Sunday, October 29, 2017

Praying for eager hands...

A few years ago whilst praying about the changes God needed to make in my homemaker heart I re-studied Proverbs 31 and it was quite humbling when He revealed things in my character, good and bad, to encourage but also correct.
I spent the next twelve months adjusting my attitude and walking even closer with God, and at the end of that season I saw fruit come to bear in my marriage, family relationships and home.

Recently I decided to start over in Proverbs 31 with fresh eyes and a prayer to go deeper, so that I may continue to grow in this God-given role which I cherish. After all, I see homemaking as a calling, a gift, a role in life to be grateful for, and I don’t want to become complacent about it.

The verse I’ve chosen to focus on today is Proverbs 31:13, which gives a very clear description of an attitude we need to take on in our day to day roles of homemakers, wives and mothers…

“She selects wool and flax, and
works with eager hands.”

The Hebrew meaning of ‘eager’ is chephets which means pleasant, purposeful, willing, eager and delight, so let’s have a look at this verse in the fullness of its meaning –
She selects wool and flax, and
works with pleasant, purposeful, willing, eager and delightful hands.

Isn’t that beautiful!

Do I work with eager hands in the home?
Much of the time yes, but not all the time.

Do my hands approach their tasks eagerly, pleasantly, with purpose, willingness and delight?
They do much of the time, especially when it’s a task I enjoy or will derive pleasure from later…but not so for the tasks I find regularly distasteful or repetitive.
(mopping the floor and scrubbing the shower springs to mind)

As I reflect on where my homemaker heart was a few years back and the changes made since, there have been many blessed improvements in my character, however, there are still some attitudes not quite overcome, not yet truly embraced in the way I’d hoped.

You see there’s still some of Jenny to weed out and Jesus to be planted instead, so going back over this section in Proverbs, as well as other passages which teach about being a wife and homemaker, I have opportunity to reassess my day to day life, the attitudes and responsibilities which are mine alone, and make righteous adjustments so that my character shines more in the likeness of Christ as time goes by.

It is in His likeness we are called to be, not the likeness of a complaining woman who finds no value in being mistress of her home. It is His character of generosity, kindness, peace, love and compassion (and sometimes sacrifice) that we are compelled to imitate.

The more I age, the more years pass, the more I understand there is a need to keep going back over the lessons in God’s Word that I have been led to study in the past so I can do a ‘check and balance’ to be sure I haven’t slipped away from, or forgotten about, the things I once understood.

Your dear hands may be working eagerly with purposeful delight, but if perhaps they are not, you may like to join me today in praying for a change of heart and a refreshed spirit so we can offer the gift of our hands in joyful service once again.

Look on this as planting a harvest that will be a joy to reap in due season.

Your sister in Christ,


Angela said...

Thank you for your lovely, thoughtful post. A challenge and an inspiration. God bless you today and always x

Allie-oops Designs said...

Lovely, dear heart.

Little Penpen said...

It's hard to keep that 'eager' mindset all the time, but blog posts like this help remind me. Thank you.

Kim said...

Jenny. - Thanks you for that post! Have you considered during a verse by verse blog for us of Proverbs 31 - so we can study this together?

Anonymous said...

Jenny...I like Kim's idea...a verse by verse blog of Proverbs 31 to study together.

I have such a bad attitude...not because of homemaking, but because I work outside of the home, by necessity, and I so much want to be a full-time homemaker.

Thank you for your encouragement! I love reading your posts!

Brenda said...

Hello Jenny; This is a special post for me Jenny! I am struggling, like I have never struggled before, with this issue. As I begin my study, may I ask you a few email questions along the way? Thank you for sharing such a special part of walk with the Lord and how he strengthens you. Have a fabulous day!

vernagrace said...

This touched my heart very deeply, almost brought me to tears. It reminded me of my attitude toward housework and how I need to change it. Thank you for this, and I really agree with Kim and Icscottage idea of the verse by verse blog of Proverbs 31. Thank you, sweet girl for your insights.

Unknown said...

I am feeling the same way! My work outside the home has worn me out this year. I am eager to care for my home and family but frequently nod off in the middle of an activity from pure exhaustion. Thank you for the encouragement, Jenny!

Glenise said...

Thank you Jennifer. Another beautiful and helpful and inspiring blog.

Farm Quilter said...

I needed that reminder...thank you.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely, Jenny. Each time I go through a set of scriptures I'm a different person, in a different place, so I learn something different, something more than I knew before. I appreciate this lesson in the meaning of eager in this scripture.

Createology said...

Thank you Jenny Dear for your insight and wise words. I certainly need to constantly readjust my grateful heart and hands. Blessings...xo

Leanne Parsons said...

Thank you for these thoughts, Jenny. I have to admit I struggle with having an eager heart for my work. Thanks for the reminder today :)