Sunday, June 11, 2017

The beginning of endings...

I'm sure it's no surprise to you that I have many, many orphan stitcheries stored away. 
With 5, 6, 7 or even 8 new designs each and every month I don't often have time to display them as finished projects.
But that's about to change.

At the end of last week it was refreshingly cool and overcast so I settled myself down for a long day of Stitchery Club pattern writing, enjoying lots of hot decaf tea in my oversize cup while birds sang in the trees outside my office window and butterflies distracted my attention flitting back and forth among the geisha girl bushes in next door's garden.

I think those calm and delightful distractions in what is ordinarily a rather busy day when I write Club patterns helped open my mind to the idea that followed.

I mentioned recently that the June patterns are my favourite set of stitcheries, and as each one was examined, notes studied and step by step instructions written, I felt a tinge of sadness about storing them away with the hundred or more other embroidered blocks from months and years past.

Not long afterwards I made the decision to week by week give them life by displaying each one in simple projects. Not the intricate or time consuming projects which had been my original intention 'way back when' but sweet and uncomplicated displays.

I admitted a tendency to set the bar too high with my dreams of detailed quilts, pillows, runners, bags, all embellished with stitcheries, and wondered how much easier it would be to let the embroidery shine in simpler settings?

So I began with a free stitchery which I'd shared with you earlier this year.
Adding two floral borders around the "His Strength in My Heart" stitchery I finished it as a pretty cushion cover for the bedroom.

The fabrics were perfect because I'd used the colours of the large floral fabric to choose my threads when preparing the design to be embroidered and had fortunately stored it with the completed stitchery, along with the pink tonal print, when I packed it away.

Another under-utilised resource in my sewing room were the rather large collection of vintage buttons I've been gathering for many years so I chose three pink ones for the back closure.

One stitchery, two fat quarters, three buttons, two hours of playtime on a Saturday afternoon and I now have a beautiful new cushion.

What began as just a stitchery ended as a useful item for our home.

I wish I'd thought to simplify my ideas years ago, but perhaps now is the right time after all?
This cushion will be the beginning of many endings I hope.

We've decided to move house sometime in the next month or so if we find the 'right' rental home, and I'm thinking how lovely it will be to have some new handmade items ready for decorating - another valid reason for setting myself the enjoyable task of using what I have to create beauty in the home, right?

Have I inspired you to look through your orphan stitcheries and finish them as simple projects?

It's Sunday afternoon as I write this and the house is filled with the aroma of lamb and potato korma simmering away in the crockpot. Mr E just popped his head around the office door to say "smells yummy!" so I'm glad the pot is full because we can have it again another night this week.

I might relax with an old movie and return to my knitting this afternoon. This welcome cool weather definitely inspires working with wool. 
So far I've finished two legs and made a start on the body of Cully May's bear.

Must be time for a cuppa, so I'll let you go.

Have a lovely day, and may the week ahead be filled with special moments too.



shirley flavell said...

Love your cushion Jenny, hope you find a nice home to settle in and display all your beautiful goodies throughout the rooms.I have just finished off one of your free designs and tutorial, the Lingerie bag. Have made 2 now for birthday gifts. They look lovely, thrilled with them thanks to you. Enjoy your knitting, the bear is looking great so far. I have knitted one of Mary Janes dolls,great instructions, need to finish her face off yet. I'm knitting socks at the moment, quite cool here in the middle of the North Island N.Z.

Glenise Magnano - Gold Coast said...

Beautiful work as always Jenny. So inspiring on this rain Sunday afternoon. Thank you. Love the Mary Jane doll you are knitting. Will be interested to see your finished doll as I have thought about purchasing and knitting one of the dolls myself but just wondered if it was too hard. Yours is looking lovely so far. Did knit a couple of little dolls last year from a pattern and they came up alright but yearning to try the Mary Jane dolls. Love your patterns Jenny. Thank you. I know I should join your club but have a few projects and stitcheries at home waiting to be made into a quilt or wall hanging so when I sort them out I really must treat myself to your membership as LOVE your work and LOVE your blog. Thank you. Have a wonderful Sunday evening.

