Monday, August 6, 2018

Birthday, a change of plans and a change of heart...

Miss Cully May celebrated her 2nd birthday on Saturday with laughter, joy, candles, family and butterfly fairy cakes.

(I'll share the recipe later this week)

Where have these two years gone? It seems not that long ago we were welcoming her into the world, and now she's 2 and a big sister to Rafaella. What a precious and joy-giving child she is, a gift from God we cherish.

Daddy Ross helped Cully blow out the candles on her butterfly fairy cakes, and mummy Blossom couldn't wipe the smile off her face all day. 

Poppy kept Rafaella happy at the dining table as we chatted back and forth about Cully May, Rafaella's teething, moving house (they move next week) and who will be hosting Christmas this year (Blossom!)....

Lesson of the day: treasure the people in your life and make time to connect and listen. Time passes quickly and you cannot get it back.

For those who are not in our Gentle Domesticity Group or read my daily Elefantz facebook posts I have some news to share, an update really.

After a building and pest inspection on the house we were going to buy we have decided not to pursue the purchase after all.  There are some quite expensive 'urgent' repairs needed as well as termites all through the front yard which will mean many more thousands of $ to have the palm trees, bamboo and garden area treated and then removed. This leaves the house with no shade and no privacy, and us further in debt.

We're so grateful the Lord prompted us to have the "subject to building and pest inspection" clause in the contract because if it had not been there we would have been handed a shock once we'd moved in and had to forgo what we really needed (especially air conditioners - remember, we live in the tropics) for the urgent house and garden repairs and treatments. 

Anyhow, that is behind us, though we still have to go through the steps required to exit the contract.
We have also decided to not look for another home right now and give ourselves time to slip back into the everyday rhythm of living we've missed. God knows what we need and the time frame we've been given to buy our first home, so we've chosen to rest in His care and wait until the right home presents itself.

This whole experience has been one learning curve after another but I guess the main thing I've come away with right now is that we were almost forcing the issue and began making mistakes which led to a few rash choices. With a deadline to be out of this rental home it felt as though we may have to just take what we could the closer that date approached. 
But then there was the miracle of loaves and fishes.

Lunchtime came around, the crowd of thousands had hung on Jesus' every word and followed Him far and wide with no thought to what their physical bodies would eat, though their spirits were being well fed. 

Sweet Jesus, compassion Himself, knew of their physical needs and with a few loaves and a couple of fish fed every soul on that mountainside and when the disciples gathered up the leftovers they had twelve baskets full. 

God reminded me this morning that I need to be like those who followed His Son that day, that I needed to hang on His every word and allow Him to feed my spirit, that I need to forget what I 'think' I need because compassion Himself already has a plan for that and will provide when the time is right. 

I need to get back to tending what is right before me and let go of the tunnel vision this house hunting brought about. I need to pick up the slack in my neglected home and bring it back to life, something I've only given half-hearted care to of late and which grieves me because it goes right against my desire to pursue a life of gentle domesticity. 

So today I walked through each room and made mental notes of what needed doing, where to begin and what is needed to accomplish those tasks. My heart attitude had a re-adjustment too because this rental home deserves the same attention and care I will give the home we eventually buy. 

There was also a nudge in my spirit (from Matthew 25 and the parable of the talents) to show care in the small things before being trusted with bigger things, and I humbly accept this lesson for me is needed right now 'cause I really did lose my way. I took my eyes off what we already have and the need to diligently care for it, and cast them into the future at what may hopefully come to pass but had not yet occurred. For someone who believes we need to embrace the moment we have and 'be all there' I certainly took a distracted detour.

There you have it, heart on my sleeve (again, you say?) and the lessons of life which still trip me up, the God who loves me too much to let me follow my own selfish and distracted path, and humility in confessing the failings I too often bring upon myself. Seriously, I love the Scripture "confess your sins one to another and pray for one another" because when you do that there's an accountability which comes in to play, not just a dose of being humble at the expense of your pride. LOL!

Happy to say my bathrooms are sparkling after a loving and thorough scrub this morning, but now I hear the washing machine's tinkling "I'm finished" tune which means I have clean sheets and towels to hang on the line so I'd best be away and continue on with my chores...

May your week be joyous in thought and task,


  1. Hi, I'm glad you found out early that the house would not suite financially. It is very important in NQ to have a house that can benefit from shade. It does make a difference and helps with keeping the cost down with airconditioning. You will find place to make your home. God always provides. It looks like a lovely family gathering, time together is precious. Erin

  2. Ah Jenny, I'm sorry for the check put on your dreams, and also glad that the Lord showed you so clearly that now is not the time. Trust and rest in confidence that God will indeed provide.

  3. It looks like Cully May had a very happy birthday, just being together and having a relaxing family time can be the best time of our lives. x

  4. Dear Jenny, this one was not meant to be. Some things just aren't. Thank goodness for sensible conditions on your contract. I've always believed that when something doesn't pan out the way you'd like, it's because there is something far better just around the corner. I hope this holds true for you. Happy Birthday to Cully May. She's such a cutie! Mimi xxx

  5. Jenny, I thought it was compulsory that a check is done on homes for sale to make sure there are no termites. Thank goodness you found out they were there before you moved in. Yes, I think that aircon is definitely a necessity up there as the humidity is dreadful. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little granddaughter.

