Thursday, April 5, 2018

Tidying and gifts...

With all the rain, heat and humidity during March there was a lot of moisture in the house to dry out. We had the ceiling fans running 'full pelt' for weeks and finally it appears all is well again, the mustiness has gone, nothing feels sticky and the aroma of eucalyptus wafting through the rooms from our oil burner has certainly helped.

Mr E is off work for the autumn school holidays so together we've been getting in to every nook and cranny to sweep, vacuum, polish and refresh our home, hopeful that cooler days are not too far away and we can finally move around without persistent perspiration. 
One area which always concerns me during the wet humid months is the sewing room. I'm very conscious of the moist air which loves fabric so the ceiling fan runs in there for about 8 or 9 months of the year, and if I'm in there doing some sewing I have the air conditioner on instead. 

This week I took all my fabrics off the large bookcase I use for storing them, aired them out, assessed any deterioration (some had fade lines) and refolded them carefully before replacing them.

I had plans to make more fabric baskets (the tutorial is here) but time got away from me so I used a few other containers to store things neatly until I can get them done...

Pulling all these fabrics off the shelf also allowed me to become re-acquainted with my stash. Now a new list of ideas have been written up, a small pile put aside to donate, and a couple of quilts kits I'll never make will be sold. 

Everything is divided into fat quarters, half yards and yardage. 

At a glance I can now see what I have, which as you know will make projects easier to prepare.
There's also some 'pretties' scattered around the shelves, like my button jar.

These small aqua trays were a surprise purchase the other day when Mr E and I walked through the Japanese store, Daiso, at Willows. They had many sizes but I chose a few long narrow ones for holding fat eights, ribbons and buttons.

All my fabric scraps live in a large plastic tub, perfect for using in the numerous applique designs which frequent my sketch pad, but over the next week I'll spend a bit of time each afternoon sorting them into colours and then storing in zip lock bags. I've also decided to prepare some of the pieces for 1" hexies which I can sew in the car when we go away next time, but until I do all that any new scraps will be tossed into the mauve rope basket in my fabric shelves.

Have to admit, I'm rather relieved to have this done, and also looking forward to many productive and fun hours in my sewing room over winter. 

How often do you clean out your sewing space? 
Are you overcome with inspiration when you do?

I have three grandchildren with birthdays within the next four weeks so gifts needed to be made (which is why, along with writing Stitchery Club patterns, I haven't been able to make more fabric baskets yet).

Remember the cuddly heat pack tutorial I shared in January? (it's here
I made another today for my almost 2 yo grandson Austin. Seriously, I'd forgotten all about this fabric until I cleaned my fabric shelves the other day, but isn't it gorgeous?

Austin's big sister Frankie will turn 4 just a few weeks after his big day so now I have cuddly heat packs for both of them, along with a cute pair of pajamas each. 

Oh, and remember that old metal teapot trivet I was painting?
Originally I had planned to paint it white, and that's exactly what the first coat went on as, but then I decided to re-paint it cream and I love it!

It's been quite a wearying week again with all the autumn housework and re-organising the sewing room, plus Easter guests, three migraines and trying to get the next issue of The Stitchery Club finished early...but in a little more than a week my beloved will whisk us away for three days before the next school term begins, and someone else will cook our meals, there will be no housework beckoning, no emails or book keeping, and shaded rainforest roads and blue ocean views will quiet our souls. 

We need this.
And God knew, so He made a way. 
Praise Him.

I'll leave you today with a few links I've found interesting. Brew a cuppa or pour a long cool iced tea and spend a little 'you' time browsing them. I'm sure one or two will be of interest to you. 

Under the kitchen sink - the most beautiful organisation for under a kitchen sink I've ever seen.
Vintage style artworks - a wonderful assortment of free downloadable prints you can frame or use any way you like.
Call me old fashioned - if you've never visited Aunt Ruthie you're in for a treat.
Henhouse pinterest board - I could sit for hours and plan homely projects like hers. Just beautiful.
Slow cooker roast lamb - I made this and it was delicious so had to share it with you.

Have a blessed evening or morning wherever you reside in this wonderful world, and know that as my eyes close tonight I'll be praying for you.



allthingzsewn said...

Morning, Here at least. I'm also rearranging my sewing area, the little baskets are perfect thanks for sharing tut. I bought the button wrap will make such a pretty presentation. I'm waiting for spring to arrive, just a needy as you are for fall.
Choose to have a blessed day
Hugs, Tonia

Tammy said...

