Sunday, July 9, 2017

The simple made wise...

There was a time when I believed anyone who had been a Christian a month longer than me, could understand much more than I would ever glean from the Word of God. 

Then I went to Bible College and during the first month one of my teachers would say things which really upset me, twisting what I thought I knew from God's Word to say something different. 
Day after day I would go home confused, then exhaust myself until late in the evening studying whatever passage or book of the Bible my teacher had discussed that day, seeking to uncover the truth.

You know, my response is exactly what my teacher was after. He wanted each of his students to absorb Scripture, to seek out for themselves what God has said, and not to sit back and lazily 'trust' the accuracy of preaching they would be listening to from the pulpit each week.

It turned out this teacher was purposely (that first month) twisting the passages we studied to see how we would respond, to open our ears and eyes so that we'd hunger to prove him wrong, to know intimately the truth held within the Bible for ourselves. 

His style of teaching at the start of my first semester was unusual to say the least, but it was what I needed, what most of the students needed, and the fruit was that for the remainder of my Bible College year and the eighteen years since I've rarely trusted man, but sought the truth within the pages of Scripture. 

Once I followed a particular doctrinal path, but with an open heart for God to draw me away if it was the wrong one. And that's what He does. Perhaps not immediately, in fact the Lord allowed me to traverse one particular path for a few years - but when He revealed the inaccuracies I'd taken on I immediately turned from them and spent much time in the Bible grounding myself once again in His absolute and infallible truths. 

Fortunately God wastes nothing and after He'd corrected me the Lord gave me a heart to pray for others who also may have strayed into teaching what was more man-ordained than God-ordained. 

The Scripture I've shared today is such an encouraging one. 
It speaks truth and lifts self doubt about understanding the Bible. 

It promises us that even though we may never be wise in the ways of the world, we who trust Him, we who invest time inside the pages of His Word with hearts open to learn and obey, we simple souls, shall be made wise in the ways of God. 

Never think you can't understand the Bible. Go slow, open your mind and heart to 'listen and learn', verse by verse, allowing the still small voice of Jesus to instruct you in wisdom, to give you understanding where you have a need. 

I have been a Christian for 26 years and love His Word yet I have only skimmed the surface of the immeasurable wonder and messages still hidden within these pages ready for me to find. 

May your Bible time overflow with wonder, joy, healing, comfort, correction, life, and most especially a closer walk with Our Jesus. 

Your sister in Christ,


Suze said...

Thank you for your words and insight. I needed to hear/read this. Last night I was battling in the early chapters of Corinthian 2. I read them over and over and feel the need to do so again.

God bless you today and always.

Nanna Chel said...

Thanks Jenny. What a wise teacher you had at Bible College.

Roxie said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent message, Jenny. Two years ago, I decided to study Isaiah. I planned out a month. It took me seven. I know I don't understand more than a small percentage, much less than half of it. I need to study it again and glean more. There's reading the Bible and then there's studying the meaning of the Bible. They aren't always the same. =)

Farm Quilter said...

Amen! You had a smart teacher :)

Deborah said...

"God wastes nothing." What a beautiful thought and a great way to understand that God can work everything for good in the life of a person who loves him. Thanks for the encouragement Jenny.

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Molly Mandeville Fryer said...

Your heart overflows with Gods wisdom as with His love which you are anxious to share! So enjoy your special Sunday devotionals!! My story of finding the right path to follow is much like yours.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Jenny.Я тоже люблю Иисуса Христа и мне нравится рукоделие. Простите, что пишу на русском языке, английский язык я плохо знаю.