitting in front of the computer for an hour takes more out of me than sitting and stitching for an hour. I'm learning a lot about the mental side of illness exhaustion at the moment.

I can show you a peek though...

The doctors have ordered me to sit upright as much as possible and though for the first few days I couldn't even think about stitching, over Sunday and Monday (in Mr E's wonderful care) I was able to concentrate long enough to complete another design for July's Stitchery Club set...

Only two more to stitch for this month. Fortunately I traced them and chose the threads weeks ago before I became ill so they are waiting beside the recliner for me to stitch as I'm able.
I won't be including a bonus project with the July patterns, and I do hope my lovely Club members understand and forgive me for this omission. I'm simply not going to push myself, just shuffle along at a snails pace with stitching alone until good health is restored.

* Want to join the Club? Information is here. *

I'm fitting as much as I can in this one blog post as I won't write again till Friday when I share block 7 of Gentle Domesticity, so I'll answer a few questions that have been asked a lot over the past few days:

Blossom is doing very well and is recovered from her bout of pneumonia last month, but she has a few cracked ribs from the coughing that continue to cause pain (she'd love prayer for this please?) Her due date is August 1st so less than four weeks now till she meets her little daughter. 

I did catch my pneumonia from Blossom. I'd been her hands-on carer through the worst of it, but had no idea her pneumonia was contagious. In hindsight, I'd do it all again. She's worth it.
We haven't seen each other in a while now as I do not want to compromise her immune system, even though I am no longer contagious myself. It's not easy being without those cuddles we take for granted but she's taking me to the doctor on Thursday so we'll make up for it, albeit avoiding kisses.

The 12-day migraine lifted after the first lot of IV antibiotics and the doctor said it was all part of my body's symptoms of the pneumonia.

Thank you for your prayers and emails. I read them but cannot respond as there are so many and my eyes can't follow typed words very well at the moment, but they are so appreciated. xxxxx

Take care of YOU okay?
I'm back to resting.

Love & hugs


  1. I pray every day for you and for precious Blossom - you're both on my heart and mind constantly. Love you both so much, hon.

    Love the prim crow - he's just delightful!!! Or she? You are under orders to answer no comments or emails, dear girl. As my mother would say, don't make me come over there....:)

  2. You seem to be accomplishing more than you should right now. Rest, rest, rest and heal.

    Your work is exquisite as always.

  3. Oh sweet Jenny, we are all so glad you are on the mend so no apologies needed about this month's stitching patterns. I am glad your migraine is gone and that you are able to stitch. After all, that is your happy place! Thanking our good Father for his graces and mercies in your time of illness. Rest well--that baby girl will be here before you know it!

  4. What a lovely surprise when I 'checked' into your blog today. So happy to hear you are starting to heal and to receive the update about Blossom. I will continue to pray to our Gracious Father who understands us better than we know ourselves, that you (& Blossom) will heal and be fully restored in His good time. Only a few weeks to go now Jenny when you will have your life wonderfully changed by your new grand-daughter, and you will have new & joyous responsibilities, so rest up now and be patient as you wait. You are such a blessing to us all in ways you probably don't realise and the least we can do is wait alongside you as you steadily recover. Sending love and gentle hugs from the UK xx

  5. P.S: Love, love the new pattern!! You are AMAZING!

  6. Thank you for the new pattern....please don't stress about the "extra" for the July Stitchery Club. We all want you to feel tip-top.... You and your family come first. Glad to hear Blossom is better. Hugs

  7. Oh goodness! God bless you and Blossom! Prayers for you both. I just love this month's postcard block! I think I say that every month....lol. Thank you for sharing another beautiful design.

  8. Hello, Jenny, new subscriber here who is very sorry to learn that you have pneumonia. My family and I had a horrible flu bug in March followed by pneumonia. It hit me very hard and I rested a lot as prescribed. Unfortunately, I rested too much and ended up in the hospital with blood clots in my lungs. Please make sure you get up and walk a wee bit every hour or so. I wish I had done that but I just felt so weak that I only got up when I absolutely had to. Big mistake. Now I'm on blood thinners for the foreseeable future.

