Friday, January 20, 2017

Office makeover and some recipes...

My new corner desk is set up for work and I love it! 

Now I can spread out my notes as I write patterns, look out the window at next door's lovely garden as I format photos and write blog posts, and draw up new ideas for stitcheries in comfort.

Mr E has long been concerned about my cramped desk (a small built in) and the need to wander back and forth from sewing room to office as I draw, scan, refine, erase and draw again. 
This new desk is exactly what was needed because now I can swivel around and do everything from my chair.
Isn't he a wonderful husband!?

In fact I was so thankful yesterday that after getting the office sorted I headed out to the kitchen to bake up some goodies for him.

Firstly it was a Lemon Meringue Pie, one of his favourites.

I roll my lemons over the counter top for 15-20 seconds before juicing because that increases the juice they release. 
(Some people pop them in the microwave first to soften the lemon so it releases more juice but it's hot here already in the tropics so I don't bother.)

There were two new things I discovered whilst making the pie and I thought I'd share them with you.

Number 1 - as much as I love my vintage style 'squeeze me' juicer, I get far more juice out of my lemons using this...

And number 2 - putting your egg whites, bowl and beater blades in the freezer for 10 minutes before you whip the egg whites for the meringue makes it whip SO much quicker and increases the air for a beautiful, lighter meringue.

Once baked it was cooled in the fridge and Mr E licked his lips when he saw it there after he returned from his first day at the new job (teaching high school).

This is such a simple recipe and when I show it on the blog I'm always asked to share it so if you'd like to make it yourself you can download the PDF here

The other bit of baking I indulged in was to make some Frangipane Jam Drop biscuits...

I found the recipe in the Woman's Weekly Classic Cookies cookbook I borrowed from the library earlier in the week (give me a couple of days and I'll bake something from the Classic Cakes book as well!) and it was very easy.

My cookies were browner than the ones in the recipe photo, but we do like a little 'turn' in ours, and I may have added a touch more jam than the recipe suggests but we do like extra jamminess too.

Mr E ate three within minutes of arriving home yesterday and took some to work today for afternoon tea, then this morning Blossom arrived for a visit and promptly ate a few herself.
I can honestly say I will need to bake more as they are delicious!

If you click on the photo below you'll be able to follow the recipe yourself as it will open larger in a separate window.

Just before I sat down to write this blog post I brought some pie in with me to enjoy with a cuppa.

Honestly, I love baking, but more than anything I enjoy baking for the people I love. 

The next room that must be attended to in my new year 'freshening' is the sewing area.
So far I've just removed things from the 'designs in progress' shelving and in doing so have re-discovered some older projects I'd planned to finish as items for the home but never got around to.

I stitched this little tea shelf design onto two corners of a vintage crochet-edged piece of linen back in 2015 with the intention of sewing it onto a piece of saved Tilda fabric to make a pretty table centre.

As Mr E will be continuing repairs on the Jeep all weekend I have decided to finally bring this idea to life and hopefully next week I'll have it on my table and ready to show you.

The stitchery pattern for "The Tea Shelf" is here in my shop.

May your day be blessed, filled with joy, laughter, peace and something delicious to eat.



Leeanne said...

Love your office, so fresh and uncluttered, that chair looks fabulous. Yummy pie as are your embroideries.

Águeda said...

My family loves your lemon meringue pie. Since I did it once, I had to do a lot. Now I'm going to try those cookies too. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
Your desk is great. Your house invites to work with reflection and quiet conversation. You do very good work on everything. Thanks for your generosity. Hugs.

Martha Roberts said...

Beautiful!! Pie, work area, cookies, especially the lemon pie, and the tea shelf stitchery with the crocheted edging, and your photos that go with the blog. All beautiful!!

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful new office. I need to clear my tops up a bit. hehehehe. Thank you for that wonderful telephone embroidery shared for free.

Janice said...

I love your new office too. So nice and fresh. I may just have to make one of those recipes on the weekend as Mick is working and would be a good chance.

Lesley Gilbert said...

I love the set up of your new office/studio and your chair looks so comfy. I use an office chair but I'm going to have to look around for something like yours - happy sewing :)

TerriSue said...

I like your new office Jenny, it is very open and spacious.
Your Lemon Meringue Pie looks quite good. This is a link to a video on why you should cut them lengthwise:
I've been doing it this way for years now and usually can get by with at least one less lemon than I would have before.
Have a wonderful day dear one.

Lynn said...

Ooooo Jenny your office looks wonderful with lots of lovely light! Your baking looks really delicious, wish I could have some right now!

Lin said...

What a lovely, clean and fresh looking new space to work in Jenny - perfect. xx

Anonymous said...

That's a great new office space - and a corner window - just lovely! The pie, oh so yummy! My mom made a fabulous one, and after reading your recipe, I think it's the same one! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

P. S. I hope Mr. E's first day was FABULOUS and he has the best students ever!

Baa. xxx said...

Hmmm....extra jammy of course! The lemon meringue looks divine. I didn't know about putting things in the fridge. Your office looks perfect - that table is great and you have made it all look so pretty. How did Mr E's first day back at school go?

Farm Quilter said...

Jenny, everywhere in your home is an oasis of peace and tranquility, welcoming everyone to come in, set their burdens down and be refreshed. Your new office setup looks wonderful and totally reflects you! Hope Mr. E is enjoying teaching high school...I loved teaching high school and miss the kids now that I am retired!!

Sharm said...

I'm catching up on a couple of days of blog posts .... can you tell??? I love your new office - I think white just makes things look so much more streamlined and clean ..... I'd love to get a new desk one day, in the meantime I'll just look at yours which is so much tidier as well lol

Mary P said...

Jenny, I think your designs are awesome and have encouraged me to restart by embroidery self. I found you pictures for a hussif with both embroidery and patchwork. I would love to purchase the whole program or pattern or whatever. I think you offered it in 2015 or so. Thank you. Mary

Gloria said...

Great designs, a nice new office, and some yummy recipes... thanks for sharing.