Sunday, January 8, 2017

The only resolution...

It's been a very long time since I considered making a resolution at the beginning of a new year. It's something I just don't bother with, but since January 1st I've been seeking God's word in a fresh way, or perhaps I should call it a more 'refreshing' way.

What is sitting right on my heart for 2017 is a desire to trust Him deeply, to lay aside my plans and desires, to acknowledge His sovereignty over my life and allow Him to lead me along a path of His choosing.

Since New Year I've been reading the gospel of John, slowly absorbing the story, the words, the ministry of Jesus. When I read the words in red I let Jesus speak directly to me, making His message a personal one, as though it were just He and I in the conversation, as though I alone am His pupil and He my teacher in a classroom like no other....and it's changing me. 

He and I have only just breached chapter 6 and the feeding of the five thousand, because I keep going back, keep returning to what He said before, keep letting the words of life and understanding wash over my mind, renewing it as only His words have the power to do.

And this is what happens....there's a refreshing of love, a renewing of faith, an increase of hope taking over my heart and mind.

It's a truly beautiful thing, this profound washing away of things that have been holding me back from a closer walk with Jesus, and I know there's still more cleansing to come as I soak my life in His words this year. 

So this is my personal resolve in 2017. 
To soak myself in His words, to hear them and let them take root in my life, little by little pushing out the weeds of the world which have gradually cluttered my mind and heart. 
To let His Word nourish the soil of my understanding so that good seed will grow and flourish and be evident in all He calls me to do and be.
To read His words personally as a conversation between He and me so that I never bow to thinking 'this is for others' but acknowledge what He says is always, always applicable to my own life and I have a responsibility to obey.

I accept there will be opposition from the enemy, there always is when I speak out for Jesus or adjust my life to being more reflective of Him, but there is no other way I can take, no other Saviour to follow, no One I love more than my Jesus.

I'm happy in this resolve - hopeful, excited, refreshed and happy.

May your new year bring you closer to Jesus too.



DH said...

Oh, Jenny! This is sooooo powerful! I just love what you've shared here. I want the same thing but always get so distracted. You have given me some new ideas and definitely lots of encouragement! Thank you so much! Blessing to you, Dawn

Cyndi said...

All I can say is Amen! You have expressed my hearts desire to know Him deeper and not let my fear of what others think or say stop me from expressing my love and gratitude for His sacrifice on the cross so that I can have eternal life and be His bride. Come quickly Lord Jesus, we need you more than ever. Praising Him that He is in CONTROL of all things and I can rest in HIS promises one day at a time.

Blessings dear sister in Christ, Cyndi Shaver

P.S. I made your scone recipe today, it turned out great!!

Anonymous said...


Well said. I am moving in the same direction my friend. How precious that the Holy Spirit leads us all in the same way - that He is not divided.

How precious is the encouragement of another sister in the Lord, and the Lord uses you in that way consistently and graciously.

I don't post often, (since my husband's 4 cardiac arrests and 53 days in the hospital, home now and recovering), but I follow and appreciate a place for Jesus to be exalted, His love to be revealed and sisters to join in His praise.

Him and Him alone for 2017 - for eternity!He alone has the answers no matter what the questions!

Thank you, as always.

in the USA covered in 8" of snow!

EMRC said...

Amém! Eu também amo Jesus. E que Ele seja sempre nossa companhia. E que esteja sempre presente neste mundo que necessita tanto de amor e de luz. Feliz ano novo! Você parece ser uma pessoa sábia e tranquila. Deus te abençoe!

Baa. xxx said...

You will lead and I will follow Jesus!

Faith in TX said...

Jenny thank you so much. Once again his work is through you. I have that scripture hanging in my office to read everyday. The strange part is a friend of mine asked me to go to bible study with her. It is a non denominational study of 1000 women.
I have been undecided as I have so much going on now with my own church. However I asked God for help in preparing a way and then I saw your post today. The study is on the book of John. So tomorrow evening I will be studying John. Just as you are I will forever be his servant.

Sharm said...

Love that verse, and love your post - a good reminder to us all xo
On another note entirely ..... getting back into the embroidery I used an old hobbytex pencil to trace one of your stitcheries (they used to just wash out)..... apparently I should have checked it would wash out before I did the stitching ..... so what pencil do you use to transfer a design?

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, there will be opposition. Satan doesn't want you receiving what God holds out to you or any of us. I'm so happy to read this post, Jenny! I know your life is blessed every day that you read and reflect on these things Jesus DID say directly to you. I fasted and prayed for your well being today. Yours and one other friend. I usually pray for your whole family together, but today my intention is for you

Debra said...

This is a very pertinent post, Jenny, at a time when our world is so uncertain. We must have trust and hope. Thank you for the gentle reminder.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Love you dear girl....

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the free e-book! I am wanting to do more embroidery this year (trying to perfect the technique) and my knitting! Could not have come at a better time.
Have a blessed day!

gail said...

Your words blessed me also, as I have just written something very similar this morning. May you and the ladies who visit here feel His presence throughout each day.
Blessings Gail

allthingzsewn said...

I'm working too many hrs and I'm just catching up with you. Thanks for the e-book Jenny. I'm combining some quilting with your embroidery. I'm praying about continuing to try and work or not. I love God's word and know without a doubt he will lead you and me.
Our God is great.
Love you Jenny

Maria said...

Oh Jenny this is such a good resolution. Bless you dear friend of God. XX

pat demharter said...

Thank you Jenny. I have tried to have resolutions in the past. Now, I try to aspire to to have hope, peace and joy. To me a resolution is a means to an end that may never happen. To always keep reaching for my wishes from our Lord, shows him I will never be done living out his plan for me.