Thursday, June 15, 2017

Taking inspiration and a new look...

The second week of winter has almost passed and the weather has been perfect. 
Mildly cool, resting to the body and mind after a 9 month summer, inviting me to make changes in the moment and plans for the time ahead.

In the moment...

Mr E is enjoying our nourishing winter fare for dinners, meals like slow roasts, curries, stews and of course, yummy pot pies.

I find great delight cooking in winter and have been dragging old recipe folders off the shelf to look through during morning tea. 
Today I have strawberries in abundance so after popping some beef cheeks in a pot to simmer with lots of veggies I'll be baking a Strawberry Shortcake, Jenny-style. 

I have shared this recipe before (in fact it is my friend Fee's favourite dessert and I think she has made it more times than me now) but if you missed it feel free to download my recipe here. 

I'm also regularly spending time at our local library, browsing slowly, enjoying the moment.
I mentioned the other day that my heart is heading towards simple ways to display my stitchery designs, but I also plan to create home furnishings from fabrics already on my shelves, the kind of furnishings that evoke homeliness, comfort, and hopefully an air of times past. 

These two titles came home from from the library this week...

...and they overflow with inspiration.

"The Homemade Home For Children"  has many projects and ideas I'd like to create for Cully May and my other little grandchildren.
Each one is fairly simple, many using large appliques of old fabrics in a new way.

Isn't this tent beautiful!?
I'm sure Blossom and I would happily sit inside to have a tea party with her little girl...

This wall hanging, though featured in the book for a child's room, is high on my to-do list for our own home. 

I think something similar would be lovely hanging above the bed, or even in my office.

Flowers...always flowers, in the moment.
This week I picked up a bunch of carnations for $5 and they lifted the office atmosphere dramatically. Outside my window everything is lovely and green, but I love colour and flowers on my desk provide it...

Planning ahead...

Cully May will turn one on August 4th so Blossom and I shall combine our talents to sew a beautiful birthday dress for her.

Blossom chose the fabric and gave it and a template for the dress bodice to me, because in our joint project my part comes first.

I'll be designing a stitchery for the bodice and embroidering it before handing everything back to Blossom, who will then use it to sew a beautiful dress for Cully May. 

The Cosmo Seasons variegated threads have been chosen to blend with the fabric colours and I've almost completed the sketch for my embroidery, it just needs a little bit of tweaking...

This project is very special to us as it will become an heirloom, a first birthday dress for future babies perhaps.

A new look...

For the longest time I've desired to have some uniformity between the way my blog looks and the cover page of my patterns, so this week I stopped procrastinating and actually dedicated 24 hours to working only on that.
Many pots of chamomile tea were consumed, along with a few sweet treats. Fortunately I had left over lamb korma and Mr E was more than happy to partake of that for dinner while I continued working. 

Emails flew back and forth between Blossom and I, her input and opinion on the direction I was going proving invaluable. 
Honestly, it's a gift beyond words having her know me so well, yet also being another set of eyes to see clearly when I'm so close to a project that I can't see the forest for the trees. 

Fortunately I didn't rush this new look and her excitement over my final draft was the icing on the cake. 

Very slowly over the next month I'll be adding many patterns to my shop, but the nicest thing is that they all have the same cover page at last, and  it co-ordinates with my new blog header. 
I'd love to hear what you think?

And my new blog header?

So there you are dear friends, a productive week so far here at home.

Next time I'll show you another new idea I'm playing with but in case you're looking for a lovely project today, one that can be made to suit your own taste, you may like to revisit my 5-day HUSSIF tutorial from July 2015?

The templates to make the hussif are a free download in my shop...

I also have the set of hussif stitcheries if you prefer the embroidered version, as a purchase in my shop.

To make your own Hussif you can begin here at day 1 of the Hussif Tutorials and follow the links for days 2-5.

Now I'd best be away and get started on that Strawberry Shortcake!

May your day be blessed in every way.



  1. I can't wait to see your finished little dress! I am planning 2 little sundresses for granddaughters...with an embroidered yoke. NOT as intricate as yours, but just a little touch of handwork. THANKS for all of your inspirations!!! Simply beautiful!!

