Wednesday, August 31, 2016


The Plant and Garden Expo was held nearby last weekend so on Sunday my beloved and I went for a wander through the displays and sat in for two classes. Mr E was keen to attend the bonsai class and I was excited to learn about roses so we both came away more informed than when we arrived.

The best thing about attending these talks was that the advice given focused on growing in our 'dry tropics' climate. Mr E now knows the best trees to bonsai in Townsville, and I know which roses will thrive year to year. In fact, the gentleman giving the talk about growing roses in the tropics had brought in a beautiful display of blooms from his own garden and offered a rose to anyone who'd like one.

One rose stood out to me, the St Patrick's Rose. He said this one loved our climate and would be perfect to plant if you're new to roses, so as I stood back and waited for the milling crowd to choose a rose to take home I silently prayed the St Patrick's bloom would wait for me. 
And it did. 

Such a pretty full yellow, I carried it close to my chest, gently keeping it out of harm's way as we completed our walk around the Expo. Half an hour later we were home again and my single yellow rose enjoyed a cool drink from a vase.
I should have taken a photo on Sunday but here it is today (Wednesday) still lovely...

 Just as I thought the yellow St Patrick's Rose was the 'pick of the bunch' on Sunday, so too my sixth design for next month's Stitchery Club features someone plucking their own pick of the bunch, but this time it's daisies...

I did however add some roses to the design, my own Rosedaisies to be precise...

(Stitchery Club members will receive the six "picking flowers" September patterns on the 17th. New memberships are open here until Sept. 16th)

 What's your favourite flower to pick?



  1. Fantastic for you that this pretty yellow rose would be a good fit for your climate. Just think how lovely it will look in your own garden when you find your house in the country! Diane from Minnesota

  2. Your work is so pretty. You have such a talent for stitching.

  3. Mmmm I can smell the rose from here. Looks beautiful. Love all your designs for September, but that's no surprise. So sweet and pretty.

  4. trop mignon, comme toujours
    j'adore, comme toujours
    belle journée

  5. Beautiful Rose! We used to have many rose bushes growing at our first home. I realized after your post, that we have yet to plant a rose bush at our new house. You'll have to plant some of these beautiful roses at your new place once you find it :)! Love your new design - pick of the bunch!

  6. I love yellow roses! I was thinking today was Sept 1 and I was looking for the post card!!! LOL See you tomorrow!!

  7. Indeed a beautiful rose. I have no luck with roses, however the bush rose is doing great. I think it is indestructible though. Can hardly wait until the 17th. So glad I joined the stitching club.

  8. Yellow roses have always been my favorite. I carried 3 of them on my wedding day. Very simple, but that was all I wanted.

  9. I love yellow roses. First they are my favorite color and second I think they almost always have a lovely fragrance. Like TerriSue I carried them on my wedding day.

  10. What a beautiful rose! I love yellow roses. I bought one called Ch-Ch-Ching because it has a heavenly scent. It's sort of a sickly bush, and doesn't grow big and round and tall, but each summer it gives me half a dozen sweet smelling blooms to enjoy.

    I LOVE your bird picking a blossom. What a wonderful design. I'm so glad you created that one.

  11. Too sweet! Tell me Jenny does the rose smell nice?

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