Saturday, January 21, 2017

A free patchwork BOM...

Back in 2014 I followed along with the Fat Quarter Shop's free BOM to make the "Wishes" quilt (those who participated were encouraged to donate to the Make a Wish Foundation).

I thoroughly enjoyed the diversion from embroidery to create a lovely quilt for our bedroom and as a bonus I was able to use up my stash of older Denyse Schmidt fabrics.

The quilt now hangs near the walk in robe, but in cooler months it is spread across the end of our bed close at hand for afternoon naps. It's one of my favourite quilts!

From the FQS's 2015 BOM "Snapshots" I only made two of the blocks but they carried a special significance in my homemaker heart so they were finished as mini quilts for display around the home. The Kettle block still hangs in my kitchen...

...and I added a verse to the pocket of my apron block (from Proverbs 31). It hangs near my pantry cupboard.

The WISHES and SNAPSHOT blocks are still available to download here on the FQS free patterns page.

I found last year was very busy juggling family responsibilities, designing, and a number of health issues so I didn't participate in the FQS's quilt along, but this year they have a new BOM, "Patchwork", and I'm ready to join in the fun and make myself a new quilt!

The blocks are a free download from their blog on the 15th of each month.

Isn't it lovely?!

I have been taking advantage of the New Year fabric sales at my local quilt shop and Spotlight to gather some pretty pastel prints to make this quilt and this morning printed up the first block instructions...

I realised a couple of months ago that my personal fabric choices have returned to pastels, which is why it was easy to pass along most of my fabrics to Blossom last year.

Actually, I've discovered that a number of friends have noticed the same thing and are slowly going through their stash to remove what is no longer attractive and use what they truly like.
Have you been through this lately?

These soft pink, blue, aqua, green and lemon fabrics are a perfect beginning to what I hope will become a very pretty quilt at the end of the year.

All those who participate are encouraged to donate a few dollars per block to the Make A Wish Foundation (it's not compulsory) and I will do that, but as I'm in Australia I will donate to my local Make A Wish Foundation. They are such a blessing to seriously ill children and teens.

To read about the FQS's "Patchwork" BOM go here.
To download the first block go here

Will you be joining in this quilting adventure too?
What colours or fabric style is your favourite?

be blessed,


  1. Thank you for the link, Jenny! I have been a customer of FQS in the past, and this quilt is lovely. To answer your question about fabric choices, I find that I am now drawn to sweet pastel florals, especially anything with roses. I had been collecting darker, "prim" and reproduction fabrics, but the pastels just make me happier!

  2. You are a clever lady to donate to Make a Wish Australia. I have been reading about this quilt & sitting on the fence, I will, have to decide soon & get started.

  3. Oh Jenny I have been like Debra and sitting on the fence. I did donate and complete the Snapshots one last year but I like your idea of donating to our Make A Wish foundation and make the blocks from whatever I find in my stash.... I am hoping to stay strong this year and only buy fabrics to finish UFOs....
    Love your fabric choices..very sweet.

  4. Oh Jen, just love your special quilt made a while back! I think we go through stages of various colours speaking to us depending on what stage we are in ..... and now many of us are looking for that "restful" season of simplicity which I think pastels have a special place in. I've already signed up for BOM but I'll keep this in mind in case I actually get on top of things, and I'll be watching to see how yours is coming along

  5. Oh, that's is a lovely selection of prints for your new quilting project! Hope you'll share your progress!

  6. I have been trying to decide if I will make this...I like the look of your pastels. ..the donation program is a great way to raise some funds for the foundation. Look forward to seeing the quilt come to life.

  7. What a pretty quilt Jenny - perfect for you and so good that a charity will benefit too. xx

  8. Yes I too will be joining, but making a smaller version of this quilt. Love, love your soft and so pretty pastel fabric colors.

  9. That is a lovely quilt. I just wanted to say thank you for letting me know about it. I've going to jump in and do it!

  10. Jenny, Thank you and everyone for your donations to the Make a Wish foundation. I personally know they fulfill a lot of wishes for very sick kids as one of my nephews was a recipient. God bless you all.

  11. I AM planning to do that one! Maybe in blue and yellow, though I was very tempted by the pastels myself. They were my favorites in jumping around the blogs to see what others had made. But I have a stash of blue and yellow that belonged to my friend who died in 2013, and I'm thinking this might be the perfect quilt for them. I have to take a look at them again. This is the one new project I think I will take on, though many others are appealing to me, too. Of course!

  12. I am not a quilter and therefore not participating in any BOMs. I love your pastel fabrics. Happy quilting dear...


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