Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rain on the mountain...

On Friday Heather, Barb and I braved the freezing cold and non-stop rain to head up the mountain for some country cooking and stitching.

We have a special room we 'take possession' of at the Heritage Tea Rooms whenever we're up there but in order to secure it we have to be early. Once taken it is ours for the day!

Most other visitors to the Tea Rooms that day sat on the verandah and watched the rain...

...but we stayed dry in our den.
After a hearty breakfast and more than a few hot chocolates (brimming with marshmallows)...

...we cleared the table and brought out some stitching.
Heather was all smiles, her effervescent humour keeping Barb and I in stitches - the kind that makes your tummy muscles ache!

She's working away on the last few Gentle Domesticity blocks for this year's BOM which is why I had to hide part of her handwork for this photo. The block Heather was sewing won't be shared for a few months yet...

Barb has been stitching a set of Rosalie Dekker blocks 'forever' and we can't wait to see them all finished one day. Her smile lights up our gatherings, which is no surprise as she has the same natural humour of her mum, Heather! 

I stitched away on the August block for Gentle Domesticity so I guess as it's only a couple of weeks away you can have a peek?

Lunch was a simple shared plate of scones, jam and cream, served beside a pot of hot English Breakfast tea...

Not used to such cold weather in the tropics of North Queensland we hugged every hot drink that day close to our chests and inhaled the steam. It was just 10C (50F) at 1pm, and as I thought back I realised the last time I'd been in such a low temperature was June 2009 when we lived in Esperance, Western Australia. 

Keeping a promise to my husband I rested most of Saturday, and apart from a relaxing drive out to Charters Towers this morning with Mr E I've rested today as well. 

Recovery from pneumonia is slow but I am feeling a tiny bit better each day. Friday with Heather and Barb was definitely good for my soul, and continued rest at home will complete the healing. 

Do you have an extra few minutes right now? Heather has shared a tutorial for recycling old candles on her blog and it's really clever! I have plenty of candles with only a bit of wax left which would be perfect for THIS.

I hope your weekend has brought smiles and laughter to your soul as well.


  1. Happy faces, beautiful projects and yummy food to warm your body and soul. A nice way to spend a rainly cold day.

  2. Perfect way to stay cosy with warm friends. Loved seeing what you got up to. Glad you are taking it slow to enhance your healing x

  3. Lovely pictures and great needlework , Alice Margaux

  4. Good Morning Jenny! Wonderful to know you had such a splendid time with your friends while stitching. Your pictures are super and sure made my mouth water with all of that delicious food. I pray for your continued healing and your family. Have a fantastic creative day!

  5. Such a fun day out with your friends. Glad you had a nice time.

  6. Pleased you had a lovely day stitching with your friends .. I did have to smile when you remembered how cold Esperance can be....
    Nice you had a nice restful weekend. Hope you are 100% again soon.

  7. I'll go take a look at Heather's idea tomorrow, but I had to stay up long enough to read about your wonderful day together. I always love seeing what you do and what you eat. I'm dreaming about a lovely day of 10 C! Here today, it was 33 and with the heat index for humidity added, it was 36. Ugh, 10 sounds so much better! I don't like deep freezing winter, but I've become quite a fan of the days between 7 and 18! I love your block preview, and Barb's block reminds me of some of the United Stitches blocks I've been wanting. Lucky Heather who doesn't have to die of curiosity about the rest of the year's blocks!

  8. Oh dear girl I'm so happy you had your day out with Heather and Barb!!! I'm sure the sun was shining brightly in your hearts while you're were giggling together. Unfortunately, after reading your post, I'm hungry!!!

  9. Jenny, my arms literally tingled wanting to join your happy group. What a lovely day! It's good to hear you're feeling a little better. I'll pop over and check out the candle recycling post. Have a gorgeous week. Love Mimi xxx

  10. alegro que ese dia especial en compañia de esas maravillosas amigas te haya sentado bien en tu recuperacion,,se os ve muy felices.¡¡
    Voy a mirar el reciclaje de las velas que nos enseña Heather..muchas gracias ¡
    Un beso Nora

  11. What a lovely break, so good and healing to have a good laugh and time with great friends. I hope you continue to steadily improve x

  12. So glad you are getting a bit better each day. Love to you and dear Blossom.


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