Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A 50th, family and Christmas...

Saturday was Mr E's 50th birthday, and we decided to stay home and enjoy a simple cuppa with Blossom, her DB, and our precious granddaughter Cully May to mark the occasion...

Initially Blossom and I had wanted to take Mr E out for a lovely dinner to celebrate his half century in style...but you know, he's just not that kind of guy.
Whenever we ask him what he'd like as a gift, whether it be Christmas, Fathers Day or his birthday, the answer is always the same - "peace and quiet". 
So that's what we gave him on Saturday and he was a very happy man indeed.

I'm so blessed to call him husband.
So blessed he chose me for his wife.

Since Anita and Aminah flew home at the end of last week I've been trying to rest as much as possible so I can enjoy Aisha's visit this coming weekend with her baby boy, Austin. 

Here's a photo of Anita and Blossom last week, two beautiful sisters...

...and here's my precious little granddaughter Aminah, Anita's 2yo daughter.

I missed them as soon as we had that last kiss and hug before they walked on to the plane.
Physical distance between loved ones can be hard to accept, especially when you're saying goodbye and don't know how long before you hold each other again.
But still, we are more than grateful for the few days together and the memories we now have in the treasure chest of our hearts.

On the down side of what was a WONDERFUL time, my health takes a dive when I exert myself physically and emotionally for a day, but when I've had 5-6 days in a row like that my body shuts down and the result is chronic exhaustion, anxiety attacks, and inability to function with clarity. 

With still much to do around the home, and also helping Blossom with a few things this week, down-time hasn't been very forthcoming, however spending a couple of hours each afternoon stitching Christmas designs for next month's Stitchery Club has definitely helped me to slow my breathing and simply enjoy the stillness and quiet my body longs for.

The theme for October is "A Stitchy Kind of Christmas" with all designs having a sewing-at-Christmas feel about them.

I think that's what I love most about Christmas...handmade gifts, loved with thread gifts, pieces of your heart sew into every part. Know what I mean?

Here's the first one for the October issue...

Anita asked me to make her some door hangers for her apartment, touches of 'mum and home' to decorate their own home. 
Let's never underestimate the importance of 'making' for your loved ones...

Have a blessed day,


  1. There's something very Jenny-like about Anita and her smile. What a great picture of the two daughters. I hope it isn't nearly as long before you see them again. I LOVE the first Christmas stitchery, Jenny. It is SO perfect. I'm glad you are getting that downtime, and wish you could or would take a little more for yourself. Please tell Mr. E I wish him a very happy 51st year going forward. I hope it will be the very best one ever, filled with many blessings for both of you.

  2. Hello Jenny, I have been thinking of you this week & how exhausted I imagined you would feel after those wonderful but hectic few days. I have to agree with Susan above - the first thing I thought about the photo of Anita was "oh she has Jenny's beautiful smile". Your photos are all just beautiful ... little Aminah looks like she would be "full on". Your stitchery design is - as always - just gorgeous. Many Happy Returns to Mr E ... that is a wonderful photo of him holding wee Cully May ... she has grown already. Enjoy your special time with Aisha & Austin Jenny .. how wonderful to have your arms filled with granbabies so much. x x x x Please remember to take care of YOU dear girl x x

  3. Happy Birthday for Mr E, your daughters are just so beautiful. Anita looks like you Jenny, same warm smile. Your granddaughters are both just as beautiful as their mothers. Take care of yourself Jenny, I love what you will be doing for Oct. Guida XX

  4. Hi Jenny, lovely post, thank you for sharing, can imagine it was a huge week filled with so much excitement and emotion, its good you can unwind and recoup (need to regain your health for the next beautiful wave of visitors as you say slow breathing) with your designs and stitching, the Christmas stitchery is gorgeous, love the colours. Beautiful family photos too and Anita does look like you Jenny. Happy 50th to Mr E, sounds like the perfect way to celebrate, family and peace and quiet with special cuddles with the beautiful Cully May. Have a great week and enjoy the special family times to come this week. Judithann :-)xx

  5. I have to reiterate what previous people have said... Anita is so much like you! So lovely to have some downtime as well as family time. Happy Birthday to Mr E. Gee, my 50th birthday was almost a decade ago yet it still seems like yesterday. Sorry to hear you are ailing again. I quite understand as I am similar with my fibromyalgia. I hope you haven't got it or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We just need to pace ourselves which isn't always easy. Angel Hugs.

  6. Your family is beautiful! Wishing you much peace and quiet too, sometimes you need it xx

  7. Happy Birthday Mr. E!! Hope you got your wish. Great pic with the baby...LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR! Wonderful. You shared some really nice pictures. So sad for you to be so far from one of your daughters and your granddaughter. What a cutie. Hope you are catching up on rest. Sometimes I feel like that after my daughter visits for just one day! I feel like a tornado just blew through the house, lol. But it's all good.
    Best wishes and much love.

    BTW: Blossom looks great and happy too.
    xx, Carol

  8. Lovely photos of your girls, Jenny. Happy birthday to your hubby. He is just a spring chicken. I do hope that your health improves. That is no good being so easily exhausted.

  9. Happy Birthday to your husband. I can imagine how tired you were after 'playing hard' for a few days. I get the same way!!! How far away does Anita live from you? That baby of Blossom's and that hair..... amazes me each time I see her pic!

  10. My grandchildren are all so faraway. I share the feelings you so beautifully expressed. Your posts have touched my heart the past few months. I look forward to reading each one and I always feel so uplifted. Thank you again for sharing so much of your heart and faith along with your talent! Hugs and prayers being sent your way from Southern Utah, USA, where the leaves are turning colors welcoming Autumn❤️

  11. Such beautiful Grandbabies. And Happy Birthday DH. Praying your energy and health all around returns quickly. Praise God for his healing hands.

  12. Oh yes, as others have said, I too noticed first thing Anita's smile being yours!

  13. Dear Jenny:
    Congratulations to her husband.
    And congratulations to you both for such a beautiful family.

  14. Darling Jenny They are gorgeous -all of them! I am sneaking in a few minutes of connection time while on holiday with friends. Wonderful Mr E looks like he is having the perfect birthday peace quiet and cuddles! Will catch up again next week. Lovely Christmas stitchers to look forward to next month Yipee! You really are the best!

  15. Sweet Jenny! Love this post and pics. Beautiful daughters, beautiful grandsweeties!! Fifty looks good on Mr.E--he sure doesn't look 50. Prayers for restored health. Love to you and Mr.E.

  16. Mr. E's 50th Biirthday is a milestone and how wonderful to spend it with love and family. I do hope you are able to nurture your health especially with all the hustle and bustle of this busiest time of year coming up. I adore your October "handmade" designs and agree handmade gifts are the very best. Blessings and Healing Energy...

  17. Happy Birthday Mr. E!!!! Wishing you many more filled with happiness!! Love that picture of him with little Cully May. You have beautiful daughters, dear Jenny - so glad you had a good visit, and hoping you're getting some good rest. Aminah is adorable! Your stitchery is just gorgeous, very sweet!!

  18. Happy Birthday Mr. E. and many happy returns! Love the pictures of your beloved family and of your creative mind! Hugs


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