  2. hi Jenny i love todays post ,i enjoyed your pretty pics and the dress for Cully May will be so pretty.
    i love the new design cover,its you to a T,its soft and pretty and will be your stamp in the designing world,i wish you all the best my friend and thankyou for the dessert recipe xx

  3. Oh, the new header is just lovely Jenny! And what a beautiful, meaningful project for Cully May's first birthday. How lovely that you and your daughter are working on it together. Something to treasure for sure.

  4. Love your new header; it really is you (soft and soothing; calm and relaxed). I'm trying to follow your lead and step back from chaos. Not succeeding as well as I would like, but will keep trying.

    Good luck on the heirloom birthday dress. Can't wait to see it. I check your blog weekly. (me: no blog; no answer required)

  5. Beautiful new header and pattern logo! So you! What a beautiful idea to make the heirloom dress together. Can't wait to see how wonderful it will look!

  6. Jenny everything is exquisite. I love the new long and I now feel inspired to make a coming home from hospital outfit. Thank you for your constant inspiration.

  7. Those books are a fantastic find with lots of wonderful ideas which I am sure you shall expand on. How special designing a stitchery for little Cully May's birthday . It will certainly be an heirloom oneday. You are such a great cook and always come up with yummy food . I wake up every morning wondering what to prepare for dinner. Your new look blog page is lovely although I liked the old version too. It is good to update and refresh. Love your flowers. I usually pick my geraniums to put on the bathroom vanity but there are not many to pick lately. Another beautiful blog post.

  8. A birthday dress for Cully May, made by mom and nana....oh my goodness how special is that! Beautiful fabrics, and I know the embroidery will be exquisite. Love the new look on your patterns and blog, girl! Enjoy your cooler weather - we're having tropical heat and storms at the moment, I'd keep the a/c off if Sam wasn't sleeping during the day!

  9. Fresh Strawberries in winter - you are lucky :)!! Love your new blog header and how all your patterns will carry the same look! Looking forward to seeing this special birthday dress, made by Blossom and you for little Cully May!

  10. My dear everything is so pretty like always..
    Sending you love and smiles x

  11. Your new look reflects the softness of your work. Great job. Looking forward to seeing the finished dress for Cully May

  12. I do like the header and the pattern covers, great collaboration. That bodice is going to be so cute, and I can hardly wait to see exactly how you do this. Hard to imagine almost a whole year has gone by!

  13. I love the new look you've designed. It goes perfectly with your designs.

  14. I love the new look you've designed. It goes perfectly with your designs.

  15. I can almost smell those flowers!

    Love the design for that dress it will be gorgeous. Your new header is absolutely beautiful

  16. Everything is so fresh & beautiful Jenny. I love the bunting design for your header. Just gorgeous. It is you to a tee my friend. Now if I could just figure out how to reach into my screen & try a piece of that delicious looking potpie !!!! Happy Weekend dear girl xxx

  17. I noticed your new blog header immediately and I swooned. It is refreshing and current and showcases just what you do so well. I LOVE it. Cully May is such a lovely little girl and her First Birthday dress will be as special as she is. How fun to collaborate with Blossom on creative endeavors. Strawberry Shortcake would be so delicious in our Summer heat. Lovely post and so full of Home inspiration. Bless You Jenny Dear! <3

  18. Dear friend:
    The new look of your blog is sweet and fresh at the same time. I like very much.
    The fact of having a daughter who helps, shares and thinks, is a blessing. I'm sure Cully's birthday gown will be very special.
    Thanks for the appetizing recipe.
    Thank you always for your generosity. I made my first hussif in 2015 and it always goes with me. I did it with a drawing of mine and did not embroider your nice designs that I had bought. I'll do another soon, probably. And this time I want to embroider your designs with patience. :) I wish I had the time to do it.
    A hug. God bless you.

  19. i can't wait to see this little baby dress. my littlest is 6 months old so maybe i can make one for her 1st birthday. i love the new look of your blog, too. it's very 'you.'

  20. that dress sure is going to be super special. What a lucky girl. I thoroughly enjoyed your winter sunshine in the tropics over the last ten days but am back in cold Melbourne now. It was funny as you could pick they local people out a mile away as they were the ones with long sleeves and long pants. My aunt whom turned 80 whilst we were up there (has lived in Kuranda/tablelands/Cairns for almost 60 year) was freezing.
    I really like the changes to your blog you've made.


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