Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A sneak peek and keeping things simple...

It's less than a week until I share the next free design in this year's BOM "The Love of Home" so I thought today you may like a little peek at my progress so far?
My colours were inspired by some sweet "Bunnies & Cream" fabrics purchased earlier this year and I'm thinking of using more to feature this design as a project to hang in my home.
But how? I'm pondering that...

Another new project has already been completed and sits outside on the back deck in my old wicker chair where I have a late afternoon cuppa before preparing dinner. 

The stitchery I've used as the centre of this simple strip bordered pillow was in the April 2016 issue of The Stitchery Club (just in case you're a Club member and want to find the pattern) ...

(the stitchery pattern is also here in my shop)

I'd recently designed a mini quilt using the new Tilda Harvest fabrics which you'll see here on the blog this coming Friday during the Tilda Australia blog hop, and when it was finished I still had a few leftover fabrics to play. 

The colours were a perfect compliment to my stitchery... over the weekend I pieced and hand quilted the cushion front, and on Monday I completed the back with a simple button closure.
I think mismatched buttons are beautiful, don't you?

I'm really enjoying digging through my rather large box of stitcheries and giving purpose to one every week or so. This new cushion certainly adds colour and life to my old wicker chair, as well as providing a comfy back rest when I sit down with tea and cake amidst the palm trees and birds.

The nicest thing is that I didn't complicate the final design, but kept it simple and do-able. Makes me think that life itself flows easier when it's simplified.
Food for thought, eh?

And speaking of food,  I certainly did a good deal of baking yesterday!
It's seems to have become a pattern each week that Tuesday is baking day and I manage to do enough to bless us for the week, as well as give to Blossom and her little family.

My little kitchen bench certainly tells a tale of activity...

First off I made Matrimony Slice, then a Lemon Drizzle Cake, Blackberry Swirls and a Savoury Pie which we had with salad for dinner last night...

One after the other they made their way into the oven. 
And one after the other baked beautifully.

Are you downloading my weekly "Living The Domestic Life" recipes with simple bonus stitcheries?

I decided to go back through all the recipes which have been shared here on the blog the last 8 or 9 years and re-make them one by one as I do tend to tweak things over time and the recipe might be a little different now.

This week you can download the recipe for Blackberry Swirls.
It's a favourite in our family and one which my daughter Aisha taught her own daughter to make, Now 16 yo granddaughter Ebony carries on the tradition. Isn't that lovely?

It's very quick, with just a few simple steps and only a handful of ingredients...

Mr E loves his served with lashings of creamy custard, but I like mine with thick cream or ice cream...

The recipe and accompanying stitchery pattern can be download here from my shop.

Blossom and Cully May are coming for afternoon tea today so I'd best be away and set the table.
Think we'll have some lemon drizzle cake with strawberries on the side, and squares of matrimony slice with a nice big pot of Earl Grey.
We may even sit out on the deck in the cool breeze...yes, that's what we'll do.

May your day be sweet with many blessings too,


  1. I think my laptop might fry it's self due my drooling on the keyboard! Gosh everything looks soooooo tasty! I love how you have fussy cut the strawberry fabric for your EPP. Pretty cushion, I like making nice cushion backs too. I am just thinking perhaps your daughters need another sister? because I'm up for adoption if I can get some of that yummy baking :-)

  2. It's almost time for dinner and you yummy food is making me hungry. Nothing as yummy as yours, just roasted pumpkin and lentil soup. Love your sweet cushion and those fabrics are just perfect. So you! I shall pop on over to see those recipes and see if I can adapt them to my dietry needs.

  3. Your home must be so pretty filled with all your beautiful handmade accessories.
    Just an aside, I follow you with Bloglovin' and have not trouble going to your posts form my Bloglovin' feed in my emails. However, when I click on the comments it never takes me to them and won't allow me to comment. I always have to come to your blog via opening a different tab (i.e. not from Bloglovin') and then I can comment. I don't have this problem with other blogs, only yours. I wondered if anyone else had this problem?

  4. I have no experience with Bloglovin, Kay, so I don't have an answer. Maybe google knows?

  5. Thank you Jenny, for your delicious recipes. It just warms my heart each time, when I see and hear your domestic stories. I feel I barely keep up with the regular baking for lunches each week, and have gotten away from trying new recipes. Your posts are giving me new energy to enjoy my time in the kitchen again :)!

  6. Jenny- What yummy goodies you have shared today! The lemon drizzle cake sounds and looks really yummy! Will you be sharing that recipe too? Please? :-) I hope you have a lovely time with Blossom and Cully May today. Thanks for all of the sharing you do with us. You are very special! K-

  7. I love your recipe for Matrimony Slice. I haven't made it in awhile, so I must go find the recipe. That cushion us lovely. I like the finish being simple. That's the way I finish my pillows too. Buttons on the back is perfect. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. It really pleases me to think of the three of you outside, enjoying your tea and the breeze and you and Blossom chatting about homey things while you watch Cully May be her charming self. Your baking looks oh-so-good. I really do like the idea that your recipe has passed to the third generation. That is making a family tradition. It's something for each generation to cherish and feel the attachment of other generations. Thanks for more recipes! I would wish you peace, but I think you already have it. =)

  9. All those yummy looking foods almost made me hungry. Now which and what is the matrimony split

  10. Your cushion looks lovely, Jenny. I love the strawberry fabric you have used in the sneak peek. I must really do some baking. I've been a little slack lately! LOL! xx

  11. That cushion is absolutely gorgeous - what an inviting spot!!! Makes me want to curl up with a cup and a book. I'm really glad I ate before reading this post, Jenny....I think I gained weight just looking! It all looks so scrumptious!

  12. I just love your blog Jenny! It's so comforting and domestic! :)
    Your crafting/sewing patterns are fantastic. I'm just starting to make your Vintage Kitchen wall hanging for a friend for gift as well as one for myself.

    Your baking always looks so yummy too! Unfortunately, I can't eat things like that due to Hashimotis & Fibromyagia symptoms coming back to make me feel unwell if I indulge. If I stay away from grains & sugar I feel so much better. Do you have any grain-free and refined sugar-free recipes to share?

    And by the way, whenever my Hubby sees "Elefantz" in my e-mail or notebook --- he wonders what it means. ;) I've often wondered about it as well --- how did you come up with that name for your blog? It's a cool name.

  13. Such pretty needlework; I love those pristine hexies in the first pic. Those food photo's are incredible; they look so yummy and I'm impressed that you bake more than one thing at a time. If I bake a pan of brownies (from the box) I'm quite proud of myself. LOL

  14. Jenny, I love your gorgeous cushion.As you say, the border fabrics pick up the colours in your stichery and add a lovely frame to it.
    I am fascinated by the name ' Matrimony Slice'. What exactly is it'and why does it have that name?
    I am recovering from many years of anorexia so so despite many food intolerances I am trying to learn to interact with food in a more 'normal way'. I hope to develop enough boldness to make some yummy cakes/biscuits like those you make.


  15. Jenny you are such an inspiration and I am grateful for you sharing so generously. You do so much with such a compact space in your kitchen. Everything sounds and looks delicious. I am downloading your recipes with simple stitchery and saving them for a future gift I will it together. Hugs...<3

  16. Sue (Anonymous comment) the answer to that question is here -
    Bless you!


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