Good morning my sweet talented friend. I love your sewing room. I had to tear mine apart when husband decided to get a bank loan to replace all these old drafty and rotten windows in this almost 30 year old home we bought I think 7 years ago now.... So we had those windows redone finally several weeks ago right before the spinal cyst was diagnosed. this is a big old house 31 windows in all. I was in so much pain getting it all torn apart as everything had to be away from the windows with several feet clearance on all sides of the windows. I have 4 windows in there. It is also my the exercise room with several pieces of equipment for that and a television, in addition to all my sewing stuff. After the windows were done. I finally got everything replaced and in order, although I had to crawl around pushing stuff on the floor to get it all done. As I knew It would be weeks before I would be able to get it done cause I knew back Surgery was looming on the horizon. And if I had it all in place then I might actually be able to steal some sewing time as I was recuperating. Love your fabrics by the way. I think y'all have better fabrics in Australia than we do.

e l i z a b e t h ♡ said...

What a truly lovely post, Jenny! I just adore your sewing room and am oohing and aahing over all your gorgeous fabrics! So much prettiness {{smiles}} I also love what you did with that teapot looks just splendid.

We are just now going into Spring here in the States, though the weather seems to be a bit confused and seems to keep thinking it must go up and down before it settles on nice, warm, spring-like temps. And I'm in the South, no less! The folks up North are still getting snow. But, we are getting ready to begin our Spring cleaning and tidying up and reorganization of our home. I must say, that I do love getting things in order and looking lovely once again...makes a house a home, I say.

Anyways, I wish you a lovely little trip! It sounds just delightful...ocean and rainforest...perfection! Have a great time and enjoy some refreshment and relaxation!

Joyful blessings,

Jenny said...

I took a break from cleaning & what do a find....some under-the-sink inspiration! Well, it will be clean under my sink when I'm finished but it will look more like her before! Still, I'm glad to get the job done.

So gla you are going to be able to get away for a few days. I hope you come home feeling refreshed & renewed.

Robin in New Jersey said...

I have that same teapot trivet! Have a lovely break away. Refresh, relax and just breathe deep. You are loved!

Glenise said...

Beautiful post Jenny. Once again I have serious fabric envy. You have THE most beautiful fabric. Just my style. You have inspired me again as usual and thank you. Hope you have a wonderful time away with your beloved. You deserve it. Sending love hugs and thanks.

Susie said...

Loved this post and the links. Thank you. You've been very productive and I feel guilty about my sewing room now which doubles as my office as I work from home. I used to work at my friend's home as a bookkeeper and she sold the business and the new owner kept me on, I was very lucky. However, I had to make room for the business and push my sewing gear to the side. It needs a complete overhaul but it's just finding the time now. I'm extremely lucky o work from home with three kids as there is always one I have to pick up at some point or another as my husband works away alot also.
I loved those vintage prints - I can just imagine them in a cross stitch. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I loved your rearranging and your ideas. I don't rearrange much. There's no room to rearrange anything. I do occasionally straighten it up, though. =) Your things always look so attractive in your sweet home. I'm very glad you are going to have some down time. You deserve it.

Leeanne said...

What gorgeous eye candy! Yes I do like to have a sort & tidy of my sewing nook, did you see on my blog awhile back I did and got VERY side tracked, so that's a good reason not to do it too often :-)

slowerlowermama said...

Jenny, you did a great job on your sewing room. I'm sure you smile every time you look at it. It's good that you are going to get a mini vacation soon. Remember to recharge yourself! Have a blessed day. Joan

matty said...

How lovely your work space is! I love it! I *may* have five baskets cut out to stitch up tomorrow! LOL I Facetimed my Mother and she has placed an order -- more of a "I can't wait to see mine in person" statement! Thanks, again, for sharing! I think my next project is going to be the button jar to go with my getting-cleaned-and-organized-this-weekend fabric shelves! The storage basket is brilliant and works beautifully! You are an inspiration, m'dear!

Angie in SoCal said...

I see you have a strong light source to the left of your stash. This may be why you're having fade lines in some of the fabric. I have two large windows which face my stash shelves. I saw a solution online and it has worked for me. Since I have so many projects going all the time, I stapled a yard and 3/4" of flannel to the front of it and use it as another design wall. That has worked for me. I love to see your lovely home in your photos. It is an inspiration to me. I hope to work on mine more. Blessings,

Ondrea said...

Well done tidying up and making everything look so neat and pretty. Pretty heat packs. I am always resorting and throwing things out in my sewing room but I seem to constantly have things on the floor which I can't find space for. Glad all your fabrics were okay.

Montse said...

Un saco de calor bellísimo Jenny !!!! mi cuarto de costura no está tan ordenado como el tito ,que es espectacular !!!!!!!

Createology said...

Organizing and cleaning are not the most favorite pastimes, however the after feels so good! I love a clean and organized home. Yours looks sew beautiful. Lovely special gifts for your Grands. Thank you for sharing these fun links. Awesome April Dear...<3

Allie-oops Designs said...

Such a lovely room, Jenny-girl! I seem to rearrange weekly. Never satisfied, lol. Love the heat packs. Your trivet turned out beautifully! Checking out those links....

Dawn said...

Just catching up on blog reading and here I am...finding inspiration again...your a breathe of fresh air to clean my sewing room and under my sink. Thanks for sharing again such soul refreshing words xxxx