Sunday, December 31, 2017

Lifting all marriages...

I felt this week that it was important to close one year and open another with a prayer for marriage, so I shared this in our Gentle Domesticity group the other day, just as Mr E and I were celebrating our 26th anniversary. 

Father God,

I thank you for Your gift of marriage. I thank you that within marriage two become one by Your perfect design. This day dear Lord I pray for every marriage in our group of gentle ladies, that Your hand of blessing and honour and favour be upon each one. I pray where the soil of some hearts have become parched that You would shower upon them a rain of refreshment and renewed love. I pray for the marriages which may have become strained or where a spouse is experiencing loneliness, that Your words would speak truth and life over them and Your victorious right hand would guide them closer that they may once again journey a loving path together.
Fill each marriage with a new blessing and give a fresh vision and goal from Your Word to carry them through the year ahead, to strengthen them as a three-stranded cord with You as the centre.
Bless this group and all who have hearts longing for a gentler domestic life. Guide our ways to honour You, our husbands and our homes in our everyday walk through life, that we may be like shining lights to those who are struggling in the darkness of anxiety and chaos and too-high expectations on themselves or from others.
‘Gentle” our hearts, soften them where they are too harsh and strengthen them where they are weak and weary.  Bring balance to our emotions and set our thoughts on what is most needful, kind and uplifting.
May the glory of the Lord encamp around each home represented here in this group and fill them with rest, refreshment, kindness, hope, healing, love and gentleness.

In Jesus most holy and powerful name I pray this,


Our marriage has traversed many stormy seasons.
We've walked through times of joy, despair, miscommunication, celebration, grief, poverty, success, humility, forgiveness, grace and so much more.

But like the disciples distressed and anxious as their boat flailed in that dreadful storm, Jesus came to save us. Whilst we were in the midst of those storms, He was walking right through them, showing us we need never fear, that He will always be there when we call.

Jesus is also there in the seasons of rejoicing, though sadly we do not draw as close to Him when we're not troubled...and that is something I'm working on this coming year. Drawing closer to my Lord every day, wind or rain, trial or triumph, in sickness and in health. 

So I'm praying for your marriage today, and this prayer will be printed in my journal for next year so I can pray it often. I hope you will pray it to. 



  1. Bless you. I'm not married anymore but I stand in agreement with this prayer to all who that are in this group as well as for our married children.

  2. What a beautiful prayer. Marriage is quite the journey but so rewarding when it works. I have been married to my best friend for almost 38 years and it has had its ups and downs for sure but God has blessed us with a wonderful friendship and a love that helps us through.

  3. Thank you.

    You seriously should consider going into the ministry - beautiful words uttered at just the right time for me today.


  4. Beautiful Jenny. Thankyou. Wishing You, Mr E & your beautiful family a happy, healthy & safe 2018

  5. Yes Jenny, like Phil mentioned, you honour God by being willing and able to be used 'right where you are', through the skills and abilities He has given you, and via your gentle Blogsite. Your blog is very open, honest and encouraging. Just love the way you share your every day thoughts, struggles and challenges. Thank you lovely lady, be Blessed in 2018! Regards Robyne S.A.

  6. Thank you, Jenny. A lovely inspiring post as usual. By the way I ordered the book you were reading lately by Sheila Walsh. It should arrive this week hopefully. Can't wait to read it.

  7. Thank you so much Jenny. We all need prayers for our marriages. This is a troubled world that we live in. So many stresses on our marriages those seen and unseen or should I say known and unknown. Let 2018 bless in all in our journey to a more gentle Domestic state of home and happiness. Sweet blessings for you each day.

  8. Le mariage n'est pas toujours une chose facile , il faut savoir réfléchir, écouter l'autre , écouter ses propres besoins faire confiance ...

    A travers vos messages je vous imagine une très belle personne .
    merci jenny

  9. Thank you, Jenny. We've been told that strengthening our homes and families will make a difference in everyone's life. That starts with strong marriage ties. I pray this with you.

  10. Marriage is nothing to be taken it requires daily work. Thank you for this marriage prayer Jenny Dear. Blessings for Peace, Love, Bliss and Creativity for all of 2018...xo

  11. Bless you Dear Jenny, all I ever wanted was to grow up and get married to my best friend and I truly believed with all my heart but just sometimes things don't go according to our plans... unfortunately I am now on my own after nearly 25 years of marriage it is taking a bit of getting used to but I'm thankful for my 4 lovely children. Last year was pretty tough but I'm looking forward to a fresh start in 2018. Wishing you the best year ever! xoxo

  12. Beautiful prayer. I have downloaded it and will be praying it along with you this year.

  13. Thank you, Jenny, and may God pour out His blessings upon you as you share your walk and the wisdom yo have learned from him! Happy, Blessed New Year to you and yours!

  14. Good morning from Canada.

    Wishing you and E a wonderful wedding anniversary. 🌹

    Wishing you love for the next 26 years to come. 💑

    There is a saying: love is notre always being together but to looking together in the same direction.

    Maya the One above bless both of you!

    Montréal, Que

  15. Good morning from Canada,

    Wishing you and E a wonderful wedding anniversary. 💖

    There is a saying : Love is not always being together but to be looking together in the same direction.

    May the One above bless both of you. 👰



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