Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My "Homespun" project & a tutorial...

If you're a reader of Australia's favourite craft magazine 'Homespun' you may have noticed that I have a design in the January issue...

No surprise either that my new design features both a love for home and a blessing as well because these are two things that matter very much to me.

"Bless Our Home" has been kept safely under wraps since I completed it about 9 months ago so it's wonderful that I can now 'spill the beans' and break secrecy to show you...

If you plan on making "Bless Our Home" perhaps you'd like to follow a few of my suggestions on preparing your block for those little pieces of applique?

First of all, trace the design onto your background fabric but do NOT trace the applique sections.

Trace the reverse applique shapes onto the smooth side of some Vliesofix or your preferred fusible applique paper, leaving a 1/2" space between each shape.

Cut out each shape, keeping a 1/4" buffer outside the traced lines.

Choose the fabric scraps you'll use for each of the applique sections and fuse the shapes, rough side down, onto the wrong side of your fabrics with a warm, dry iron. 

Cut out each shape along the traced lines.

I use a very sharp pair of small scissors when cutting applique pieces because they allow me to get around tiny corners with ease and accuracy.

For the door (which has a window) cut away that opening first, and the outside edges of the door last...

Peel the fusible paper away from your fabric shapes.
Position the shapes onto your stitchery fabric one at a time and gently press down on the shape with a warm, dry iron.

Blanket stitch around all the applique shapes with a single strand of thread before you begin the embroidery.

But the best advice I can give you?
Don't rush, enjoy the process, and breathe gently as you go.

I gifted this version of "Bless Our Home" to a lovely lady so I'm going to stitch it again for myself.

This issue of Australian Homespun magazine is available right now through newsagents and similar outlets across Australia and New Zealand, but it's also available as a digital download here from Zinio if you're overseas. 



  1. Hi Jenny,
    That must be quite exciting! Having a design published in a magazine and keeping it a secret for so long, having to wait til it hits the stands! It looks beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on publishing another absolutely beautiful project Jenny.

  3. Congrats Jen! And congrats on managing to sit on this exciting news for such a long time - it looks like a lovely stitcher that many will enjoy

  4. Beautiful design Jenny! Fancy keeping it a secret for 9 months. Might just have to buy Homespun this time!

  5. How lovely! Congratulations on having this beautiful stitchery published

  6. Hi Jenny! I live in the USA so I have to get Homespun digitally on Zinio but as soon as I opened the new issue I recognized a "Jenny Original" and quickly went to that page! Gorgeous as usual - I do not know how you manage to outdo yourself time and time again!

  7. It is gorgeous! Thanks for showing us how the process works - really want to give this a try!

  8. Jenny!!!

    How wonderful!!! You have another talent - being able to keep such a lovely secret for soooo long! :)

    I will have to buy this issue.All my other projects may have to go on the back burner so I can start this. (You notice I didn't say finish. LOL) Its far too sweet not to have it hanging in my home.



  9. Congratulations!!! That is such a cute design. Hugs,

  10. I just ordered a copy of the magazine. I love your design and want to get started on it soon. We'll see how that goes. I can think of several friends who would love this but this time I may have to keep it for our home.

  11. Yep, so JENNY! =) It's a beautiful pattern. Your tips are very helpful, as always. I don't know if I could keep a secret like that for so long!

  12. Ciao cara Jenny, ho acquistato l'abbonamento della rivista ma non riesco a capire come scaricarla sul mio PC, potresti aiutarmi? Grazie e buona giornata


  13. Love this project & so glad you shared information on your blog. Here in the US we would never see a copy, but thanks to technology it is available as a download & the pattern is available to print on the magazine's website. So quick, no waiting at all, got to love this! This is sure to be my next sewing project. Good thing the weather is cold and snowy, great time to stay in and stitch. - Diane from Minnesota, USA

  14. Congratulations, Jenny! How exciting! It's such a pretty design.

  15. Congratulations Jenny, just yesterday I decided to treat myself to Homespun magazine and was a lovely surprise to see your beautiful project, it is gorgeous and so perfect for a special friend's special 0 birthday which is passed but I continue to make little crafted gifts to surprise and send and with her big move to the North Coast just over a year ago this will be my slow special gift. This post another lovely surprise, thank you for the advice and tips, very helpful. Oh and when I saw the baby quiet book in the magazine I immediately thought of you Jenny and your gorgeous Cully May. Have a wonderful rest of week, Judithann :-)x

  16. Marygabriella, I do not know how to download to the PC - email Zinio and ask. :-)

  17. I will be off to the new agency tomorrow to purchase a homespun magazine, the project you designed is lovely and thanks soo much for the christian stitchery patterns in your last post.

  18. Fantastic temptation !!!
    I love your creations (design, colours...) than, I love this house of course !

    I live in Belgium and ... I just ordered the famous Homespunt !

    Thanks for all.
    I wish you a pretty new year


  19. How wonderful. It's a beautiful design so congratulations Jenny.

    I'm still trying to buy some fabric as close to Hanky Linen as I can but so far no luck. I'll keep trying but it's not easy here in the UK. There are no distributors for Ella Blue in the UK but I have a couple of shops to visit to see if I can find something similar.

  20. It's lovely. Thank you so much for sharing!

  21. Congratulations Dear on being published with this lovely "Bless Our Home". And thank you for your tips and techniques for reverse applique. I am always stuck when it comes to preparing my fabrics and tracing your sweet designs. I haven't even tried to add fabrics because I just feel overwhelmed. I shall just have to begin and begin over again if I stumble. My hands desperately want to embroider your wonderful designs I receive each and every month. Thank You Dear.

  22. Another beautiful design added to my 'to do' list! Hugs, Christine xx

  23. Congratulations jenny...
    Can u guide me the procedure as to how to publish it in the magazine.

    I have done exclusive beautiful handmade coasters.

    Cheers nkhan

  24. nkhan, you will have to contact craft magazines in your country and ask them how to submit a project.
    Every magazine is different, and I was asked for a project from Homespun.

  25. I found out about Homespun years ago from a quilt group I was in. Jenny, have you had other patterns in Homespun? I am thinking that is how I found you. I love this pattern. It reminds me of one I drew of our little blue house when we moved out of it a couple years ago. One of these days I plan to make it into a stitchery. If I ever get that done I will post it to our fb group.
    Congratulations on being published. Your patterns are beautiful and you are an inspiration!

  26. I absolutely love this...
    You're work is to die for
    I dream of making my studio look like this one day
    Can you please assist as to where I can buy this book.
    I'm from Klerksdorp South Africa..
    Would have to order online
    You can send me a mail


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