Sunday, May 21, 2017

The quiet life...

One thing I know, one sure thing I have learned, is to choose the quiet life.

In the midst of a world that rushes us through each day with a list of to-dos and interactions, the truest call of my heart tells me to slow down, step back. breathe deeply, and choose to quieten my life.

When I heed this call my choices are wiser, my responses kinder, and my time with God much richer.

It's really a simple thing, this quiet life we're instructed to follow, yet the world today may tell us otherwise and pushing us in on all sides it seems our busyness will not withdraw ground.

If this is your experience can I encourage you over this next week to seek the Lord in your prayer time each day and ask Him to show you how to quieten your precious and unique life? 

Don't rush your time with Him, be still and know that He is your God who loves you and will direct your path whenever your heart is desiring to obey His Word.

Your sister in Christ,


  1. Jenny, thank you so much for your sweet devotions. You say what my heart feels.

  2. Amen and thanks. I like that the verse also counsels that we work with our own hands. =) When Paul and I were traveling together, every day was filled with so much peace. It takes more work now, but I still strive toward that. This is a good reminder not to get caught up in the maddening crowds. =)

  3. A huge amen from me Jenny-girl! Love you!

  4. A quiet life with a house full of bustling teenagers and young adults seems so foreign.....I guess its the inner quiet that counts.

  5. Beautifully stated, Jenny! I treasure the days when I am able to slow down and simply live my life. No rushing to be somewhere or do something, just to mindfully and peacefully go about my day. For me, that is bliss!

  6. Jenny, this reminds me of when I finished high school. We had a class of deaf kids at the school and their teacher was a keen photographer. She had the kids take a portrait of each of our year and when we finished up we were each presented with a poster with our photo and a quote. Mine said "What sweet delight a quiet life affords". I've no idea where the quote originates from. I had a chuckle at the time, as I had just started to go out and not be quite as quiet.....then in time I went back to the usual me. I still have that poster and think it is a lovely quote and ties in so well with your thoughts for the day.

  7. Be still and know that I am God. Yes I'm learning this too.


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