    God bless you and your daughter; praying that you both enjoy good health again soon. I too have a new grandchild due in a month so I share your joy :)


  9. Good Morning Jenny Dearest! Oh it is so good to know that you are mending! Also, I love hearing that you are going very slow and listening to what your loved ones and your body, mind and the Lord is telling you. It is so difficult to just rest and recuperate when our loved ones need us; but if we are not 100% we are not helping them to our fullest. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers! Your Friend Brenda

  10. Do NOT waste your little bit of good time responding. I just want you to know that you are in my prayers and I fasted for you and your family on Sunday. You are so precious to me and to your Father in Heaven, and to the many friends you have. You are much more to us than your free designs, much as we love those. You concentrate on getting better, and don't worry about other things or time tables or schedules. BTW, bonus means extra, and extra is never a guarantee! I love the designs you have shown here, and thank you so much for the postcard. I finished May's and it is in a CQ block being worked on now!

  11. Thank you for the latest postcard. I was giving you a tsk tsk in my mind because you were working. I thought you were going behind your hubby's back! But then I read about your doctor's orders to try sitting up, so I said okay okay, she's doing what she's been told :)

  12. Don't you dare hit "reply" on this....just adding my prayers to the list of those who are bearing you up before the Lord. Asking Him to bless both you and Blossom with renewed health, and safety for the wee one!
    Hugs to you!

  13. Please take care of yourself and don't overdo things. Thank you for the latest Post Card ~ it's beautiful! You and Blossom are in my prayers.

  14. Dear Jenny, I'm sad to hear you've been so unwell. Please be gentle with self, and come back to us when you're recovered. The new Post Card is just so sweet, and I think that will be todays project with my daughter. Rest and recuperate. Mimi xxx

  15. Dear Jenny I'm sure all your stitchery club members would agree there is absolutely nothing to forgive or apologize for and do hope your stitching time is good therapy for your recovery but with no dead lines in mind, the design you have shown is gorgeous so sweet, loving your spin on prim. Understandable you would have still done what you could to help Blossom recover but could have taken care yourself if had known it was contagious but lets hope you make a speedy recovery so you can be at your best when baby arrives, such a joyful time to look forward to. Sending healing messages to you and dear Blossom, cracked ribs must be very painful do hope she heals over the next few weeks and with rest and care your own recovery is speedy, and how wonderful to be able to have hospital care at home, that in itself would be a huge advantage. Sending healing hugs to you and Blossom and thank you for this post. Judithann :-)

  16. Please take care and get plenty of rest! The patterns and stitching can wait. Your health is more important.

    Prayers for Blossom as she gets ready to welcome her precious baby into the world.

    Keep the faith! You are loved!

  17. Please, please take care of yourself. When we're not 20 anymore it takes a while to recover. My prayers are with you and your family. Judy

  18. good to read you are on the road to recovery just rest and take care prayers are being said for both you and Blossom. Seem unable to get the link for the postcard to work will try later

  19. Beautiful new postcard! What a precious message. So pleased you are getting better - don't do too much. Your prim birdie is wonderful. Prayers continuing.

  20. Dear Jenny, So sorry to hear about your pneumonia. What a bummer! I pray you'll be feeling better soon. We all care about you, dear.

  21. Jenny, I have visited your blog many times, but today hopped over from Allie. I read the news of your illness, what a long saga, and Blossom, not long to go, and send from way down south in NZ lots of caring wishes that you are both back to full 100% very soon. Do you have a triangle or "boomerang" pillow? My Hugh had to sleep almost sitting up for months and months before and after spinal surgery, and in the end after trying any arrangement of 5 or more pillows , I made him one. I also made one for a friend who had several broken ribs after a horse accidentally but his hoof on her chest. It does help immensely. Hugs from Jean.

  22. I've been a bit out of touch here lately. So sorry to hear you've been so poorly but glad to hear that you're improving. Do take care and God bless.

  23. I've been a bit out of touch here lately. So sorry to hear you've been so poorly but glad to hear that you're improving. Do take care and God bless.

  24. So very pleased that both you and Blossom are on the road to recovery. You are both in my thoughts x

  25. Jenny Dear I hope you can set aside your amazing way of spoiling us Stitchery Club members with your bonuses...your health is far more important. I continue prayers for you and for Blossom and the baby. Health is incredibly important and I send you Healing Energy for you and your family. XO

  26. You need to rest rest rest!!! Please take care of yourself and dont do too much. Stitching will still be there for you when you recover. God bless you! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Cheryl

  27. Thank you for your words to remind me of the graciousness and loving presence of our Lord.
    Rest and refresh and we'll continue to pray for your recovery.

  28. Thank you for a other beautiful postcard. Continued prayers on your road to recovery.

  29. Goodness Gracious Girl you are on the mend and here you are producing beautiful work.
    It's probably relaxing to you but at the same time take it slow and easy.
    Prayers for a speedy recovery


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