Thursday, July 28, 2016


Kindness is a incredibly underrated character trait.
I believe a little kindness can be a balm to soothe hurt feelings, a tonic to soften the angry heart, a tincture to comfort grief, and a humble offering each of us have in our power to give with generosity and abundance. 

I'm learning more and more that kindness is one of the most important attitudes to foster in my life. It's not always easy, in fact sometimes it's very difficult to show kindness when I've been hurt or ignored but it's important to remember that everyone has struggles, everyone has worries, everyone has circumstances in their life which may, on any given day, cause them to lash out because they simply aren't coping. 

Stop to consider what may be going on in the other person's life and acknowledge we're in no position to judge, in fact, we've probably reacted similarly when our own life has been under pressure. I know I have.

Kindness can sometimes cost us, but it can also reap the treasure of knowing we lifted a sorrowful heart, brightened a lonely day, or restored a relationship.

Yes, I do believe kindness is undervalued.
So shall we choose to scatter seeds of kindness and wait for blooms?

"Seeds of Kindness" is the fourth of six new patterns for August's issue of The Stitchery Club.

bless you heaps,


  1. Love this, Jenny. It is so good to remember that others may have stresses in their life that they cannot share with anyone. Giving grace is such a blessing. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Good Morning Jenny! Oh what a special lesson you are bringing forth today. I do believe that being kind to everyone is a key to our own happiness everyday. One thing I try and do when shopping in a busy store is to smile at everyone and to make myself the pawn of little jokes, like "where did I put my brain today, I keep getting in the middle of everything and then someone is staring at me like they just want to run me over with that cart until I finally realize it is me because I am standing in the way"..."so go ahead...just run over me and smile while you do it...I will not mind at all!" They usually giggle and then smile and say no they would never think of doing that, but occasionally someone will say can I at least run over your toes? So yes, kindness does make a difference in all shapes and sizes. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

  3. While I'm reaching for the bandaids for my toes, I will thank you for mooshing them....I think I needed this reminder very much. I try to be kind to all, but some people make it very difficult to be kind to them! It's a fruit of the Spirit that I hope to have more of.

  4. Jenny,
    Your pattern designs are absolutely beautiful. I have purchased most of them recently and have traced the designs onto several 12" x 6 yard vintage linen lengths. After I embroider them, I will be attaching the lengths onto several (12) vintage piano scrolls for Display for me to enjoy for years to come. This may take me quite a while but each one of your designs is so breathtakingly stunning they are a pleasure to embroider. I have recently signed up for your monthly stitching club and love the July patterns. Your work is refreshing and brings me such joy to stitch. Thank you so much for sharing your designs with us. Creativity is truly a blessing and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog in the mornings. I can hardly wait to receive the August patterns.
    Kindness is a trait more people should have. The world would be a better place if more people practiced it.
    God bless you.

  5. This is beautiful, what a lovely reminder Jenny! And you are so right. Kindness is often over-looked or under-appreciated, but what a difference it makes!

  6. What a beautiful design and thank you for the post as a reminder of how important kindness is to all of us.

  7. Absolutely! Probably one of the life-changing books I ever read was in college (we won't go into how long ago THAT was!). It was by Aldous Huxley's wife, and I can never remember her name, but it was called You Are Not the Target and it was about that very thing - that people react in bad ways often because they aren't coping with things happening in their own lives. It really helped me to understand that I am not the target for the unkindness, the mean words or deeds, the majority of the time. I'm just the one that's in the way right then. Thank you for your words reflecting on this, and for the wonderful stitchery. I will definitely put that on my soon list.

  8. Beautiful post Jenny and stitching.

  9. Thank you Jenny, your words so true and kindness so rewarding. Beautiful block, your choice of fabric perfect, very effective, so creative, these stitcheries beautiful designs. The excited anticipation agrees with your creativity. Judithann :-)

  10. Our world is very much in need of Kindness and if we all can sew seeds of Kindness then we may be able to overthrow all the death and destruction that hate and fear are creating. I love this simple design you have created dear Jenny. So Simple and yet so poignant.

  11. Beautiful design Jenny. Love it. Truly kindness is s big thing!

  12. Another beautiful pattern. It's so EASY to be kind. Why do some people find it so hard?
    xx, Carol

    Hi Blossom. Hope you are doing great.

  13. Dear Jenny: That is a very beautiful design. And I think it is showing your sweet heart. Hugs.


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