Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My sewing room and a new recipe...

The first treat I baked in this new home was Rock Cakes, also known as Rock Buns.
Mr E *loves* them, as do I, and you'll discover they are perfect with a cuppa anytime of the day and also make a delicious addition to lunch boxes or picnics.

The little Bee stitchery you can see on the photo above is a free addition with both recipe files. I've made up this recipe in two formats so choose the one you like best for your Living The Gentle Domestic Life Cookbook folder (and perhaps give the other to a friend?). 

I took these photos of my new sewing room after making the book cover (yesterday's tutorial).
It's a larger room than in the old house, with the bonus of a built in wardrobe because it's designed as a bedroom. In the last house my sewing room was originally a formal dining room with no built in storage at all.
So this new room seems almost empty, sparse, because things that were once on display are now hidden away...but I like that. 

All my fabrics are in one place...

...and the sewing machine and cutting table are near the window for good light.

My stitching supplies, wadding, stabilisers, linen, threads, buttons, lace and completed projects are stored sensibly for ease of access and to keep things tidy (I love organisation - it helps me create).

Not sure yet what I'll hang in the room, I want to spend time in there first, get a feel for it.

I think next week when I've caught up with Stitchery Club work a good deal of time may be spent in here as I have a list of items to make for the house.
I'm smiling just thinking about that. 
New things for a new home and all of them have a purpose.

The next issue of The Stitchery Club is emailed to all members on October 17.
Would you like to see the patterns for this month?

I'll begin with the monthly quote design and this time it's one of my favourites from C S Lewis.
Following are the rest of my new patterns...each one with a heart to inspire.

If you're not already a member of The Stitchery Club you can easily join over HERE.

Membership for this month's issue closes on October 16th, and should you decide to join before then I will send you a free gift pattern, "Family & Friends", so you have something sweet to stitch before your first Club issue arrives!

That's it from me for the rest of the week. 
It's been lovely catching up with you all on the blog and sharing a few goodies along the way, but I'd best put my mind to book work and writing patterns over the next few days so I can play next week. 
Priorities, right?

But naturally I'll take breaks to bake.

Fresh bread and strawberry shortcake from yesterday's time in the kitchen...delicious.

May the Lord who is so good be your shelter in the storm, your comfort in sorrows, and your JOY every morning,


Missed the freebies this week?

Block 9 "The Love of Home" BOM is here.
Book Cover tutorial is here.


Debby said...

Jenny, I'm so happy for you and Mr. E. in your new home! Yippee!

Kezzie said...

Jenny your new home is lovely. May you and Mr E be blessed as you enjoy it. Your sewing room is fantastic. I'm sure that you will design and make your usual lovely things in it.


Little Penpen said...

So much pretty in these pic's! Gorgeous stitcheries and I just love your new sewing space. I'm amazed that you have set your home up so quickly. It's so pretty.

Cattinka said...

Your new sewing room is so big! I know you will have lots of fun there!
Thank you for the recepie, I saw that you already offered other recepies I will give them all a try.

Käthe said...

Liebe Jenny,
es ist wunderschön , so ein großes Nähzimmer zu haben !
Hoffentlich kannst du viel Zeit darin verbringen,
und nur schöne Stunden sollen es sein !
Liebe Grüße

May said...

Jenny your new home is so beautiful, I adore you sewing space so organised and spacious , thank you for the recipe looking forward to trying it out... all the others were so yummy... the stitchery for Oct looks so Gorgeous can't wait for these beauties to drop in my mailbox... Have a blessed week ahead... May x

Createology said...

Your new home is quite large and I would definitely live in my new space before I decide what to put where. Love your beautiful October designs for Stitchery Club. <3

Tammy said...

Love your new sewing studio. Love the spaciousness. And the built in cupboard. That's wonderful storage space. Can wait to see the new projects you will be making here. Everything is so neat and clean

Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said...

Your sewing room looks fantastic!!!

Dinilint said...

What a lovely sewing room. It's hard for me to keep my sewing room tidy. Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

That post was balm of Gilead, Jenny. Thank you for sharing your space, your recipe, and your talents.

Margaret Stickland said...

Just beautiful.

Glenise Magnano - Gold Coast said...

Gorgeous Jenny. Look forward to what other stitching you will be doing. Everything looks so lovely bright and airy. Just love the white everywhere it goes so well with all your fabrics and stitcheries. Congratulations.

Leeanne said...

Your sewing room looks very inviting! I love the clean uncluttered look more and more myself these days. I think when fabrics are out on display they have much more risk of fade lines. Gosh all that baking has my mouth watering..............

Kay said...

Your sewing room is a delight, large and airy. I love seeing how you have organise sit and have everything together. It is my dream one day to have a sewing room. x

Nanna Chel said...

Jenny, what a lovely place to sew! It is nice to be able to put things away behind closed doors too :-)

Janice said...

What a lovely space for your sewing room. Look at all that hidden storage. It will be great fun making it just how you want it and finding the right things to hang onto the walls. Your rock cakes look yummy. They were the first thing that I ever helped cook. Mum would bake on a Friday morning. She would put the dry ingredients and butter in the blue plastic bowl and sit me down on the kitchen floor with it to rub in the butter and then I would stir everything thing together before rolling them into not balls. I would have only been a toddler at the time. I still love rock cakes.

Tammy said...

Jenny I love your sewing studio. Love the built in cupboard.Wish I had one in mine. I do not have a closet either in mine. Lots of space ....That's super nice. Love the sewing machine tables too...that's nice you can sit and cut out then turn to the side and sew...That's super nice. The rock cakes look very delicious. I must try it very soon.

Catherine said...

Love your new sewing room--it's so light and airy. What a joy to be in!

Lin said...

Looks like a great room for your Jenny - enjoy. xx

Maria said...

Lovely new sewing space Jenny..
The Rock Cakes look delicious.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Gorgeous - I too love organization, can't think straight without it! Your new sewing room is just lovely, my dear, so glad for you!

Baa. xxx said...

Beautiful Jenny! The whole room looks wonderful!