Baa. xxx said...

Beautiful! And you're right - such fun to have more pretty things to decorate the new house to come. Fun!

Kay said...

This is a lovely cushion. I tend to use up my cross stitch, embroidery, and quilting blocks quite quickly. Sometimes they go on to become cushions (one of my favourite makes), if they are really small they might become cards or lavender sachets. x

Suze said...

I am so delighted in your finished pillow. It is lovely to actually make something pretty and keep it for just you. Thank you for all your gentle guidance and love.

Jacqueline said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying some cooler weather and inspired to keep on creating. I love your work.

Little Quiltsong said...

Thank you for this beautiful free download! So happy that you are enjoying a bit of cooler weather! The little bear is really taking shape and love the colors you are using! Mmmmmm - to what you are cooking :)!

Winifred said...

You have such gorgeous fabrics Jenny. Love the cushion and can't wait to see the teddy! Who gets to name it?

We have some rather "fresh" weather here in the UK too. I like it after the heat of Italy even though it's June I got my fleecy dressing gown out again for the mornings.

Enjoy that korma!!

BJK said...

Hi Jenny!

I must admit that my heart skipped a beat when I read the heading to your blog post today. After you briefly mentioned in a prior post that you had previously been feeling a bit burdened with the duties of producing monthly patterns, etc. but were newly motivated through watching Blossom's love of the craft, I wondered if you were going to be deciding not to do your club!! Whewwwwww....glad that wasn't it!!
I hope that you never feel burdened by the demands of your work (or will take a break or reduce the number of stitcheries provided...) if you do! Thank you again for all your talent, inspiration, and motiviation! Take care!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh my word that turned out beautifully!!!! What an inspiration you are. I have tons of unfinished stitcheries - great idea, darlin'. I'm praying for your move, and everything else. I can't imagine doing it again, lol....
Cully May's bear is coming along beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, Jenny, you can NOT put the word endings in your post titles! I almost had a heart attack thinking you were going to announce you were ending some aspect of your blog postings. Don't do that to me! LOL I like what the post is actually about much better. The pillow is gorgeous and will be a welcome addition to your home, wherever it is. I will love seeing each finish you have. A table runner of already-stitched pieces shouldn't take much longer than a pillow, should it? I actually have three blocks of a six block project finished, and I think I might take a page from your book and finish it into a table runner.

Createology said...

The simple things in life really are Priceless and your cushion is delightful. Best of luck on finding a new home. Moving can be so disruptive but in the end can be so rewarding. Enjoy your week dear...<3

Sherry said...

What a lovely cushion and a great idea for using stitchery projects. I too have many that I have more involved plans for but like the idea of making something with them. We are downsizing into a basement apartment so I have discovered many unfinished items that should be used. This may have to wait until I do a bit more sorting through things but thanks for the inspiration. Best wishes as you prepare to move to a new home.

Ondrea said...

Beautiful cushion using your sweet stitchery design. Stitcheries are always so versatile. It is great to have a stash of buttons and fabrics at hand. I hope you find a beautiful house to transform into your own personalised home. It is never an easy task hunting for houses whether they are rentals or to buy. It can be quite stressful as I am sure you well know so please be mindful of your health and try to take time to breathe. Angel Hugs.

cucki said...

It is so beautiful
Sending you love x

Joanne said...

Hi Jenny,
Nice new fresh blog lay out! and photo!
Take care,

Mia said...

How lovely cushion!

lbainquilter said...

Love your creations- both sewn and written. I was wondering if the June 2017 monthly pattern set had been emailed out yet. ? If so , somehow I have missed my delivery and am anxious about it. When you have a chance could you please check your records to see if there is a problem of some kind. Thank you so much- Laurel Bain

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Laurel, it was emailed to you on the 17th. Check your junk or spam box just in case it landed there. :-)
I'll resend anyway. x