Sunday, January 22, 2017


Recently I was asked to share more about 'surrendering' to God, which in turn triggered intentional prayer about this challenging aspect of living a Christ-centred life.

What is surrender, I asked myself? 
To me, it is a day to day intentional decision we make when situations call for us to respond in either the flesh or the spirit - it's not a one-time-for-all-time choice that carries us through this life, because we are carnal and always changing in response to the lives we choose to live. 
For example, most times I will surrender my will to God but other times I won't, it all depends on the value I have given to my relationship with Him.
Let me explain....

The closer we walk with the Lord, the more we study His Word and allow it to permeate and nourish our mind and heart, the more we know Him. 
The more we know Him, the easier it becomes to make decisions which uphold His nature and instruction, and the easier it is to submit or surrender. 

Are you scared of what God is asking you to do? That's often a reason we won't submit our will or surrender our choices, but let me assure you...

Never has God asked me to sin, never has He asked me to do something that would tempt me away from Him, never has He asked me to follow a path which would cause me regret or harm, and never has He encouraged me to harm another.

The Surrender Gauge: I can honestly tell you that my 'surrender' gauge is a very valid measurement of how much time I'm spending in Bible study and prayer. 

The seasons when I am more prone to choosing my way over His are the ones where I've taken my eyes off quality daily time with Jesus and begun spending too much time elsewhere - such as on my computer, watching television, sewing, shopping for bargains or beautifying my home. The more separated I am from His Word, the more attached I am to the world and all its attractions...this in turn dulls my spirit to what I should do, think and say.

But when I'm giving God my whole heart and seeking Him out with a deep desire to hear and understand what He's saying through my Bible, when I'm opening myself to prayer that is not rushed, when I'm being quiet and waiting upon His still small voice to guide me, when I'm praising His goodness and thanking Him for Who He is and what He has done and will do in my life...
that's when surrender comes easily.
Then, I yearn to surrender.
Then, I have no fear in surrendering my all to Him.

God only does us good, never evil. He only ever asks us to do that which is beneficial and right.
His view of our whole life is wide, extending to eternity, yet our view is as narrow as the eye of a needle.

If I can encourage you to do one thing which will help you to surrender whatever He asks of you, it is to spend more time in the Word, prayer, and praise. 
Truly, truly, getting closer to Him will impact all areas of your life in ways you cannot even imagine.

I'm still journeying this life and my relationship with Jesus, still having to choose right over wrong, Him over me, humility over selfishness...and some days I fail dismally. 
But He's not keeping score of those days. He's right there when I turn back to Him, ready to hug me tight and walk the next mile, whispering truth into my confusion and shedding Light to dispel my darkness. 

Today, choose Him, and tomorrow choose Him.
In time surrender will become easier and the peace in your heart will flow out into your life for all to see.

Your sister in Christ,


Wendyb said...

Amen! <3

Jennie in GA said...

Beautifully expressed. Thank you for this reminder.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, and yes. The only thing I would add is that God never asks us to do anything without preparing a way in which we CAN do it. So, if it seems too hard, I have to look around and see what opportunity in my life makes it possible to do it. There always is one. Thanks for this great reminder. I always especially like, "let not your heart be troubled". I could write a volume on those few words alone!

Little Quiltsong said...

Such cute table runners!! The blue and white one reminds me of my mothers 'display' dishes - she only had a few - it was so homey!! What a special gift!

krislovesfabric said...

Thank you for this reminder, I so enjoy your Sunday thoughts.