  6. Happy Birthday darling Cully May!!! Those girls are too precious for words - and Blossom looks so happy! I'm glad you had that clause in your contract, I'm thanking the Lord He didn't let you go through with it. In His timing girl....He knows what you need before you need it. Love you!

  7. It is so difficult to trust and obey. You are an inspiration. Lean on the Lord for all things. God bless you.

  8. What a sweet little girl Cully May is, and also Rafaella. Lovely to see the birthday celebrations. So glad you were able to find the problems with the prospective new home before you committed to buy. My new neighbours did not go for a thorough survey, and have had such added expense to put things right that weren't obvious at the start. Sounds like you are getting back into your usual routine. May God Bless you both with a new home in His time. Your walk of faith is an inspiration.

  9. I can’t believe how grown up Cully May looks. She certainly is a little cutie. How good you had the Pest and Building Report Carrie day out. At work we recommend all purchasers get them. I’d say the right home will come along when you least expect. Enjoy your sparkling bathroom.

  10. I've been following along on the GD group & I'm so glad you are able to stop & appreciate/enjoy where you are right now. We all need a reminder or restart sometimes. Praying the best for you.

  11. THey grow so fast! Lovely birthday treats. I'll be praying for all of us to continue to do God's will.

  12. What precious, cute little ones! Understand your 'death of a vision' regarding the house. After a similar happening almost 40 years ago (!), God gave so much better down the road. The stops are sometimes hard, but down the road are such a blessing.

  13. Well, it will give you more time to save money. Plus you can find a place you love. I suspect your prayers have been detailed specific? If that's the case, then it obviously has not come yet. Or, perhaps God has plans unknown to you yet. It is interesting to see what will happen.

  14. I have found that when God's timing is relied upon, everything falls into place so easily with nothing forced - truly amazing to sit back and watch (and totally appreciate) His hand in the smallest detail! With you doing your part (saving, praying), God will definitely do His and show you the place He has for you. Holding you up in prayer, dear sister. Cully's birthday was so very special...hard to believe she is 2!! What a wonderful blessing grandbabies are!

  15. We are all just so human, aren't we!! So glad that your prayers were honored and you were protected from making a costly mistake with the other house. Your granddaughters are so cute. Love my grandsweeties, too. Nothing like them. Praying for you and Mr. E and the house situation to be resolved in the time frame required. I always have to remind myself--in God's time, not mine. God's will, not mine! Love to you, dear Jenny.

  16. Sometimes it's hard to tell when we are pushing too hard (which you said you thought you might be at the time) and when we aren't pushing hard enough. I'm certainly glad you had that phrase in there, and can gracefully exit the contract. The pictures of the family are so wonderful. It is hard to believe she is TWO! The cakes (made by you, I think?) look wonderful.

  17. When we look for lessons to be learned in all of our experiences, it is never a waste. Your humble spirit will serve you well and I agree with you that the right house will come for you in God's perfect timing.

    Thanks for being 'real'. We all can relate to you, I'm sure (at least, I can).

  18. Lesson of the day is brilliantly put! Best place to wear your heart I reckon. So great we have a Father who guides us and cares for us enough to be involved in all the small details of making us more like Him. One who gently shows us His compassion and care. Love and Blessings

  19. Oh Jenny, What a disappointment. Thank the Lord for the clause! I was at a doctors this morning and noticed that one wall in the consultation room was painted black while the others were a very light grey. I thought of you and smiled. I know that house is out there. I will be doubling up on my prayers for you to find it.
    This last week things really were lax around here. We had what we call Camp Borden. The two oldest grandchildren came over for a week of fun with us. NO ELECTRONIC GADGETS ALLOWED! We baked bread, made peach pies, made paper from junk mail, made gack and floam, had water balloon fights, went to an Asian Market, went on nature scavenger hunts, made butter, and I outfitted a sewing basket for the eldest and started to teach her how to embroider. The youngest joined us for the last two days. She is 3 months older than Cully May and also goes by two names - Rory Lou. Housework went to the sidelines and kept me wondering how I ever did all of it when I was homeschooling!
    Today I came home and slept most of the day. Having found out that my thyroid is extremely low even though I am on medication for it, the sleep made more sense to me. I am seeing my GP at the end of the week to figure out what to do Tomorrow I will be catching up on laundry and bathrooms and then I will figure out what comes next.
    The butterfly fairy cakes look intriguing, I can't wait for the recipe!
    Your two little's are adorable. They really can help to center one. Ours certainly do.
    I will be praying about the house situation.

  20. WOW hard to believe that dear Cully May is two already....Such a cutie and her fairy cakes look delicious.
    Always a good idea to have an inspection and termite clause in the contract when buying a home...
    The right home will turn up when you least expect it...
    Happy cleaning.

  21. They do grow up SO fast! A treasure each and every day. How fortunate to not be stuck with an expensive house situation. Your path leads elsewhere. Breath and enjoy the journey.

  22. What a blessing you found the problems out. It just wasn't meant to be, so one day it will happen when the time is right.
    Meanwhile as you have posted enjoy every day & time with the ones you love. You never know what tomorrow brings so make the most of it.
    God bless


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